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The Expo News 5th December

It's been nearly two weeks since the most recent Expo News, and for good reason.

The Betfair Trade Guide V4 update is now available which is the first introduction of automated pre race trading to Exponential Bet, and later this week I'll resume my trading activity which will be reported in the Trade Blog.

The £100 challenge will continue to completion using the information contained in this latest V4 update, then in February / March 2019 I can focus on introducing more tried and tested automated pre race trading methods.

You can expect a blog update on Sunday this week with my trading results, and I'll record some video for the member area with samples for the blog post.

The automated trading for use with Method 1 shows after a quick source for the right horses using the step by step process within the guide, you simply select the time you wish the automated trade to be placed, the horse, and leave it to do it's thing unattended.

This means you can set up your days trades earlier than every before using Method 1, set it and forget it. In fact as shown in the video section within the member area, removing the human element pays off in the one of the video examples taken from the 14th November trading.

Part of the focus for this V4 update is to simplify it all, make it easy to follow, demonstrate the tools I use in action such as Focus Ratings, and remove the necessity to be at your desk for each race, allowing you to set it up and go.

The guide has files to download and import to Fairbot (PC only at the moment) which run the trade automation for you.

Included within the guide are systems still in development with automation files, and only because I've reported results so far in the blog, but these are really just the tip of the ice berg compared to what's in the pipeline.

I'll update the website's landing pages etc from tomorrow to represent the new online V4 version of the Betfair Trading Guide, and changes to my other services reported below.

exponential bet

The reason for the diagram above is to emphasize if you ever find yourself in the wrong story, leave... Which is what I'll be doing to betting and trading routines creating more of a dip in my progress to achieve my own personal financial targets. As you're with me on this journey to early retirement, you'll be following my new routine with me.

We have to acknowledge there is no definitive straight line to success, but we can however take charge of our routine and remove factors that negatively affect the upward growth.

I'll detail this fully before we wrap up the year of betting and trading, but let me briefly explain.

Things I'm enjoying at the moment are the Bet Bot, which just quietly goes about its business making money. If it loses it recovers quickly, and when it wins it pushes the balance on.

It takes all but five minutes to set up, and the beauty of the simple strategy is that you can be matched on large amounts of money within the Betfair exchange given the markets it operates.

It's a strategy that's in all honesty slow growth, but it's steady and reliable growth, which is what I want from this system given I'm looking to build a much larger balance over time.

In Play Betting BETA is now at £907.28 profit since I started mid March 2018, using 1% of initial balance per bet with no loss recovery with a stop at a target profit style of betting.

That's 729 bets in total at £10 per bet, and each bet has been placed using an automated betting file within a bot running the strategy, everything that's been selected so far has been done using some form of automation with this system.

Either selecting the races manually as per a specific criteria listed in the members PDF, or over the past couple of months using Auto Load with The Bet Engine. This feature with the bot literally takes the effort out of the process completely, and only places bets within races that qualify, then if it hits the target profit for the day just stops betting.

It's a real asset for anyone looking to remove the five minutes each morning it would take to manually select the races using other bots.

While I'm covering other betting bots I've some positive news, as Exponential Bet is on course to have it's own betting and trading bot that will literally run all services at once.

If you're a member of my site running different strategies this will mean you have just one bot that does it all. Plus the Auto Load feature for the In Play BETA works like a charm with this bot, and has been stress tested over the past couple of months. Plenty of pro's and no con's.

If you're a member who'd be interested in having one bot that does it all, and is a breeze to use with everything already auto installed, drop me email to if you'd be so kind, and I'll make sure you get a complimentary discount when it's due for release for taking to the time to let me know.

The bot itself will be fully compatible with all my strategies, and in fact it may even remove all the selection processes for any betting bot system requiring a little manual effort prior to hitting start betting or trading.

I'll be meeting with the development team in January so I'll keep you in the loop, but in the meantime please do let me know if this would be of interest.

Dutch Betting is always a strategy that for the past two years since launch has hit a rocky patch over the winter months, so if I was to ask you if you'd prefer to earn twice as much profit in half the time I'd guess you'd answer yes.

Watch this space as I'll be reporting on how I'm scheduling next years Dutch betting to maximize opportunity during peak months, but also introducing an automated method which I'll be using some of my own and Focus Ratings data.

This will run with Fairbot, the under development bot when released, and possibly another popular bot yet to be confirmed.

The new Dutch system will run much like the In Play BETA, in that it will look for an even return per Dutch bet, and have an active stop at a target profit style of betting.

Looking at the results for In Play and also Betfair Trading, Dutch Betting should be somewhere between the two when it comes to annual returns. Which from the start of 2019 will see the strategy take a leap towards this level of profit.

Everything is already in place with Dutching and it's a solid strategy for the majority of the year, so with a nudge in the right direction we'll all achieve much more, and I really do expect more from this betting system.

Which brings me to Football Betting which admittedly has been on a dreadful run of bets, really by my standard quite awful. As you know I publish all my results good and bad, and you can see for yourself the graph has taken a nose dive over the past two months.

We'll end the year in profit for those that have been following the bets since January, but since I adjusted the staking a couple of months ago everything went south, which is a disappointment to crawl over the December finish line with this service.

You know I'm not going to wrap up this post on a downer, the positive news is that the service is being turned on its head in preparation for the new year. With not just myself involved in this process, but a team of highly skilled football traders.

You may also remember I mentioned I'd be getting my ugly mug on camera earlier this year, and starting a You Tube series, well I'll kick this off covering what I'm introducing to the football service, but also including my thoughts on betting and trading as the channel develops.

I'm testing a state of the art football trading app, which I'm getting stuck in to this week. Now the app has taken 10 years to develop and will be a steep learning curve for me, especially as I have to be honest the company themselves are still writing the tutorials for how to use it.

The good news is the support and staff are amazing, and they will need to be with me bending their ears for advice every day. Apologies in advance for any confused faces on camera at the start of the You Tube series until I get the swing of it.

To be fair, only this morning I had a messenger alert from them asking if I needed support, and advising me where to start, what markets to work in, and letting me know if I needed advice to get in touch.

With this trade service they also offer an alert feature on a Facebook group and Telegram, so for those who prefer they can quickly follow the advised trades from there.

I will be writing a new set up guide to accompany the video series, and also making the app directly available to anyone that wishes to follow the same path as myself, and learn how to use it.

In addition I'm adding a correct score Dutch betting strategy to the service in January, which will then transform a football subscription based predominantly around trying to find win bets, to a trading strategy based on a decade of data, a team to help me get the right results, and a Dutching system which is something I feel very qualified to deliver.

On the subject of delivering, I have to let you know how I've rewritten the rule book for One Subscription members, which from January will define why it's described as an all in one service.

I'll update the landing pages this week as mentioned with all new info for everything covered in this news update, but to give you an example of what's now included with the new One Subscription from the start of the year.

  • My football trading advice published as I find the trades.

  • Correct score Dutching sent pre match.

  • Horse racing Dutching.

  • Place market betting - coming in January.

  • Dutch betting all bets included.

  • Depending on membership length varying stand alone services included, such as my Trade, Dutching, In Play BETA, Bet Bot, and all future stand alone guides. For example, you sign up for a year, all current guides and products are full included, six months you get two to start with in your first six months, two more after a further six, and for monthly members who stay with me for six months loyalty is rewarded with a stand alone product every six month period.

  • Discount for the all in one bet and trade bot instantly applied.

  • All stand alone products are always set at £49.99 in the One Subscription member area for immediate purchase.

I'm pleased with this set up now, as it's now what One Subscription should offer its members.

Finally, Christmas has come early as I'll be creating some bundles and package deals for the start of next week, which will include some limited time offers.

Also, for members who've been with me over six months on any subscription package, or bought multiple products, I'd firstly like to thank you for your loyalty, and if you'd kindly get in touch I have some news regarding how I will update individual memberships based on loyalty rewards.

Given everyone has joined at different stages, just drop me an email when you get a minute and I'll send you details based on your individual subscription.

As you read above I've a Place Betting service starting in January, which is based on the purely mathematical data I've been crunching from Focus Ratings. I'll post some results and show you how and why I'm introducing this before the new year.

That's me signing off for another couple of weeks until the next pre Xmas Expo News, but I'll be back again later this week with details of my pre race automated trading activity.

Any questions let me know, and I'll get back to you asap.

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