The Expo News 5th December

It's been nearly two weeks since the most recent Expo News, and for good reason.

The Betfair Trade Guide V4 update is now available which is the first introduction of automated pre race trading to Exponential Bet, and later this week I'll resume my trading activity which will be reported in the Trade Blog.

The £100 challenge will continue to completion using the information contained in this latest V4 update, then in February / March 2019 I can focus on introducing more tried and tested automated pre race trading methods.

You can expect a blog update on Sunday this week with my trading results, and I'll record some video for the member area with samples for the blog post.

The automated trading for use with Method 1 shows after a quick source for the right horses using the step by step process within the guide, you simply select the time you wish the automated trade to be placed, the horse, and leave it to do it's thing unattended.

This means you can set up your days trades earlier than every before using Method 1, set it and forget it. In fact as shown in the video section within the member area, removing the human element pays off in the one of the video examples taken from the 14th November trading.

Part of the focus for this V4 update is to simplify it all, make it easy to follow, demonstrate the tools I use in action such as Focus Ratings, and remove the necessity to be at your desk for each race, allowing you to set it up and go.

The guide has files to download and import to Fairbot (PC only at the moment) which run the trade automation for you.

Included within the guide are systems still in development with automation files, and only because I've reported results so far in the blog, but these are really just the tip of the ice berg compared to what's in the pipeline.

I'll update the website's landing pages etc from tomorrow to represent the new online V4 version of the Betfair Trading Guide, and changes to my other services reported below.

exponential bet

The reason for the diagram above is to emphasize if you ever find yourself in the wrong story, leave... Which is what I'll be doing to betting and trading routines creating more of a dip in my progress to achieve my own personal financial targets. As you're with me on this journey to early retirement, you'll be following my new routine with me.

We have to acknowledge there is no definitive straight line to success, but we can however take charge of our routine and remove factors that negatively affect the upward growth.