The Expo News 18th July

Well it's certainly nice to be missed! I last posted early July, and since received lots of emails asking where I'd disappeared too.

I purposefully reduced my posts this month, as I felt like I was becoming the annoying friend.

Y'know what I mean, we've all had a friend that when we first meet we think we've got a strong connection, and we possibly do, but over time or even very quickly they begin texting too much, or calling up asking what we're doing, what we're thinking, and why... Which can be very irritating leading to being blocked.

From my own experience registering on mailing lists for information with companies I've some interest in, and a lot of them I do genuinely admire, I find that most of them email me far too much.

Just because I'm interested in some of the products or services a company sells, does not mean I need to hear from them once or twice a day telling me everything they do. This ultimately puts me off.

This is what I'd become when looking at my blog and mail shot activity, and as much as it's obviously worked to a point in generating interest and a membership, I wonder how much it's worked against me with people who've unsubscribed due to hearing too much from me.

I personally unsubscribe to most company mailing lists for this reason, and do not want to put my readers and members in this position.

I'd much rather have people look forward to my blog posts and news updates, as opposed to feeling distracted by a constant barrage of email alerts.

With that said, I want to start a new routine with my blogging and emailing by not over facing my readership and members.