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Results & News Update 28th March

Results are now updated for each automated betting service showing all the wins and the losses in detail for the past week included from the 01.06.20 to 28/03.21.

You can examine all the stats and graphs showing ups and downs over this betting period for each service via Betting Strategies, this is located from the main menu at Exponential Bet.

This week the strategies that finished in profit were Sure Favs Foundation both straight and target profit, Lay Dutch High fixed stake and Fixed Liability, Bet Advantage all options High, Medium, and Low, Racing Lays Main fixed stake and fixed liability.

Bet Focus also did very well and was the definite stand out returning +18 points profit straight betting, and target profit also doing well moving closer toward annual projections.

An excellent result overall this week for the automated services, and great for anybody using target profit and ratchet selected with Bet Focus of course.

The reported results now have Bet Focus 5% Ratchet target profit over +1000 points.

Obviously the most aggressive option I report for Bet Focus target profit, but still a milestone for the service to celebrate and considering the drawdown in comparison with the profits using 5% ratchet it makes a compelling case for itself.

Another two strategies to mention that finished very strong are Racing Lays Main fixed stake with +9 points, and Bet Advantage Medium and Low setting both making +10 points each.

We had just one strategy breaking even over the seven days, Sure Favs Main.

The strategies that finished in the minus were Sure Favs High, Lay Dutch Main fixed stake and liability, Racing Lays High fixed stake and liability, and Racing Lays +5 Stop fixed stake and liability.

Mostly the losing strategies didn't drop too many points, but the biggest loser of the week from the pack was Racing Lays +5 Stop fixed stake option at -6 points.

A profitable week for most and Bet Focus today flipping the results from last week, as last Sunday we dropped points, whereas today the weeks profit was made with a couple of winning races this afternoon. There is a lesson in there somewhere...

In Other News

In Play Betting using the fantastic Bet Mover platform just got easier to access, as Nigel listened to the feedback and created some entry level pricing plans.

You can find out more about the available subscription options here:

To summarise, you now have Quarterly and Monthly subscription options.

However, my original statement of the current annual price definitely being the best option correct, and it will never be that good again as time moves on with this platform.

The cost is expected to increase over the coming months, but of course whatever you sign up for to begin with will always be your membership fee for as long as you are subscribed. Which is the fair way of doing it.

I am delighted Nigel added the lower priced monthly and quarterly plans, but like anything where you pay monthly or quarterly, you will always pay more over the long term compared to an annual membership, but it's a great way to sample the software and then you can always either upgrade, or if it's not for you cancel at any time without the annual expense.

I had hoped to be using Bet Mover this week and get back on track recording new content, and the truth of it is I'm absolutely chomping at the bit to start using it again and regain my momentum.

The reality of it is my ambition to restart this week was quite simply me being eager to return to work, but as I'm still recovering my body simply said no way.

After leaving hospital a couple of weeks ago I've pretty much had constant migraines or flashing in my eyes, a weird but common side effect, and with the other stuff going on it's made it near impossible to do very much.

I've been able to maintain these weekly updates, reply to any emails and offer assistance where needed, but finishing my jobs and adding new content just hasn't happened.

I mentioned when I was back home I wouldn't over promise as I needed to take it day by day, and I'm glad because I've needed the extra time.

Now the good news for me anyway is I'm now starting to pick up, and each day noticeably improving.

At this rate some point next week I'll be betting again and recording new video content for the Toolbox.

I'd like to be doing more, but I'm confident I can at the very least achieve that.

Then after I'll be able to finish my other scheduled video's for Lay Dutch and Bet Advantage, start adding new trading videos, and begin to vary the bet styles with the in play betting. Additionally, I have a trend analysis update in the pipeline for all the automated strategies, and at some point in April we'll have a new automated place betting strategy included.

That's quite enough for now, but to start with I'll settle for getting back on the horse next week and recording some new video demonstrations for Bet Mover Toolbox.

I've had some very positive feedback from members who joined and have spent the time to learn how to use the platform, and some are using the £10 per bet stakes I last used while making between £50 to £100 per day.

That's my immediate goal with this software which I'll report back and demonstrate to help anyone thinking of joining.

Okay I'll leave it there for now, but I just wanted to let you know where I'm up to and what to expect next week and during April.

It's been a tough year since I was diagnosed with persistent Atrial Fibrillation, but after the recent Ablation I've not had any heart problems and feeling optimistic.

Once fully recovered I'll be a new man. Still an old man, but not the same man with a health score on my smart watch of someone 20 years older than me, yeah that's a fact. The watch thinks I'm 20 years older, ha...

Anyway, thanks for reading. I'll be back later next week once I've some new betting content recorded and uploaded.


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