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Result Update 30th May

The results for the site and all services will be published on Wednesday to include the monthly figures, and I can then go over the month by month numbers and Ratchet figures in depth.

The Ratchet itself clears and resets from tomorrow after the final race of the quarter. If you are running this bet set up please remember to reset yours.

Last week Bet Focus was the stand out winner with over 26 points profit banked, so long may that continue.

All the other automated services either made a profit or broke even, with Place Lay Single doing very well and Place Lay Multi, with Racing Lays not having an easy ride but over the seven days still finishing up in profit at around 5 points. Which is always good to see a lay betting service specifically recover to a profit after some losing bets in such a short period of time. Sure Favs was a break even across the board for all three bet options.

All apart from Place Back Multi that dipped by approx. 5 points, we either banked points or made no loss for the remainder. It was definitely a profitable week overall if running all the Automated Betting Strategies.

We have some very impressive Ratchet results which I'm hoping to get over the line before resetting the calculation tomorrow evening. All of which I'll cover in a midweek update.

I'll be back Wednesday evening with an in depth look at the figures so far, monthly, weekly, and Ratchet.

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