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Result Update 12th September


Just a very quick post today to let you know the Automated Betting Strategy results are now uploaded to include last weeks betting, and have the weekly, ratchet, and detailed overview figures added.

Last week we lost two prime betting days on Friday and Saturday due to the Queens sad passing when racing was suspended.

To view the results select Betting Strategies from the main menu at Exponential Bet, and from the drop down options choose the service you wish to examine in more detail.

You will find all the detailed result information available on each of the service pages.

Next week's results and news will be uploaded on the Tuesday as it's a bank holiday on Monday.

I will be closer to adding data to share for In Play Bet Club members, but as I wrote last week it could be in the final week of September though. It depends how much I can get finished, and hence why I'm cutting this blog short today to get back to it.

The highlight of last week for me with the betting strategies was Sure Favs High, which did very well, and also seeing Place Lay Single land two consistent weeks profit. Place Lay Multi also had a good week, while Place Back Multi pretty much broke even, but the place service overall over the month is showing profit.

Sure Favs Main missed two key betting days on Friday and Saturday and subsequently dropped points. We didn't have any luck over the two betting days covered, only coming close a couple of times from the six bets, but obviously it's just a week, and when you look at the graph and stats it's a mere blip on an otherwise exceptional record.

When a service does so well for so long it's always an alarm bell for some people when it has a couple of losing weeks, not for me obviously as I'm always looking at the bigger picture, and I can see from the results we've had far worse periods and recovered with a period of huge profit growth.

Take a look at the stats and graph for yourself and you will see what I mean. The two days off didn't help Sure Favs Main last week, as it obviously only runs over four betting days. However, we are nowhere close to our highest prior drawdown period before the recent long winning streak lasting a year, so we have that in our favour.

Racing Lays was on course for a good point return last week, but ended finishing slightly up after Sunday's betting, and with the only loss of the week. It can happen, but we didn't finish with a loss. The service has got off to a better start this ratchet quarter, and ideally we will see Racing Lays finish the quarter in double figures.

Bet Focus had a break even week overall, and nothing much to report for this service over the past seven days. I did cover BF in detail last weeks blog, so you know what to expect and how it operates.

Right that's it from me as I want to put in another four hours working on the In Play Bet Club today before I call it a day today. September to get the ball rolling for IPBC is a priority.

I'll be back next Tuesday with a more detailed news update, and to upload the weeks automated betting strategy results.

Thank you


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