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Result & News Update 11th April

I will have more In Play Betting content added over the coming few days, and I have definitely been listening to your feedback.

The live in play betting videos recorded over the past week include:

  • A lay betting strategy with lots of bets demonstrated over two days.

  • Visual examples of how, when, and why I make my betting decisions for both the lay bets and get on late backing approach previously shown. Highlighting exactly the triggers I'm looking at when the opportunities arise

  • I've also added the live video stream within the video recorded as an overlay side by side with the software. This gives a clear demonstration of how far ahead of the TV stream Bet Mover operates.

I also know a lot of people are waiting for new pre race trading content, and now I'm genuinely feeling a lot better after my op this will happen pretty quick.

I'm back working five days a week, so I'll designate time over the months to show more of Method 1 in action, the selection and trading technique, but also expand on the available download files for the software.

Additionally, I'll show how Bet Mover can be used to find and place pre race trades.

The latter in particular is of great interest to me as it will lock in profits I can then take in play to either boost profits, or minimise damage on any losing bets.

Place Betting will at last become part of the Automated Betting Strategies later this month, and I'm excited to it included.

The development results I've been working with are looking great, in fact that's an understatement, they look fantastic!

There will be a bundle of options to run with the place bets, and as they operate within a totally different market to the current strategies they'll compliment whatever you're presently running without any collision.

They come with some very appealing development data behind them based around the current services, which capitalizes on the bets that just missed the mark but for the place market return a steady profit.

Let's just say I'm impressed, and definitely looking forward to sharing detailed information about this new automated option asap.

This will be the only new service added in 2021 for the automated services.

There will be trend analysis updates for all existing services including the place bets, but no more strategies added to the current options.

I want each present service with the new place bets to just hold there own over the coming twelve months, and show a consistent balance increase for all options while building more live bet data.

They are programmed to operate over a long term, so I'm letting them run the course and get some proper mileage under our belts for each strategy.

A full year of live betting for analyse and points banked is the straightforward simple goal.

I'll have a lot more to explain regarding the Place Betting Bundle though later this week with stats and results to share.

Results are now updated for each automated betting service showing all the wins and the losses in detail for the past week included from the 01.06.20 to 11.04.21.

You can examine all the stats and graphs showing ups and downs over this betting period for each service via Betting Strategies, this is located from the main menu at Exponential Bet.

The strategies that finished in profit this week include Sure Favs High, Lay Dutch High Fixed Liability, Bet Focus using Target Profit staking continued to do well, and for members running this with Ratchet it was a very positive week.

Bet Advantage Medium & Low both made the most points on the week returning +6 each at BSP.

Bet Advantage High broke even over the past seven days.

The strategies that finished in the minus were Sure Favs Main & Foundation both versions took a slight dip, and the same for Bet Focus straight staking.

Racing Lays all options dropped points, but Lay Dutch High and Main were the biggest losers, with LD Main dropping -43 points at Fixed Stake. Lay Dutch Main Fixed Liability only a slight loss on the week.

Compared to the previous few weeks which have seen incredible growth spurts for the services it wasn't the best seven days, that's a fact.

Sure Favs still continues to benefit from the lead it gave itself recently, and Bet Focus Target Profit continues its constant upward trend.

The Straight option for Bet Focus will always be more spicy as it's multiple flat stake bets across each betting day, but as shown last week with +31 points it can hit very high growth over a single afternoon and is still confidently heading in the right direction.

Bet Advantage also has hit a good run of betting overall recently and seems to be stabilising, but definitely could do a lot better.

Racing Lays has posted great weeks and months with impressive figures recorded, although not this week. The premise for this strategy I have no doubt will push all balances for each option steadily upward over time, but do factor in the losing periods with your staking set up.

Lay Dutching I have to admit is disappointing to drop points after some signs of a turnaround. As it's coming up to a year of published results under the current set of filters I'd like to see it do a lot better.

As mentioned in a recent post the services are due a seasonal trend analysis, which I expect for Bet Advantage and Lay Dutch to be the turning point as they overall are the two strategies not returning close to potential.

In my honest opinion each service in operation has the potential to reach double its predicted profits.

Regardless of which strategy is doing well at the moment as an average I've no doubt each one will either exceed target or be there or thereabouts over a a longer timeframe.

Some will consistently smash targets steadily, others will have longer dips then only require a short burst of wins to pull back.

You can see already the services and betting options that have more wins than losses and operate in either a more consistent way, or volatile with potential for big wins.

I know how the algorithm programmed in to Cloud Bet Bot that triggers each bet for all services has been created to move with trends.

This is what makes the automated services at Exponential Bet unique, with potential to skyrocket a betting balance if you see them as long term investments.

Anyway, it's getting late and I've been recording, editing, updating, and now rambling on all day, so I'll call it a night. However, I will be back over the next few days with my in play updates, and then later this week place betting news.

Best Regards


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