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Race 30 to 43 In Play Lay Betting Demo 9th to 10th April


In this video I demonstrate lay betting using the software, with the bets being placed, slow down the video and highlight areas of the software I'm looking at when making the decisions, and cover the rationale behind them.

I also include the live video stream to show how far ahead Bet Mover is when the race finishes compared to when the horses cross the line on TV, and to be fair I found it useful to both clarify certain situations with this overlay, and see the exact winner if required to double check against the GPS tracking.

Here's my latest upload to You Tube and will be shortly added to the Toolbox using Bet Mover.

Apologies for the delay getting this published but I had a nightmare with a faulty SSD losing my recordings and narration. All very boring so I'll spare you the details, but it meant I lost a couple of days with irritating IT issues.

I got there in the end and managed to capture 14 races lay betting using the software.

Six of the races I skipped as I couldn't get involved fast enough and didn't react in time, with eight races lay bets placed and all winning.

Mostly they were plain sailing winning bets with a few close calls you'll see in the video, but the basis of the lay strategy is solid and even factoring in some loses over the long term this approach to laying in play will definitely make money.

The method can be applied early in the race or later, but it's not last minute like the previously demonstrated backing strategy.

Which I do enjoy, but I want more variation so I can begin applying numerous strategies to adapt to situations as they arise. That's the goal, and what will be required to make the sort of money I have in mind with the minimal of risk.

There will be more to come each month with this lay strategy and Nigel is working to expand the visual data to make it even simpler.

I'll have more in play video for the backing late near the end of the race strategy later in the week.

Additionally, I've also started work with an in play trading strategy that should be uploaded sometime next week.



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