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Monthly Results & Other News

I recently started a series of blogs covering the month by month results for each service, but in hindsight I should have just done what's taken me a few days to complete this week.

I've now added on each automated betting service page a month by month points profit and loss.

You can find The Monthly Result Breakdown via Betting Strategies from the main menu.

You can't miss it if you scroll down just below the service introduction and above the Detailed Results Overview.

You'll find the monthly breakdown as shown below, and it's the same on each service page.

These two sets of results, the monthly profit and loss breakdown, along with the detailed annual wins and losses, points, races, drawdown, strike rate etc give a more complete picture of the betting history, and what to expect when running these automated strategies over the long term which they are designed to operate.

If you're using a mobile device you can click to drop down each month individually, but on a computer the entire betting period is available at a glance.

This took absolutely ages over the past few days create as Cloud Bet Bot received numerous version updates over the past year, which meant painstakingly piecing together each period to ensure it's all accurate.

It might not seem like much from the outside, but it was a total pain in the a** to produce this, now its done going forward to update monthly it will be a breeze.

A worthwhile exercise as we can all keep track of the monthly numbers which you don't get anywhere else from the other result section.

You do get a good feel for the service performance over time with the graph, but not the specifics like this month by month breakdown.

No more lengthy blogs required covering this topic, as it will just be updated at the end of each month on the first upcoming Sunday when I publish website results.

So that's that.

In Other News....

I'll be resetting the Ratchet results and making the past twelve months numbers available on a new webpage for the services with a full twelve months betting covered.

When I first included ratchet I did cover at length my advice would be to reset the bank at intervals.

Make regular withdrawals and then restart your investment ideally just using profit, but don't let it run and run given the nature of what ratchet betting entails.

This is because the betting that gradually increases in stake size, and win size over time can have the consequence of reaching a point where the bet size becomes so large it can wipe huge chunks of your bank out in a few foul swoops.

It can be great to begin with and over a sensible bet period, but you're playing a deadly game running a Ratchet indefinitely.

I'll be withdrawing my profits at the end of May and restarting the balance for all Ratchet services with records commencing from the 1st June 2020.

This will be done every twelve months.

You will still have full access to all historical result data and I'll make sure this is clear where to get to this.

I managed to capture a couple of days betting with Bet Mover this week and did pretty good lay betting using a fixed liability in each race.

Getting on quite early in the race in each as well for good value in most of them, but finding the horses that would not have enough in the tank later in the race.

Which compared to my previous efforts at this these bets came in a lot easier, and there is a reason for this I'll explain in my next video upload.

Yesterday I covered all the qualifying races over the entire available in play race card, with a few the previous day that ticked the right boxes.

I will publish this by the end of the week on You Tube and the Bet Mover Toolbox.

I also want to post a Bet Mover blog and review early next week or over this weekend, as I've put in enough hours so far to now have a balanced opinion to share.

Albeit still in its infancy as a software package and only on the starting blocks, it's still been over a couple of months since I got involved and I want to cover what I like and dislike about the platform so far.

I'm lucky enough to have access to developer features and I know things are about to hot up with the features to be made available for members, but I can still give an honest assessment of what I think about the current version and how it's progressed.

I feel that some may feel the initial enthusiasm may look like its waning, but I can assure you this couldn't be further from the truth.

I started using the platform and got into a steady rhythm, then had to take a break to be prodded in hospital then time to recover. I got back at it with a lay strategy, but then stuck into development work that genuinely threw me off my stride making content with the none dev platform, it's been a bit of a stutter since initial release from my side after a flurry of races covered.

However, I am all in with this software and behind it 100%.

My initial pledge of using it till I can show a decent monthly income is still right at the forefront of my plans.

I'll be adding my own automated in play betting service for a small group of members using Cloud Bet Bot, so my intentions to develop these in running strategies goes beyond just wanting to make a few quid for myself and share how to do it with you each week.

What I want is to make a very good income using it and operating a lucrative operation for a small group of members taking advantage of these in play opportunities.

Additionally, I'll start giving more useful titles to my next upload of Bet Mover videos to help you find what you need, such as lay betting or whatever strategy I'm using in the video.

I've been chipping away at my Video FAQ which I have to say is going better than expected, and given I do get asked a lot of the same questions it gives me a good opportunity to explain things in detail that a written blog just can't deliver.

Ideally I'll have this online at the weekend, but realistically it will likely be next Tuesday or Wednesday.

I had to take a break from it as I was bitten by something on a dog walk and my face ballooned so much my facial recognition didn't recognise me on my phone, you couldn't make it up...

This put the clappers on video work for a about four days as I didn't want to scare you.

I'll publish the Bet Mover vids over the weekend and weekly results on site this Sunday.

On a final note, I have a friend who runs a more tipping styled website that is the complete opposite to what we do here at Exponential Bet.

Assessing the racing and discussing the form of horses, and much more of the things we don't cover as our strategies are all fully automated.

I can recommend aracingfirst which is a more traditional horse racing “Tipping Service” if this is something you're looking for to add to your portfolio.

Ian, who runs the site provides a select number of bets giving written detail explaining the claims of each bet advised. As well as what calls his Premium Tips.

He also provides Horses to Follow, Notebook Horses and Ante Post Bets giving members a full betting package.

If you're interested in finding out more why not click here and take a look.

I did mention this site a while ago and had some questions about it, and as he is one of the good guys working each day to provide an honest service I thought I'd let you know..

Okay that's me done for tonight, thanks for reading.


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