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March 2024 Update

Results are updated to include February's betting for all Exponential Bet services, and available to view here:

With the spotlight mostly on Place Lay Multi, it means other services that are performing well sometimes slip under the radar.

However, I'm pleased to report the membership for Bet Focus is still as strong as ever, and as it's win market backing with the type of target selection it focuses on, there is enough liquidity to allow even more members to join.

Please remember, do look at the stats in the results for this one though before joining, as it focuses on value, not strike rate. Since the August update in 2023 you can see from the stats below it has seen a profitable line of growth, with the wins recovering losing periods, and pushing the balance higher.

Bet Focus 1/8/23 to 29/2/24

betting system

The points profit for both BSP and MTP and very close, with BSP at 30.68 points profit, and backing straight to the exchange minutes to post MTP, 35.12 points profit recorded.

This opens up the scope for higher stakes to be matched at exact recorded odds for BSP bettors, only of course if that matches your 300 points investment to this strategy and is in line with that, but I know some members bet hundreds on this strategy per bet, and from the published update on the 1st August 23 our highest earning member has made over £10,000 profit.

As mentioned however, this does come with the caveat of longer losing runs, and when the wins come they clear losses and put the profit back on track, which you can see from the stats and graph.

153 bets, just 26 wins, and 126 losses, one voided, but a low drawdown of just 14 points over this period, and a consistent show of upward balance growth.

It's a service not for everyone, but since the vital update which was well publicized for all services, you can see it is operating exactly as a service that focuses on value should be operating.

Now on to today's blog post, which is a brief news update for Portfolio Bet, Exponential Bet, and In Play Bet Club.

However, first an explanation regarding the Error 404 message some members have written to inform me they are seeing when visiting Exponential Bet. This does include a bit of a bit of rant before I get to today's official news update.

If you're not interested or have never seen this error 404 message, please feel free to skip ahead.

There are two reasons anyone would see this error 404 message when visiting Exponential Bet, the first being you're using a VPN.

If you use a VPN and attempt to visit Exponential Bet, or in fact any of our new sites about to launch, you will get an error message, and not be able to access.

The reason for this is to protect ourselves from scam artists, and to tighten security overall.

The website security is very tight anyway, and our host has never had a single breach, which puts it top of the pile compared to virtually all others.

The betting software does not process the bets, this is all done via Betfair, which as you know has solid security.

While all of our payment processing is done externally as well with award winning companies.

The digital content side of things also securely positioned externally from it all. Which means we are secure as we possibly could be.

The issue we had came from our affiliate program, which was available for anybody to join.

When an affiliate wants paying for their referral, they could be using a stolen card, and then of course we foot the bill with refund charges, while they scarper with their payment.

We luckily have two months progression with any affiliated sales, which thankfully protected us from severe losses after the recent event, when a group of dodgy scam artists targeted us with the idea to put bogus sales through, and claim the commission and run.

We did have to pay the fees for the refunds back to the cards they had used, but to clear the mess they caused I took that on the chin. At least they got nothing.

They could have been stolen cards used, or their own and reported them as stolen to their own banks, but to be 100% sure the affected parties that came from the dodgy affiliates all received full refunds regardless if they had been seen to access the services.

They even had the cheek to contact me and ask to be paid early within the two month quality check period, which is when I first caught whiff of a rat, and applied the no VPN rule.

We only want visitors and members who are genuine, and that we can see this if your not hiding an IP address using a VPN.

Not saying if you have previously been using a VPN you are dodgy, not at all, but now if you do visit us you know everyone else who is active on the site is also not hiding anything.

It's been a massive waste of our time having to sort this out, and part of the reason some of the things in our pipeline have taken longer.

I think considering we launched in 2017 this is not too bad for a first encounter with such a thing, as we have been very careful with how we go about our business, and any associations have always been well and truly screened.

I do not allow people to just become an affiliate anymore, a lesson was learned there. Any new affiliates are now screened, as that was the only weak link in the chain.

Hopefully this explains why you may have seen this error 404 message, and how to solve it if you ever see it again, just turn off your VPN and re visit.

The only other reason you might see it is if you have been blocked, in which case it's nothing to do with your VPN, and you probably can't read this blog anyway to find out.

Okay, that's that cleared up, now to the news.

Portfolio Bet will be published and open for new memberships by the end of this month.

The programming for the betting software is now complete, and currently being put through its final live betting paces.

The service at Portfolio Bet will differ to Exponential Bet, as it is just one stake amount placed with one bet option for all included strategies, which auto calculates your investment based on the amount of money you put in.

Everything is done for you in that regard, and very easy to set up and follow.

The strategies themselves that make up the portfolio are not the same as Exponential Bet services, but related.

As an example, there is a Place Lay Multi variant, which instead of betting in the place market, it lays the same qualifying selections in the win market up to an acceptable maximum odds filter range, and uses an updated jockey data set.

This has been well and truly tested, and shows exceptional growth, with a lot of weekly betting activity.

It's the same selection process as the successful Place Lay Multi service, but with a jockey list that's been updated within a live environment, and lay betting in the win market instead of the place market.

This is a very profitable way to follow Place Lay Multi even using the current service data, and doing it yourself if you're a member, and have the time to place the bets yourself.

This is where the idea originated, as I was live betting the place bets in the win market, sometimes trading them in play, but the concept was there to use this approach for Portfolio Bet.

As stated, if you're a member of Place Lay Multi, either laying pre race to a max odds range you set, or looking for this in play, this is a profitable manual strategy should you have time to apply it.

Additionally, being win market betting it opens up a far higher level of liquidity in comparison to the place market.

This is at the forefront of our planning for Portfolio Bet, enough liquidity for all. We are getting much better at handling this issue with all of our services.

There will be a strict maximum membership limit to be applied to Portfolio Bet from the start, and then after a managed waiting list that will be invite only.

The membership limit may actually be visible at the joining process, letting any potentially new members know how many spaces remain, or the potential wait time for an invitation.

I'll have more information on Portfolio Bet this time next week, with an example of the betting pattern, a full spreadsheet of results using the included strategies that have been confirmed.

I will do my utmost to provide a clear idea of what to expect with the betting over a longer period of time, and how we will be safely managing your financial investment to weather periods of higher drawdown, to stay well within investment levels and reach the profitable growth periods.

If you're interested in registering for an initial invite to Portfolio Bet should all the places quickly be taken after launch, please send an email to with Register Me in the subject line.

You will then have the opportunity to join the day the site goes live, with your space reserved for 24 hours.

The subscription options and set up for Portfolio Bet are all very straightforward, along with the results tracking.

I can see this website becoming very popular very quickly, so if having your bet portfolio managed for you is appealing, do register now as spaces are definitely going to be limited to preserve liquidity.

The recent limiting of staked for the Place Lay Multi service proved how effective this is, and vital to ensure a service maintains its longevity.

When Portfolio Bet is live later this month and running fully automated, I will turn my full attention to launch the In Play Bet Club website.

This will be publish the live bets for In Play Bet Club members, all live betting results will be updated monthly, and from the day it goes live members will have full control of their stakes across the different options that will appear in their dashboard.

These options will allow members to turn up the taps on the betting, or remain slow and steady for example.

The entire service will have a full refresh in line with the website release, and I will of course fully explain everything closer to the time of publishing, and make sure everything is covered so members understand the options that will be available, in order to make informed decisions.

As well as different betting options for existing IPBC members, there will be a pre race emailed advice available for any members wishing to follow the racing live, and place manual in play bets, along with a betting guide added shortly after.

I'd expected to be further along with both these websites by now, but the coding involved for Portfolio Bet proved a little more challenging for Nigel, and as we want it all done right from the off, we've just had to roll with it to make sure everything works from the start flawlessly for members.

Which is the right way to do it, and not just launch with bugs that need ironing out. Been there got the t shirt, and never again.

My prime focus is to get Portfolio Bet ready first, then everything else will follow a lot quicker as the coding for In Play Bet Club is already complete.

Exponential Bet services are due a refresh of jockey data, which we do periodically, but instead of relying on the usual approach, this time around we have spent some time already updating the jockey data, and have it running side by side with the current jockey data set.

This is a live betting record of how the change will fork the results and increase performance, instead of looking back historically. This is what has been applied to the Portfolio Bet strategies.

Looking back is a vital exercise to establish proof of concept, but having a live populating database of bets from a fork in the road that has been set with such detailed data applied, this is going to make a hugely profitable difference to the next Exponential Bet Upgrade for all services.

This was very much the approach taken with the filter updates to Place Lay Multi in November last year, and we all know that service went on to return over +100 points profit, and is still very much the backbone of the automated strategies in operation.

Portfolio Bet, In Play Bet Club, and Exponential Bet all compliment each other very well, and with each having their own website it will make operations and progression for each a lot smoother, with improvement progression at a faster pace.

However, the prime reason for each having their own website is to provide existing and new members with a far superior service.

We are putting in a lot of work right now, so each of the new sites can flourish, and equally return profits for every single member.

Okay. that's all from me. I'll be back new week with the Portfolio Bet news and result update mentioned above.

Thank you for reading today's post.

Best Regards


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