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Kick Off Time

Football is finally coming to Exponential Bet, and it's set to be something very special indeed.

Yes there will be regular daily bets, but I'll be adding some other bets throughout the day, as and when the specific triggers are met.

If I see an in-play opportunity, or something that just stands out in the market to capitalize upon, then I'll send this via Whatsapp so you receive it immediately, and can act quickly.

For those who don't know, Whatsapp is a free to download app for your phone or PC, and allows instant messages to be sent without cost. This is available from the APP Store, or Google Play.

Any members will have the option to use this service alongside the tips sent by email, and add themselves to a group.

The spur of the moment opportunities will then be sent to the group who can jump on the bets if in-play, or if sent with some notice decide which bookmaker to use to place the bets.

These bets will be as and when, and only when the right betting option arises.

Each day when football matches are playing, we should have some betting opportunities across all leagues, and out of European standard season, we have Brazil, the USA and the rest of the world with bets most days to keep us busy.

The type of bets varies from straight win bets, to both teams to score, under/over markets etc, it just depends what opportunities I see each day.

football tips

I've been betting professionally on football since 2009, and originally ran a successful football tipping service on another website, and through the Betfair community. This service is designed to be the best it can be, and will be improving all the time.

Typical profits and percentage growth predictions, well much like my win & place market betting, over the years I've bet on football and withdrawn the money weekly or monthly, so it varies. Over the past month and a half the balance has increased by nearly 40%.

I'll be applying the recommendation to this as to my win & place bets, as in, when the balance doubles withdraw 50% of the amount, and then carry on. Although, for the purpose of growing the bank myself, I'll be withdrawing every 12 months with this system. It's completely up to yourself of course, but given it's got very solid growth you can apply a regular withdrawal method to this system.

The staking will be 1% of bank per bet with no decrease at a loss, and with good reason, tonight for example I've approx 20 bets running.

For new members staking advice and a spreadsheet to record results is provided.

This system is now live, and you can subscribe monthly and yearly from the main page purchase section.

As always, if you've any questions please drop me an email to

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