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What's A Super Dutch Bet?

A super dutch is something very different to the other Dutch bets at Exponential Bet.

The idea of the bet is to either:

A) Include the best Dutch bets of the day in to one Dutch bet, possibly streamlined.

B) Create a new Dutching opportunity based outside of the usual selection parameters for my Dutch systems.


The Super Dutch can be anything from one single Dutch bet, a combination of single Dutch bets, or a multiple including a variety of selected horses from the days horse racing.

I take my betting very seriously so this is a million miles away from just a speculative punt across the card. This just allows extra freedom outside of the selection processes I place over the days racing, to operate a more exploratory Dutch system with the potential to return at higher odds than the other Dutch bets I run.

The downside a lower strike rate, the upside higher returns

So, if you're interested in taking a journey with me to see if this approach to Dutch betting pays off, I've added this service as either a separate subscription package included with the Dutch 4 Multiple, or included as standard with the Complete Dutching Subscription. You can view subscription options here:

If you're already a member you can choose to follow the bet, or watch from afar until you see it show some tantalizing form. The downside of that approach is you could be staring at a huge win you could have won. I've no crystal ball so this remains to be proven, but I'm all in and on a mission to do just that!

Staking is 1% per Dutch bet, which due to the expected volatility of the bank growth will increase in line with the overall balance every 50% total bank increase. Another reason for this is, there will be days when I post potentially eight single or multiple Super Dutch bets, or even more, so it's just a protection mechanism in case the bank has just increased dramatically, we don't want a big loss just after a big win.

Expectations and projections for this system are hard to gauge, but as I've introduced it to the site you know I must feel it can add value. From my perspective it gives me scope to explore a more varied approach to the day, and so far as you can see from the small sample of published results, it's been very varied.

The goal is to sustain the losses with the sensibly low staking plan, and when the big wins land, push on, and see exponential growth when we hit percentage stake increases returning larger sums in line with the balance taking an upward shift.

I'll be sending the Super Dutch in a separate email to the standard Dutch bets, along with Dutch 4 Multiple going forward from Wednesday 22nd November. Typically by midday in line with everything else.

The sample of results so far is available from the Super Dutch results page here.

Any questions, please drop me an email to

Thanks Ryan

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