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In Play Lay Betting

I've added a few new videos to the Exponential Bet You Tube Channel, in which I demonstrate a couple of days live in play lay betting.

Additionally, there is a short video explaining more about the new customization options available for the colours within the platform.

Which are there to help you identify in play betting options faster.

I'll have more video content demonstrating how I'm using both the in running data, and the colours as triggers to make money using Bet Mover.

There is also some big news coming soon that will in my opinion take Bet Mover to a entirely new level above anything I could have imagined, but I've taken a vow of secrecy for now and will report on this asap.

If you're interested in me placing these bets for you remotely using Cloud Bet Bot where you set your own stakes, then send me and email if you haven't already and I'll add you to the invite list.

There will be a limited amount of members included in the In Play Bet Club for the obvious reason it's a live in play market, and I want everyone to be matched on the bets.

Send me an email to with In Play Cloud Betting in the subject line if you're interested in joining this.



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