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In Play Betting Backing Late

In the video below I demonstrate backing late in the race as close to the business end as possible using Bet Mover.

I'll have a couple more videos uploaded as soon as possible next week where I've covered an entire card lay betting earlier in the race when things are less frantic, as I know this suits some people more, and also more backing late on as I also know some of you like to do this.

Backing late on is a lot easier and I've not had a single day so far when I haven't made money doing this, but it's not for everyone.

Plus getting on earlier in the race whether backing or laying means there will be a steadier flow of money available on the exchange for the targeted horse.

This is especially true given the horses I focus on are the ones that do offer some value and considered still in the running according to the odds, but not according to the data available in the software

The benefit of using Bet Mover is the edge you get as the race data is ahead of the live stream, and unless you're using Bet Mover that has only been available for approximately three months, the live stream is all you have.

You could be at the track, but betting using your mobile like this is frowned upon.

The rapid speed of the bet placement and flexible offset options combined which at a glance race information all combine to make profiting in play using Bet Mover a lot more likely and therein lays the point of using the software.

I'll be back with another video in a day or two.

The more recent videos over the past few days in particular are using some of the development features, which I thought would be useful to show a snippet of what's to come in the pipeline for members.

I went over two entire race cards that met the brief in line with the strategies I was using, one laying and the other backing late on.

I can't show the exact features in operation but I can certainly show the effect of using them on the end results.

What will definitely be included over the coming weeks is a stand alone guide showing step by step how I use the software.

This will then be updated as I progress and be a go to source of continually updated instructions as the platform develops over time.

The footage in the video below was recorded over the 11th to 13th April and as mentioned above is purely backing late in the race using the race data to guide me.



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