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Focus on Quality

One things for sure when visiting Exponential Bet you'll never be bombarded with pop up advertising, or those horrid flashing banners you see on most other sports advisory sites.

This type of advertising in my humble opinion gives a terrible impression.

If a site cares so little about your experience and feels they need to attack you with advertising, it won't say much about the attention to detail when it comes to actual useful content.

There are ways to go about introducing people to things.

I will only put my name to products and services I personally use, which is why you find links to betting bot software in the website footer with a few other sites used as a data source.

exponential bet

Which brings me to the point of this blog post.

Recently a member of my Dutch Betting service got in touch to explain he's been Dutching for years, and using ratings to help him drill down the selections.

He suggested a specific ratings service so I signed up to see for myself first hand, and was instantly impressed.

I now use this with my Dutch bets for extra due diligence, and to identify potential trades.

In fact the ratings are now an integral part of my selection process for both trading and Dutch betting.

Automated trading being added to the Betfair Trading Guide soon, will include details showing how I use the ratings as part of a more selective process.

I'm still finding new angles with the ratings to give me the edge with my trading and Dutch betting.

I've found this to be an essential tool when examining a race to assess the dynamics of the field, with the top three rated horses sent daily more often than not one going on to win.

For betting and trading purposes this makes the ratings a real asset.

I'm actually at the start of a lengthy testing process Dutching the top 3 rated horses each day, which I'll report on after a month but from initial results I'm really very impressed.

This may be something that transforms my Dutch betting service completely, so I'll keep you in the loop once I've more data to show.

I'm always looking to improve what I offer, and if I find something like this which is obviously going to be useful for a proportion of members I have to share it.

After making contact with the owner of the site to inform him I was using his ratings and to let him know my thoughts, he agreed to give members of Exponential Bet a full free week’s trial so you can see for yourself. This is with no credit card required, a true no obligation test period.

If you're ready to sign up now after reading this post or after you've had the free trial, the first month is at half price using the the promotional link at the bottom of this post.

I'll also be covering in my next scheduled Dutch and trade guide updates how I use the ratings as part of my daily selection process.

If you're already a member of the Dutching and trading services I'd strongly recommend you take the free trial or sign up now, you will see immediately why I hold these ratings in such high regard.

It will become obvious from the offset what a powerful data source the ratings provide.

focus on quality

As someone who's at my desk daily working through my own betting and trading systems, looking to bring members the best of what I can deliver at all times. I understand first hand how much effort goes in to assessing an entire race card.

Keith works like a Trojan to give ratings on every race in the UK & Ireland, and as someone who uses form and data myself to drill down selections, I fully realize that ratings provide a valuable way to cover such a large volume of racing.

Another aspect of this service which is vital prior making any recommendations for any new website, is they are contactable by email to answer any questions and I've always had a very quick reply.

I personally find having each race with the top three rated horses listed to be most useful, and the reported profits from clients of the service using this information in forecasts & tricasts is very impressive.

I've only scratched the surface using this data, and already know I've uncovered a gold mine.

Remember, this is not a tipping service but a ratings service that covers all the racing action in the UK and Ireland each and every day.

You can use this any which way you want, and their is even a forum to provide several profitable angles which can be applied.

For me personally I'll be using this data each day, and looking to see how I can improve my current services with it.

I'll be reporting how I profit from using the ratings to my members in their service updates, and within the blog going forward.

I can see myself developing new betting and trading methods based on the ratings alone.

This is what you should expect during your free trial and as a member of this service.

  • UK & Irish horse racing ratings service designed to aid you and help you narrow the field.

  • A computerized analysis selecting the top 3 rated horses from each race.

  • The ratings are sent each day at 10am, along with an Early Bird Preview at 5.30pm the day before to give you a chance to get those early prices. This I'll definitely be looking at in more detail from a swing trading point of view.

These are now the most accurate ratings on the market (and you get them completely free for a full week).

  • They show unique Jockey/Trainer combinations (where it is the Jockey’s only race in a meeting or a Trainer’s only horse in a meeting; or both) and Going Wins, Going Places, Course-Distance-Going Wins (very important!), Change in Trainer and Change in Class (since last race) and much more.

From a betting point of view as you can imagine a lot of decisions are based upon all of this data, and from a trading perspective the flow of money in a market is largely based on these factors, as they form opinions which drive people decide which trades or bets to place that create green up opportunities.

  • This company has been in business over 5 years now and getting better all the time, and client feedback show these are the most advanced ratings on the market.

  • There is a System Builder, which gives members the ability to create your own profitable systems based upon the ratings.

  • Also, there are over 100 Public Systems that members can subscribe to for FREE!

Keith runs a completely honest and transparent service which these days you rarely see and immediately impressed me, with this results available for all to see.

For me personally this is very important before recommending any site and service, given I publish my results come what may.

For me it's vital to give people the complete picture before they decide to join, and not just publish results during a good run while hiding the bad, which Keith also runs his site to the same ethos.

They have independent reviews published on Google which also sing their praises, and Keith has done everything he can to make the Ratings easy to use – especially with his Ratings Handbook and useful Cheat Sheet.

I strongly recommend these ratings for those who are looking to add to their portfolio of daily bets, for Dutching purposes they are ideal, for spotting horses that have the best chance to win, and for assessing how the market may move in your favour for a trade, plus much more I've still yet to discover.

There really is nothing to be lost and everything to gain from checking them out for a full week.

Here are the exclusive Exponential Bet links to give you a week no obligation trial, or to sign up now with the first month half price.

If you've any questions email me at and I'll get back to you asap.

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