Focus on Quality

One things for sure when visiting Exponential Bet you'll never be bombarded with pop up advertising, or those horrid flashing banners you see on most other sports advisory sites.

This type of advertising in my humble opinion gives a terrible impression.

If a site cares so little about your experience and feels they need to attack you with advertising, it won't say much about the attention to detail when it comes to actual useful content.

There are ways to go about introducing people to things.

I will only put my name to products and services I personally use, which is why you find links to betting bot software in the website footer with a few other sites used as a data source.

exponential bet

Which brings me to the point of this blog post.

Recently a member of my Dutch Betting service got in touch to explain he's been Dutching for years, and using ratings to help him drill down the selections.

He suggested a specific ratings service so I signed up to see for myself first hand, and was instantly impressed.

I now use this with my Dutch bets for extra due diligence, and to identify potential trades.

In fact the ratings are now an integral part of my selection process for both trading and Dutch betting.