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February Update 2024

The results for the Automated Strategies are up to date, including December and January's betting. You can find them under Results from the main menu.

Place Lay Multi is the obvious stand out during this period, returning over 100 points profit betting Exchange Straight, which is a straightforward fixed stake approach, but even with fixed liability selected for extra safety and stake control, the place market lay betting strategy still performed very well over the bet period.

Place Lay Multi Exchange Straight Dec 2023 to Jan 2024

place lay betting system

I will be restricting memberships to invite only for Place Lay Multi by the end of this week, and also setting a stake limit to a maximum of £50 per bet to preserve liquidity.

This stake limit will be regularly reviewed for members to ensure everyone has the best chance of being matched.

Each race and money in the market will of course vary, so I need to look at this over a period of months to assess whether the £50 limit can be increased, or if in fact it needs to be decreased to preserve service quality.

As stated though, at the end of this week I won't be allowing any new sign ups for Place Lay Multi direct from the site.

Anyone interested in joining can request to be invited, and I will be in touch if spaces become available in the future.

Find out more about Place Lay Multi:

In Play Bet Club has no officially been removed from Exponential Bet, and I will have a brand new website all of its own set up this month.

The extra services associated with IPBC, such as the in play selections sent by email each day, and the in play guide will be added shortly after the new site is online.

Existing members of IPBC will not have their current service interrupted in any way during the transition to the new website,.

Members instead will find alternative betting options within their dashboard to operate their in play betting.

I'll explain more directly to In Play Bet Club members before the site goes live, but in a nutshell members will have the option to remain on their current betting filters, or opt to increase or decrease betting activity. All fully within their own control at any point they decide.

The data used to bring you these options will be presented and available to members within a secure login section on the site, but not published on site for public viewing.

The live betting results for each of the options will be published on site publicly from day one launch, and like Exponential Bet be updated on the first Monday of each new month.

These results will only represent live betting for members, and show the performance of each of the betting options in operation.

Members will have the choice to switch between options freely, using their maximum allowed stake level, but I will lay this out clearly to avoid any confusion before we make these additional betting options available.

As an example, members who wish to see much more betting activity than the current filter provides, you will have this at your finger tips to switch the betting up, with a clear idea of what to expect should you do so, with the strike rate, expected profits and points required to cover this.

This will be the case for all the IPBC strategy options available for each member, whether it is decreasing betting to be more cautious, or ramping it up to have a lot of bets placed each day, you will have the data to make an informed choice.

I'll let you know more on this over the course of this month, and keep you fully informed prior to the new IPBC site going live.

This means IPBC is now fully removed from Exponential Bet, and it will have its own home where I can focus on continually improving the performance, having an exclusive to IPBC record of live betting for all the bet options, while adding new useful content and features for members.

Portfolio Bet software is currently in the final stages of testing, and we also expect to go live with this exciting new website later this month.

We've published a lot of information on Portfolio Bet in previous blogs if you want to find out more, but to summarize in one sentence what this is, it's a service that operates multiple betting strategies from one single stake, that is calculated for you based on your financial investment.

For those who want the easiest solution to run a betting portfolio, this could be the ideal option.

The strategies are different to Exponential Bet, and set up to compliment each other within the portfolio over the longer betting term.

It's not just the staking and entire concept that is simple to follow with Portfolio Bet, the results presentation will be too, as will the subscription options.

I've got a list of people who are interested in joining this service, as places may be limited, that is yet to be decided, but if this does appeal to you and you're interested in joining, just send me an email to with Portfolio Bet in the subject line. Nothing else please as I won't be replying, I will just be copying your contact email to my invite list.

Okay, that's it from me today. I'll be back in the next week or two with more information regarding Portfolio Bet and the In Play Bet Club websites. Remember, by the end of this week new memberships for Place Lay Multi will cease, and it will become invite only. If you are interested in joining now is the time, and remember the max stake rule please.

Existing members, if you are betting over £50, please reduce it down to £50 maximum stake. I have already sent some emails to members who were betting quite a bit over this, and will follow this up tomorrow, but looking at it sensibly £50 maximum keeps it fair for everyone, and does not consume all the place market money available pre race.

It's only a small percentage of members that do bet above or close to this level anyway, and I'm sure this isn't being done on purpose, so please don't take it the wrong way, but to preserve the quality of the service for all members betting just a few quid, or fifty quid, stake control is required, especially for place betting.

In addition to this, I can see that some members who are betting over the £50 maximum level will have some bets matched, while others may lapse due to insufficient money in the market before the price of the selection moves, given the much higher stake to other members for example, so over the longer term this will actually make a lot more sense to have all bets matched instead of betting too high, and it will be more profitable I can assure you.

There is no guarantee after all the bets getting matched at high stakes will be the winning ones after all.

The entire goal is to preserve the quality of the service for all members, so having a max level makes good sense, so for now this is £50. If you're a member betting over this and have any questions please do get in touch, but I will be in touch with you anyway tomorrow just to ensure you change this and have time to reduce it before I cap it in admin.

Right, that is definitely me done for now. Thanks for taking the time to read today's update. Have a great week.


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