Exponential Bet Overview 17th Nov

I'll do a more in depth news post covering all Exponential Bet services one by one asap, as today my time has been stolen with work I'd rather not spend all Sunday finishing off, but hey ho needs must.

Sorry to sound meh from the start as I'm actually really excited and feeling positive about new developments, it's just been a draining day...

Tonight I want to go over a Remote Dutch Betting, the JV System, Auto Dutch, and the next Trade Guide V5 update to let you know where I'm up to with these.

Starting with Remote Dutch Betting and JV System, these two launched on the 31st October running using strategies set up with Race Researcher. This is a data analysis tool created by Nigel Dove from Levelsoftware.co.uk

I've just add a detailed Excel results history using BSP odds for both of these services on their landing pages, which you can locate from the menu above for each.

They are also both available now to purchase direct from these pages, as the BSP option has solved any issues we thought we'd have with liquidity.

If you're using stakes any higher than £2 per bet, simply select BSP and Betfair will match you according to the exchange starting price, as opposed to being reliant on the price movement of the live exchange and money available at the time of bet placement.

For anyone betting below £2 the Exchange is the only option, but as the stakes are so low, and the fact we've updated Cloud Bet Bot to place exchange bets faster according to available price liquidity is no longer an issue, and members should have no problem getting matched with both BSP and Exchange options.

Common sense needs to be applied obviously, if you're betting with high stakes don't use the Exchange option go for BSP.

I've also added a lot more content about what's involved running these services, to ensure everyone who joins hopefully has all their questions answered ahead of subscribing. If not, it's important to ask anything ahead of joining.

What's to come with these two services are, place market betting options, a green up stake method, along with a stop at a profit plan. All currently being worked on to be added asap.

Additionally, I'm also looking to include a seasonal set of filters for Remote Dutch Betting, as the winter months need a different approach. It's a trend based selection process anyway, so this falls in line perfectly with the long term planning.