Expo News 8th November

In today's news post:

  • The In Play Bet Club results updated, with membership pricing options, reservation date availability.

  • Weekly Automated Betting System result overview, and service update.

In Play Bet Club

Let's start with the results showing how I've been doing since I began recording the strategy to be applied for members.

26th October to 7th November 2021

in play betting system

The results show 36 bets and 34 winning lays in running.

£463.91 profit betting using a £100 stake liability per bet, and £229.20 betting a £10 fixed stake.

All bets placed follow the exact same selection process, which means if I lose a bet it would still be the same selection if I was to reverse time and play the race again.

This makes it very easy to put it down to bad luck and still continue the days betting if anymore races qualify, and you can see this is the case after both losing bets.

I aim for a max odds of 10 to be matched as I think a 10% profit is acceptable for a fixed liability bet, but this is not my target odds to lay as I am trying to achieve much lower in the race, and you can see in most cases I am getting lower. However, occasionally I'll be caught on a drift from the time the bet is placed which puts my average lay odds presently at 8.

Membership Registration & Price Plans

There is a maximum member limit for the In Play Bet Club of 50 at any given time.

With this in mind we've also had to consider staking limits as well, and how we can control what people set as their bet amounts within the bot.