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Expo News 7th February

I've had a busy week testing the copy bet process from Bet Mover to Cloud Bet Bot, and chipping away at the upcoming trade, lay bet, in play, and Dutch bet guides.

I'm also creating a new design for the website with easy to follow video set up instructions to replace the current Exponential Bet layout, which I am making good progress.

The main job I've had on my plate over the past seven days is ensuring the In Play Bet Club copy bets are being placed from BM to CBB, which I will get to further in this post.

Quite a bit of work to be done, but I learned from a master of achieving goals Stephen Duneier.

I'd highly recommend watching his Ted Talk if you're interested in how to work on multiple projects:

When you do have a lot of plates spinning it pays to have a reliable plan of action, and his approach I find suits me and the way my complicated brain works.


The results for all services at Exponential Bet including the monthly and ratchet figures are updated.

I have promised a blog post for ratchet betting which will make sense to publish in the first week of March, which is after the end of the current quarterly run of bets at the end of Feb.

To examine all the results for each service simply select Betting Strategies from the main menu drop down, and select the service you wish to view.

Within the monthly and ratchet grids, if you click on the underlined points profit or loss within each betting period you can view the stats and graph giving more detail.

I'll leave you to look at the results today from the service pages, how we got on last week, and how we're doing so far, as I am to be totally honest on the verge of a banging headache.

What can I say I'm only human, and I need to get away from the monitor asap after a gawping at it all day.

To give you a brief update on the In Play Bet Club progress, the good news is that it is now placing my copied bets from Bet Mover to Cloud Bet Bot.

This has only been the case from today though, with last week spent bug fixing after the BM update the week prior which skewed everything.

I have not had a full week of bets, and by this I mean at least three betting days in a row without a bug affecting things. My typical working week routine is three to four days in play betting.

Everything has been stop start, whether this is BM issues or the copy process from BM to CBB, or even the new Betfair calculation code they have added affecting things.

This is basically Betfair now allowing devs to use the Betfair liability calculations for betting software, instead of doing our own which is how it used to work.

They are also about to reduce the minimum bet size on the exchange to £1 from £2, which is another code change and something else to think about, although I do not think this will have any impact on In Play Bet Club, but the dev calc for liability betting has had an impact and has taken Nigel longer to correct.

For me this is a lot of faff and drama about things to be frank I'm not that interested in.

All I want is to be able to turn on my PC and enjoy the process of placing the in play bets, while doing my website work or new content creation.

IT and bug fixing or any techie development work I find overwhelmingly draining.

All this has completely disrupted my solid flow of in play betting, and as I wrote last week I need at least a week of uninterrupted betting (3 to 4 days).

It's imperative I have a quiet and steady routine to be able to bet for members, and disruption with the software and Betfair updates has meant I've only started to record some actual In Play Bet Club activity today, with three winners at my usual max stake. I'd reduced it last week as I placed a lot test bets to flush out the tech probs.

I'll need at least another few days this week under my belt before I decide to go live. I think four days seeing the software work as it has been up until the recent BM update is sensible before thinking of starting betting for members.

This means the start date will likely be after the 15th, but should still be later next week providing I can get everyone signed up to their selected tier and all questions answered.

If that doesn't happen due to having to spread myself too thinly answering questions, bot set up queries, or any more techie stuff getting in the way, it could be mid the week after when we get going.

I am eager to get started but also pragmatic.

It pays to be cautious with anything of this scale, and I have utmost respect each and every members investment.

I know for a fact I can't concentrate to the level I need with too much going on, and the past week I've had nothing but back and forth messaging and bug fixing during racing, and only today I actually fell back into my routine for just one day.

This is positive progress and everything was working correctly with bets being placed as they should with BM and copied to CBB, still it is just one day since things went doolally.

Looking at the positives, as every cloud has a silver lining, I am getting much better at flat racing.

BM focuses half its available race cards to the flat, so this will open up a 50% more opportunity to bet for members, which as such should mean we can reach target profit twice as fast.

An interesting thing with the flat is my average odds are lower, at around 6 at the moment, with some a lot lower.

I'm using the cadence feature within the software while keeping my core selection process the same as the jumps, which is working very well giving me 17 wins and 1 loss so far, but with more value on the wins given the odds are lower overall.

I've only been practising so much on the flat because of the bug testing, and I wanted to get involved in more races to push the software and make sure everything is fixed.

I do also like having more racing to go at throughout the week next to my jumps, this is quite appealing.

I would expect to reach a good enough competency level with the flat sometime in March / April to be able to include these races in to the member betting.

Right I feel like my heads about to pop, apologies it's a short post, but I've done a lot of stat updating on site while placing in play bets, and I think I've just got eye ache after all the not so interesting work last week as I haven't really stopped.

Yep, get out the violins I know, sorry to moan, but I'm going to have something to eat and call it an early one so I can get back at the in play betting again tomorrow feeling refreshed, and not bedraggled.

I'll update all registered in play members later this week on my progress, have no doubt I will be in touch with everyone later in the week after I've got three or four solid days recorded, and a clear start date. I will also update the results so far from my betting this week on site by next Monday.

Thanks for reading.


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