Expo News 6th June


The results for the Automated Betting Strategies are now updated to include the weekly, detailed overview, and ratchet figures.

To view any of the results for each service simply select Automated Strategies from the main menu at Exponential Bet, and then from the drop down choose the strategy you wish to examine in more detail.

Last week overall Place Lay Single finished on top with +8.65 points profit banked betting exchange straight.

The strategy showed resilience over the week to recover from a run of losses over one day specifically and finish in profit, which you can see in the graph below.


Ratchet betting restarted the calculations for another three month cycle from the 1st June to 31st August, so if you are following this bet option please remember to reset your ratchet.

It's important to do so, and if you look at the results for all the ratchet options over the last three months we made a hefty profit, but if left indefinitely and not reset I can guarantee we'd end up losing our entire investment.

Ratchet betting works well when resetting the calculation every quarterly period, which then sets everything back to zero, and builds the ratchet calc again over another cycle until reset again.

This gives a subtle profit boost to the strategies that do well over that period of time, and reduces chances of the stake reaching a point where the stake becomes so large it could wipe a balance.