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Expo News 6th June


The results for the Automated Betting Strategies are now updated to include the weekly, detailed overview, and ratchet figures.

To view any of the results for each service simply select Automated Strategies from the main menu at Exponential Bet, and then from the drop down choose the strategy you wish to examine in more detail.

Last week overall Place Lay Single finished on top with +8.65 points profit banked betting exchange straight.

The strategy showed resilience over the week to recover from a run of losses over one day specifically and finish in profit, which you can see in the graph below.

Ratchet betting restarted the calculations for another three month cycle from the 1st June to 31st August, so if you are following this bet option please remember to reset your ratchet.

It's important to do so, and if you look at the results for all the ratchet options over the last three months we made a hefty profit, but if left indefinitely and not reset I can guarantee we'd end up losing our entire investment.

Ratchet betting works well when resetting the calculation every quarterly period, which then sets everything back to zero, and builds the ratchet calc again over another cycle until reset again.

This gives a subtle profit boost to the strategies that do well over that period of time, and reduces chances of the stake reaching a point where the stake becomes so large it could wipe a balance.

Instead if follows the bet pattern and the stake moves incrementally over a shorter period to just as stated give the bank a boost, which I recommend is set to just 1% over the quarter.

We hit the two year betting point for the automated services on Tuesday last week, which for all the strategies in operation is an obvious milestone.

All the services from day one show a profit and as much as they haven't had it all their own way by any means over this timeline, if running each from the first published bet using 1 point per bet and following advised points staking, you would be in profit for all four automated strategies.

Two years is a fair amount of data to have under our belts, and with the machine learning style Researcher tool that processes the bets for each of the betting bots, the more we continue to bet the more success we will have.

You can see this at the specific points across the timeline more prominently for Racing Lays, Sure Favs, and without a doubt Place Lay Single and Place Lay Multi.

They all have a distinct upward line of growth visible on the result pages from late last year when the Researcher tool identified filters that could produce better results over a long term. Which is only possible through actual live bet data accumulation.

Place Back Multi and Bet Focus are taking longer to hit the same level of consistent profit growth with more downturn recorded, but they will follow suit and as we do accumulate more live bet history the swing in the P&L for these services will gradually show a steadier upward trend.

Okay that's it from me today, just a short post as it's taken hours already to get the results uploaded, but just a quick heads up that you will see on the Racing Lays page the Main and +5 Stop options linked to a history page, with the High stake option shown on the main page.

Since November 2021 all three have been betting the same filters which I've reported repeatedly, and been informing all members to switch to High option.

This means the previous historical results for Main and +5 are there to see at any time for the past two years, but we will continue the detailed overview with High on the main page, and for Monthly, Ratchet etc.

Otherwise I'm literally just duplicating the same results in three different sections of the site for no reason creating more work, and probably unnecessary confusion. Now it's a lot tidier and simpler to understand.

The other two stake options will be removed after the racing today from the bot, so I just wanted to give you a final nudge and notice to make sure you're just using Stake High within the bot.

Thank you


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