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Expo News 6th April

Website updates and new content that's been scheduled for the past couple of months, pre wheels falling off the wagon with my health, will all be back on track starting next week, and that's a definite.

Video content updated for each service, and I'll also make a dent toward completing the in play guide, trade guide, Dutching and laying will all start to have a format and structure.

The guides won't be completed for a month or three, as I lost a month from the start of March being off my game, but you will certainly see them start to materialise from now on.

Nige has made strides with the average odds reporting, but he's on holiday next week so that will be aimed at the end of April.

There will be an alternate subscription plan I mentioned a month or two ago for lower staking members also added later this month, as it's important to cater to members wanting to start with below Betfair minimum stakes, but who cannot justify the subscription as a result of the low bet amounts.

To coincide with this we will also release a member for life option for the Automated Strategies.

As I talk a lot about these being long term investments, and they truly are, so I will make a one off membership option available to represent this for everyone who is looking at these services five to ten years down the line.

More info on both of these options to follow in next weeks new update.

I will as mentioned begin adding video content for both the automated services and in play betting, but also record a separate video blog covering Ratchet betting.

This is something if used correctly can accelerate profits, so a video demonstrating the right way of doing it, and how the wrong way can go horribly wrong I feel will be helpful.

Okay, that's it from me today. I'm still not 100% and gradually getting back in the daily work flow.

The next couple of days I'll be busy betting in play and working with Nigel to implement a more beneficial way to bet for the in play club, while also drilling through my job list.

Sorry there are no pretty pictures today or result breakdowns as I now add the weekly numbers to each service page, and want to focus within these news posts going forward specific aspects of each service that require your attention.

I'll start gathering momentum with all this now I know I'm not dying, so in no time you'll go from thinking I'm a lazy bast to being sick of getting my emails, just you watch and see. :-)



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