Expo News 28th February

You can find the results for the Automated Betting Strategies listed below, top down from the most profitable down to losing strategies covering 21st to 27th February.

All results are updated on site for the automated services including Ratchet figures. The monthly results will be added and covered in next weeks blog with a special feature looking at ratchet staking.

To view the results simple visit Exponential Bet and select Automated Strategies from the main menu. Then choose the service you wish to examine in more detail from the drop down.

There will also be a challenge for you to complete in next weeks news post should you decide to take it on.

Before I get to the weekly results I want to set this reminder to Reset Your Ratchet balance if you follow my quarterly resets for Place Betting.

To do this you simply click CLEAR BETS within Cloud Bet Bot for each service you are operating a ratchet and wish to reset the calculation.

That will set your percentage stake to its starting point.

If you're unsure of how to set up your ratchet stake or how to reset it get in touch. I will send you the updated Getting Started PDF which now has a detailed section covering this.

The ratchet will now be reset for all services I publish results with this bet option from 1st March operating on a quarterly basis going forward.

All historical results will remain the same and be available. I prefer to run a ratchet strategy now with a fresh reset every three months.

I'd advise the same, but it's completely up to you as you have full control of the bot and your staking. If you wish to continue without resetting you can of course.

You should already know with ratchet that it can have incredible profit growth periods, the results speak for themselves, but it's not for everyone.

The biggest win can also be the biggest loss, which of course has its advantages in certain situations.

The longer your operate a ratchet the higher the stake will become, and this means the initial subtle growth pump you experience when first running the ratchet over the first few months can turn into a stake that could potentially wipe a balance with not so many losses.

Just a heads up, and rationale behind why I'm switching all ratchet based strategies to quarterly from the 1st March 2022.

Also, Bet Focus Ratchet 1 to 5% will be no more from the 1st March. There are more profitable ways to build a bank in my opinion, and I'm happy to cash out this balance from the 1st June 2020 to 28th Feb 2022.