Expo News 27th Sept

Results for the automated betting strategies are now updated to the 26th September, and available to view by selecting Betting Strategies from the main menu, then from the drop down select the service you wish to examine in detail.

Next week the Month by Month results will also be updated to include September.

Last week overall was positive for most of the betting strategies.

Not all made a profit and some took a slight dip while others broke even, but in the main we made money across all the strategy options. Plus it was good to see stabilisation and bounce back from the previous week.

There will be precise result data analysis coming each week in video format very soon.

For those who don't know (sorry to repeat it for those who do) I'm moving house and it's taking an age, as we're stuck in a chain which keeps extending.

However, I'm close to moving into my temporary office as a short term fix, and aim to be in and set up producing quality content for the site and members from next month.

I have helpful staking and bot set up content to include with detailed video examples, with the Video FAQ that will cover all the important questions I get asked, and advice to make the most money using the services.

Additionally, the In Play Bet Club with accompanying In Play Guide to download will be back on track before the end of October, with a date set for release. All once I'm in my temp office.

Today I want to share a message I've previously covered, but using a demonstration from past results showing the importance of being set up with a sensible points allocation, and with the correct mindset.

Below I have the results for Place Lay Multi operating using a 1% Ratchet over the three month Ratchet cycle 1/6/21 to 31/8/21.

I'll cover why I reset the ratchet cycle with examples in a future blog post.

Place Lay Multi - Exchange Straight

  • +378.53 Points Profit.

  • 1402 Actual Bets.

  • 53.90% Strike Rate.

  • +27 Points ROI.

  • Average Odds on the Lay Bet 3.16.

  • 58 Winning days and 31 Losing.

  • With a Drawdown at -73.34 Points.

The only line we're looking at here is the blue one for MTP, as this is the only one that counts given it's Exchange Straight betting, ie MTP (Minutes to Post) direct to the exchange.

BSP in this example (the green line) is jus