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Expo News 27th Sept

Results for the automated betting strategies are now updated to the 26th September, and available to view by selecting Betting Strategies from the main menu, then from the drop down select the service you wish to examine in detail.

Next week the Month by Month results will also be updated to include September.

Last week overall was positive for most of the betting strategies.

Not all made a profit and some took a slight dip while others broke even, but in the main we made money across all the strategy options. Plus it was good to see stabilisation and bounce back from the previous week.

There will be precise result data analysis coming each week in video format very soon.

For those who don't know (sorry to repeat it for those who do) I'm moving house and it's taking an age, as we're stuck in a chain which keeps extending.

However, I'm close to moving into my temporary office as a short term fix, and aim to be in and set up producing quality content for the site and members from next month.

I have helpful staking and bot set up content to include with detailed video examples, with the Video FAQ that will cover all the important questions I get asked, and advice to make the most money using the services.

Additionally, the In Play Bet Club with accompanying In Play Guide to download will be back on track before the end of October, with a date set for release. All once I'm in my temp office.

Today I want to share a message I've previously covered, but using a demonstration from past results showing the importance of being set up with a sensible points allocation, and with the correct mindset.

Below I have the results for Place Lay Multi operating using a 1% Ratchet over the three month Ratchet cycle 1/6/21 to 31/8/21.

I'll cover why I reset the ratchet cycle with examples in a future blog post.

Place Lay Multi - Exchange Straight

  • +378.53 Points Profit.

  • 1402 Actual Bets.

  • 53.90% Strike Rate.

  • +27 Points ROI.

  • Average Odds on the Lay Bet 3.16.

  • 58 Winning days and 31 Losing.

  • With a Drawdown at -73.34 Points.

The only line we're looking at here is the blue one for MTP, as this is the only one that counts given it's Exchange Straight betting, ie MTP (Minutes to Post) direct to the exchange.

BSP in this example (the green line) is just for information purposes, as you can't bet BSP when opting for straight stake lay betting. These are the rules according to Betfair.

You can see where I've circled in red over the period from the 1st June to the 6th July, this is to highlight the balance really didn't do too much over this time.

From the 6th July the balance started really taking off, finishing the quarter strong with a steep upward line of growth and impressive points profit.

The stats to the left of the graph in the image and listed as bullet points above are incredibly useful, but do not tell the entire story over the three month betting cycle. The graph itself gives us a better idea of how our betting balance looked over the three months if following this strategy and bet type.

Very often people look at just the stats when deciding to join, they see the points profit and that's it they are in.

They can be set up with a stake per bet that is not fit to last more than a few weeks if we hit an inevitable run of losing bets, then leave the service as a result and miss these incredible winning periods we've recorded again and again.

The demonstration of the betting process shown in the graphs for each strategy and bet option should be equally important to examine as the stats.

The stats do not show the order of the wins and losses to achieve the reported results, whereas you can see this in the graph, and this should prepare you for what to expect over the months ahead.

To me this is common sense, and the reason I provide all this information about each service to help everyone find the right one for them, and know how things can go when they start betting.

The strategies achieve some incredible profits, but the betting will never always go our way.

We are in an outstanding position to make a lot of profit if we have the right points allocation and mindset from the start.

I know this example is the Ratchet option above for Place Lay Multi, and it shows a lot of profit with extra steep increase at the winning run, but you can see the flat stake, exchange liability, or BSP options in the published results on the Place Betting page for yourself, and the graphs all still show the same shape for these bet types, just with different amounts.

I encourage you to spend some time looking at the graphs as well as the stats, as a picture is often worth a thousand words. Which I know is a cliché, but there is truth using it in this example specifically, as the graph shows another story in comparison to the stats to achieve the profit of +378.53 points.

It's important to know how the betting period can operate as I want everyone to do well, and for us all to enjoy these long profit runs when they come.

You can examine the Place Betting results, graphs, and stats to date via the link below:

To summarise and without wanting to labour the point, but we will always have a period of months where the balance doesn't do much or takes a dip, which is then followed by a steep upward profit growth with a series of winning bets.

If you look at the graph above can you imagine if you quit in June and then missed the profits that followed, if you did this you would be kicking yourself.

The dip in form from the 23rd August shown in the graph as a steep drop, picked up again with a series of winning bets to recoup the loss, and then pushed past the dip over the remaining days of the month to finish with more profit.

This could have been a trigger for some members to stop betting, who then subsequently missed the profits that ensued.

All because the balance may not have been set up to absorb any losses, or expectations were not realistic, and the betting mindset not prepared for how things can go over a betting timeline when operating a long term plan.

I cannot push the point strong enough that all of the strategies at Exponential Bet are long term betting investments.

They are not set up to guarantee you will win each day, week, or month, but they will over the years for the primary betting options to achieve the predicted target profits.

If you need advice on this and my personal thoughts on what strategies I think will bet better for you to follow based on what you're looking to achieve, please just ask.

Not all will do as well as prediction, but there will be others that far exceed projected profits.

Bear in mind that none of these strategies have ever tanked a bank, and all but a couple of the strategy options at this point are in profit over the recorded bet history.

We're not talking huge swings that will wipe your balance in a week like a lot of betting strategies I know exist out there in the wild west.

It would take a hell of a long time to reduce any betting balance zero following my services, so you have time to let them develop over time to plot an upward line of growth, and all you have to do is stay alive long enough to reap the reward if you're set up right from the start.

I hope the example above emphasizes the importance of correct money management to get the most from the services, and having a long term balanced mindset can achieve the recorded results.

They are not tipping based betting systems, they are mathematical algorithms and over time the results and numbers will make a lot of money for those who approach these services as bet investments.

Which if you follow them as I advise you definitely have the best chance of success.

I understand that some of them operate different than others and some will take longer than others to reach target, whereas some will surpass expectations early on.

If you have any questions about the services and would like advice on which one is right for your betting style, comfort levels, and profit expectations, then it's always a good idea to ask first so drop me an email to

If you're an existing member and possibly running a service that isn't the right fit for you, please get in touch and I'll swap you to a service that does suit you, and also help get your staking set up correctly.

Thanks for reading today.

I will be getting back to detailed stat analysis again as mentioned at the start of the blog as soon as I'm set up in the temp office, and looking forward to it.

Best Regards


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