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Expo News 24th August

It's a very brief update today and written straight off the cuff.

I'm pushing like a loon to get set up in my new office asap and finish pending projects such as the In Play Bet Club, which will be a very positive addition to the services at Exponential Bet.

Then when I'm in the new premises with my equipment in place the Video FAQ will also be finished. I know a Video FAQ sounds dull AF, but it will be an easy to access resource full of short videos answering all the questions I get asked daily.

I'll get my mug on camera and walk through in a matter of minutes covering each subject, simplifying each aspect of the betting strategies.

With all the things that sometimes just need a quick explanation there to access and be 100% clear about, as often the written info provided is incredibly detailed and sometimes over faces some people, or things are either misunderstood or important details missed.

I've wanted to provide a more hand hold approach to setting up and running these services for a very long time now as I feel we fall short in that department, and having the space in the new office with the facilities to produce the content I have in mind is exciting stuff for me.

Now I said it was going to be a brief update today so I'll stick to my word and just cover a handful of subjects I want to share.

We're coming up to the end of the month so the figures will be updated for all the monthly result records on the 5th or 6th September latest, but I will do my best to have them done around the 1st or 2nd of Sept.

The quarterly Ratchet figures for the Place Betting service will also be updated at the same time, as the three month period for all three ends on the 31st August.

I'll bring these up to date and then reset the balance for the next three period, September to November.

Anyone following the Ratchet method with Place Betting will then withdraw any profits recorded and reset the start balance for the next quarter.

Additionally, the CLEAR BETS button will need to be clicked within Cloud Bet Bot to restore the Ratchet number that accumulates and creates the calculation.

I'll remind you all nearer the time with that instruction and post either a short video or simple instructions as it's just a few clicks.

If you haven't already take a look at the Place Lay Multi 1% Ratchet numbers, as you may be surprised.

I've now updated the results for all Automated Betting Strategies with the Ratchet figures to include last weeks betting.

To view the results for any service simply visit Exponential Bet and from the menu drop down mouse over Betting Strategies then select the service you would like to examine further.

A few stand outs from last week worth looking at in the results are Sure Favs Foundation both options, Place Back Multi backing using Target Profit and with a 1% Ratchet did very well, and of course the Place Lay Multi service which continues to dominate the performance charts each week, and the phenomenal Ratchet figures as mention for that service,

Racing Lays also continued its upward progress and surpassed the +300 points threshold as expected for the High option.

I mentioned back in March this year in the service overview video published on the Racing Lays page that any service capable of hitting the initial burst of results was capable or doing it again, and that it will become more robust over time, and this is now proven to be the case.

The Place Lay Single service which I have also covered a bit recently has been through a similar transition and this will now be a regular steady income producer along with Racing Lays, but both operating within different betting markets and complimenting each other very well.

The services I'm delighted with at the moment are without question Place Lay Multi & Racing Lays, with Place Lay Single now feeling like it will be a regular star performer.

Place Back Multi, Bet Focus, and Sure Favs I'm also pleased with and can see they are working to form as expected.

All of these services will have the inevitable losing periods and then the win run to push the balance past the current highest point, there is no question of this.

The two I know need more work with the trend analyser are Bet Advantage and Lay Dutching, with the latter being the one needing the most work, but I am going to work on using the Researcher software with both of them this week.

Bet Focus mentioned above is quite simply going through one of its standard lulls before it has a series of high priced winners, and this period we're in now is no drama as it's nowhere near it's previously highest recorded drawdown point.

If you're betting using Target Profit in fact the drawdown is still single figures for Bet Focus.

It would be great to win every week and month with that service and the excitement comes when it does, as the horses that win tend to be at huge prices, which is both the appeal of the service and why patience is required to succeed with it.

Any member dipping in and out of Bet Focus Straight staking will fail and miss the high points.

Luckily now my persistent ranting on this subject is starting to resonate with members, and even when we do have the dips or longer periods of no growth, which are all historically shown to occur over a long betting term, the members who understand the service stick with it and then enjoy the win runs that return any losses and increase the overall points balance.

If you're running Bet Focus Straight Staking ask yourself the question, do you need more winning periods to keep your confidence in the service, and if there are long spells of breaking even, ie ups and downs with no profit, or a good run following by a losing run that can last for varying spells of time, and you cant see the bigger picture enough to stay in the game to reach the sort of wins shown in the results when we do land big winners with that strategy, then maybe the hard answer is this isn't the right one for you.

Possibly switch to Place Lay Multi which records a lot more winning days than losing, while still increasing the balance to a large amount over time, much steadier growth, but you won't have the same level of excitement included with Bet Focus on the huge winner days or weeks its shown to record.

If you like the excitement and potential of a service that has proven from its results to weather all the storms and hit great winning periods and keep increasing the bet investment, and you do have the patience for this, then Bet Focus could definitely be for you.

I am confident in this service that it will carry on over the years operating like this and the balance will move the right way within correct points allocation.

Which I think is the big problem with some members who dip in and out of services regularly quitting at a dip and restarting when it looks like the going is good, as they miss the win points because their staking is not set correctly.

None of the services are get rich quick, they are all set up as bet investments. Some are doing better than others at different periods, and each performs in a different way providing options for bet style, expectation, and comfort levels.

Just like any other investment out there, they have been designed to offer options and they are configured to return the annual projections as an average over the years. Some will far and away exceed all expectations while others will take longer.

This is not a tipping site as we want our members to be well informed and in this to make some exceptional returns on their investments, which is why I go to the lengths I do to emphasize the points that possibly put off potential short term foot fall customers, to try and reach the right members who I know will be in this with the best chance to succeed.

Anyway.... Enough of that for now as I'm already writing far more than I intended in today's news post.

I will cover this in a lot more concise detail in the Video FAQ I mentioned earlier and much more besides.

I just notice these trends a lot and I like to cover them in the blog to try to get everyone set up right, prepared, and operating the right services for their expectations and working within their comfort zone. It's important.

Okay that's it from me today, no graphs or result breakdowns in this post as I'll be doing a lot of that at the end of the month for each service, and publish an in depth round up of the month and progress so far.

Thanks for reading.

If you've any questions send me an email and I'll get back to you asap.

Best Regards


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