Expo News 24th August

It's a very brief update today and written straight off the cuff.

I'm pushing like a loon to get set up in my new office asap and finish pending projects such as the In Play Bet Club, which will be a very positive addition to the services at Exponential Bet.

Then when I'm in the new premises with my equipment in place the Video FAQ will also be finished. I know a Video FAQ sounds dull AF, but it will be an easy to access resource full of short videos answering all the questions I get asked daily.

I'll get my mug on camera and walk through in a matter of minutes covering each subject, simplifying each aspect of the betting strategies.

With all the things that sometimes just need a quick explanation there to access and be 100% clear about, as often the written info provided is incredibly detailed and sometimes over faces some people, or things are either misunderstood or important details missed.

I've wanted to provide a more hand hold approach to setting up and running these services for a very long time now as I feel we fall short in that department, and having the space in the new office with the facilities to produce the content I have in mind is exciting stuff for me.

Now I said it was going to be a brief update today so I'll stick to my word and just cover a handful of subjects I want to share.

We're coming up to the end of the month so the figures will be updated for all the monthly result records on the 5th or 6th September latest, but I will do my best to have them done around the 1st or 2nd of Sept.

The quarterly Ratchet figures for the Place Betting service will also be updated at the same time, as the three month period for all three ends on the 31st August.

I'll bring these up to date and then reset the balance for the next three period, September to November.

Anyone following the Ratchet method with Place Betting will then withdraw any profits recorded and reset the start balance for the next quarter.

Additionally, the CLEAR BETS button will need to be clicked within Cloud Bet Bot to restore the Ratchet number that accumulates and creates the calculation.

I'll remind you all nearer the time with that instruction and post either a short video or simple instructions as it's just a few clicks.