Expo News 1st November

Updated: Nov 5, 2021

In today's news:

  • In Play Bet Club results and update.

  • The weekly Automated Betting Strategy assessment.

In Play Bet Club Update

I spent five days in play betting from the 26th October up to and including a few races today the 1st November, here are my results below:

My bets are all Fixed Liability Lay Bets placed in running, and you can see the results for this on the far right RT (Running Total) column N.

With the individual Profit & Loss column M to the left of it.

20 bets in total, 19 winners and 1 losing lay bet.

The thing that each of these bets has in common without any deviation, is they were all selected using the same strategy.

£316.58 profit betting with a stake set at £100 fixed liability.

You can see in column O my average odds overall are 7.8.

I know I can bring this average down because the IPL (In Play Lowest) column H is showing that in most cases I could have placed the lay bet at lower odds.

The reason I record this metric is to provide this information to help me improve over time the more bets I place using the same selection method every time.

Incidentally, the reason there are no IPL numbers for today is because they update overnight.

Column F shows the DB (Distance Beaten) figures which is recorded as lengths, and you can see