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Expo News 19th July

In today's short and sweet update I'll let know how much closer we are to including the In Play Bet Club to Exponential Bet, and what progress has been made to make this a reality.

As it's an incredibly complicated process and technically far beyond setting up an Automated Betting Strategy to operate on its own according to programmed parameters, there are things above functionality that need to be included with set up.

Placing in play bets for a limited number of members has to account for a whole host of IT and practical factors, and before we are satisfied all boxes are ticked we are holding back from going live, but in the same breath we're not far off being ready.

Before I go any further the Automated Betting Strategy results are now updated to include last weeks betting, and all the Ratchet numbers are also available.

To view the results for these services simply head to and from the main menu you'll find Betting Strategies.

There are six automated betting systems available from the drop down menu, and if you click on one it will open up the page where you can examine the progress so far.

Bet Focus, Bet Advantage, and Place Back Multi all had a very good run last week making a decent profit.

Bet Focus Straight Betting - 12th to 18th July

The results for all six automated betting services are updated either Sunday evening or Monday daytime.

With the expanded results sections now to give a lot more detail it takes me longer to complete, and also with more services running over a Sunday it's not always possible to complete the result update after the racing which I'm sure you can appreciate.

It can also take a couple of days to split the result update, so if you don't get an email from me on Sunday to inform you the results are available please assume it will be a Monday update instead.

Nigel is working to reduce this result update time for me, which I'll need applying before moving forward with the in play betting service. It will become more important for me to dedicate my time to any available racing that meets the brief over a Sunday and Monday.

In Play Bet Club

The prospect of me placing in play bets for members has definitely struck a chord, and if everyone that has expressed an interest decides to go ahead and join we will be significantly over booked.

I'll send the invites out on a first come first serve basis in a reduced mailshot, as in the first to respond and post an interest in the service will receive their invites in the first batch, and from there I'll know how many we can take on initially.

Then after it would have to be a one in one out scenario.

This will never change for the In Play Bet Club and it will not become an open to subscribe anytime service.

The reason is simply due to the available money in the market given the bets are being fired to the exchange in running, and this will mean each member gets different odds but the same results if matched.

We're making sure the lay bets are liability only and not fixed stake to account for the fact of high liabilities if the odds swing out in a split second.

The back bets are what they are of course and whatever stake a member sets within the bot.

At this moment we're about 80% there with the technical aspect, but the remaining 20% we need to be 100% satisfied with.

I'm spending this week placing a multitude of varied bets to stretch the capabilities of the bot and to look for any areas that need work.

This is another reason I've not posted any in play betting videos as they are not relevant given I'm in development testing mode for the in play service.

If you have registered your interest in this service though rest assured I will be in touch as soon as we are ready to proceed, and keep you updated here in the blog in the meantime.

If you have not yet registered and would like to be invited when this is available, drop me an email to with the words In Play Cloud Betting in the subject line.

You will then hear from me as explained above when we're moving forward and ready to go.

Automated Betting Services

I want to add a recommended staking option or staking calculator to the bot, as I am still finding myself having the same dialogue with a percentage of members who either need the extra assistance to calculate how to divide their investment or have made a mistake.

I don't mind this at all and I'll always help everyone where required as it's vital members are running the strategies correctly. This will never change and anybody that's emailed me knows I reply pretty quick most days.

A calculation tool including all services I think will answer the bulk of these questions though, and help people understand how to allocate the correct funds to my automated strategies. Which is also important to have this deeper understanding of how you set up staking, which you could experiment with to fine tune your stake per bet before starting the bot.

What I am also finding though is that a small amount of members will just over stake and not set up a points balance according to my advice on the service pages.

When the going is good they will be happy obviously, or worse still tinker with the staking even more and over commit to a higher level, then when we hit an inevitable dip which are there to see in the results, the balance is not equipped for this and the losses will wipe their banks.

This is not down to the strategy performing outside of it's parameters, but instead down to unmanaged dangerously high staking that in virtually every instance is miles outside a comfort zone.

It is when this happens and I know for a fact the services these members are following are doing okay and operating normally, ups and downs to reach eventual winning months and targets etc all as expected, but then an email lands in my inbox telling me they wiped a balance at the first run of losing bets and they either quit, or need to then set up correctly to recoup.

It's these emails that send me over the edge.

All I want is for everyone to set up in the right way from the start to run the services as they are designed, look at the results and see we have winning and losing periods then budget accordingly.

I don't think I could do much more with the results I provide to make them transparent and with the recommended points per strategy.

It does frustrate me a lot when people go in too hard and aggressive and not allow for the fact the strategies have been created with a certain comfort level of points to allow for the entire year of betting.

The vast majority of members follow my advice and the results reported reflect their returns.

If a member goes rogue and has no grasp of the concept of points allocation or setting up for the longer term it can literally make my heart sink. A total head in hands moment.

As I know they have the value of a point at anything up to x10 what it should be in some cases.

It does hurt, so I want to minimize this as much as humanly possible going forward as the information I'm providing is having a positive effect for the bulk of members, but I don't want anyone slipping through the net.

Adding either a recommended stake option to the bot that sets your stake according to the information in the system overview for the service you're running will be my first choice.

It won't be compulsory or affect any existing staking, but I'd like it there and a prompt to acknowledge it before proceeding.

If this is a technical nightmare for Nigel a variation of this with the same effect will be added, or a recommended stake calculator built in with a pop up there to make sure this is not missed. That is my second choice as a final step required before hitting the Save button.

It's a topic I feel emotionally connected to as stated I want everyone to do well, and have matching results or as close as possible if exchange betting. I don't want those emails anymore informing me they over staked and a handful of acceptable losses did a lot of damage, there is no need for this to happen.

The automated strategies are there to bring in a long term profit and these are not tipping services, as everything is set up and leave.

The longer they run the better they will become.

I'll do my utmost to ensure every member onboard with their chosen strategy is operating a sensible points balance, to have the best chance of achieving the yearly predicted growth.

That's my rant over, more to follow on the recommended staking option or calculator asap.

On a final note, I'm moving house at some point soon and this will cause very little disruption, and absolutely none to the automated strategies.

The In Play Bet Club may miss a week at most if this is operational at this point.

However, some of my jobs such as the Video FAQ are taking a little longer as I've had to pack away some equipment and we've had viewings which are a humungous disruption.

This is just a heads up and I'll keep you posted if anything is affected or delayed like the Video FAQ, which I'll aim to have some content ready and uploaded by the end of this month, but as I want this to be a stellar resource it may need to wait until I've got my new final base set up with office assembled.

Okay, I'm sure you've had enough of me for one day.

If you don't hear from me this week until the next result and news update, rest assured I'm alive and busy finishing the In Play Bet Club with the Automated Betting Strategy features listed in this news post.

I don't like to over load you inbox these days unless I've something useful to share with you.

Thanks for reading.


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