Expo News 19th July

In today's short and sweet update I'll let know how much closer we are to including the In Play Bet Club to Exponential Bet, and what progress has been made to make this a reality.

As it's an incredibly complicated process and technically far beyond setting up an Automated Betting Strategy to operate on its own according to programmed parameters, there are things above functionality that need to be included with set up.

Placing in play bets for a limited number of members has to account for a whole host of IT and practical factors, and before we are satisfied all boxes are ticked we are holding back from going live, but in the same breath we're not far off being ready.

Before I go any further the Automated Betting Strategy results are now updated to include last weeks betting, and all the Ratchet numbers are also available.

To view the results for these services simply head to www.exponentialbet.co.uk and from the main menu you'll find Betting Strategies.

There are six automated betting systems available from the drop down menu, and if you click on one it will open up the page where you can examine the progress so far.

Bet Focus, Bet Advantage, and Place Back Multi all had a very good run last week making a decent profit.

Bet Focus Straight Betting - 12th to 18th July

The results for all six automated betting services are updated either Sunday evening or Monday daytime.

With the expanded results sections now to give a lot more detail it takes me longer to complete, and also with more services running over a Sunday it's not always possible to complete the result update after the racing which I'm sure you can appreciate.

It can also take a couple of days to split the result update, so if you don't get an email from me on Sunday to inform you the results are available please assume it will be a Monday update instead.

Nigel is working to reduce this result update time for me, which I'll need applying before moving forward with the in play betting service. It will become more important for me to dedicate my time to any available racing that meets the brief over a Sunday and Monday.

In Play Bet Club