Expo News 18th October

Today I just want to post a brief update, as I'm presently covered in paint and sat in my overalls after spending the day repairing the roof for my new temporary office.

I got the keys late last week and found immediately I'd need to do some repair work before moving in.

The short story with that is the recent torrential rain uncovered a leak with a damp area, so I've been weather proofing and painting the damaged areas.

Not what I expected to be doing at this moment, but it will be worth it as I need an office asap.

I'm also glad it happened now before I moved in as I'm pretty sure raining indoors and computer equipment isn't a good mix.

The results for last weeks betting is now uploaded to the site. Which you can find via the main menu under Betting Strategies, then select the service you wish to examine in more detail.

Betfair was down again yesterday, which I am pretty pissed off about to be honest. They were down last month a couple of times as well, and they do need to get their act together.

We missed some betting as a result of the exchange dropping twice yesterday, and without the race data I can't tell whether it was a negative or positive, but for me it's always a negative if BF is down as I want all potential qualifying bets to be matched for the automated strategies.

Hopefully that's the end of their tech issues for now.

I mentioned last week I'm working to add extra video support content which I'll have published on the site ahead of next weeks result update.

When I'm safely in the new office, not sat under an umbrella typing, I'll get the In Play Club up and running asap.

These two things are my immediate tasks to complete.

However, with the obvious change in season there will follow a light trend analysis across all services. Some definitely do not require this, but others will benefit greatly.

I'll have more information on this in next weeks Expo News.

Right I'll have to leave it there today, but before I go I just want to show you the results for Place Lay Multi - Exchange Straight using 1% Ratchet over the current quarterly betting period from the 1st September to 17th October 2021 that will reset at the end of November.