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Expo News 18th October

Today I just want to post a brief update, as I'm presently covered in paint and sat in my overalls after spending the day repairing the roof for my new temporary office.

I got the keys late last week and found immediately I'd need to do some repair work before moving in.

The short story with that is the recent torrential rain uncovered a leak with a damp area, so I've been weather proofing and painting the damaged areas.

Not what I expected to be doing at this moment, but it will be worth it as I need an office asap.

I'm also glad it happened now before I moved in as I'm pretty sure raining indoors and computer equipment isn't a good mix.

The results for last weeks betting is now uploaded to the site. Which you can find via the main menu under Betting Strategies, then select the service you wish to examine in more detail.

Betfair was down again yesterday, which I am pretty pissed off about to be honest. They were down last month a couple of times as well, and they do need to get their act together.

We missed some betting as a result of the exchange dropping twice yesterday, and without the race data I can't tell whether it was a negative or positive, but for me it's always a negative if BF is down as I want all potential qualifying bets to be matched for the automated strategies.

Hopefully that's the end of their tech issues for now.

I mentioned last week I'm working to add extra video support content which I'll have published on the site ahead of next weeks result update.

When I'm safely in the new office, not sat under an umbrella typing, I'll get the In Play Club up and running asap.

These two things are my immediate tasks to complete.

However, with the obvious change in season there will follow a light trend analysis across all services. Some definitely do not require this, but others will benefit greatly.

I'll have more information on this in next weeks Expo News.

Right I'll have to leave it there today, but before I go I just want to show you the results for Place Lay Multi - Exchange Straight using 1% Ratchet over the current quarterly betting period from the 1st September to 17th October 2021 that will reset at the end of November.

It's very much the same pattern of betting from last quarter, with the early part some up and down but generally middling along, followed by a positive surge in balance growth.

The results below are also Place Lay Multi but using Fixed Liability Exchange and BSP with 1% Ratchet over the same timeframe.

It's less profitable overall, but has a significantly lower drawdown, and of course with BSP these are the same odds everyone achieves.

Place Lay Multi is proving to be the most consistently profitable service from the monthly results published so far. You can find out more about the strategy and view all the results for place betting here:

I do publish all results good and bad, up or down and break even, you name it I make sure the betting activity is recorded on site each week for all of the automated betting strategies.

Which I hope shows you that I am an honest person who represents the results accurately. If I was pulling results out my arse I'm sure you would agree I'd be pulling better figures than Lay Dutching has posted for example. As that is a service which will require a longer timeframe to return a profit.

It's important to me that everyone has a clear picture of what's going on with all the services though each week.

I will also examine any results for members which I do on request, and correct any errors in staking or if anyone spots anything in the results that needs checking against their own results.

If you ask me now will all the services make money over the long term, my answer is a resounding confident definite yes, and this will be the case for all of them.

We have some strategies that operate at a high strike rate winning more days than losing, with others the opposite, but still showing a profit.

The services that are not showing a profit at this time operate across a long timeline with the swings in the results taking longer to move where I predict, but over time they will move upward towards prediction.

This is why I harp on so much about the importance of correct staking, as you can see from the example above in the graph from September to October for Place Lay Multi. It won't always go our way, but when it does you have to be there in the game to reap the rewards.

They are all long term investments, and I think it's a good thing you can also see the losing bets being updated each week, as well as the winning periods for the strategies, all available to view and examine.

I just thought I'd mention this as it's good to see the dips and peaks as it paints a true picture, and the more data we accumulate over time with each one of these systems moves us closer to moving all of them to projected profits.

That's it from me today, but you can expect the video content previously mentioned added to the strategy pages next week, and the getting started information to also have clear set up instructions on staking, money management, and the various betting bot options.

It's back to painting my new work space for me while I've still got some natural light. I'll post again next week with the results for this weeks betting uploaded.

Thanks for reading.


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