Expo News 15th November

In today's news post:

  • Automated Betting Strategy weekly overview.

  • The In Play Bet Club news, results, and registration update.

Automated Betting Strategy Overview

The results are updated up to the 14th November on site for all services, and if you want to examine these simply select Betting Strategies from the main menu at Exponential Bet, then from the drop down select the service you wish to look at.

Last week the services had a decent week overall with most finishing in profit.

The strategies and options that made money were Bet Advantage and Sure Favs High which both did very well. Sure Favs Main and Racing Lays all options also had a positive week, along with Sure Favs Foundation Straight betting only if opting for BSP, while Sure Favs Foundation Target Profit, & Bet Focus with BSP & Target Profit made small gains. Place Back Multi Target Profit and Place Lay Single Liability both had just above evens profit returns.

Breaking even Sure Favs Foundation MTP and Place Lay Single Exchange Straight.

With Place Lay Multi both Liability and Exchange Straight finished down on the week, along with Place Back Multi Exchange Straight in a similar position over the seven days.

The good news from what I can see with the place betting strategies is they seem to be near the bottom of the recent dip over the past couple of months, which you can see in the graph showing some decent resistance to the drop in form and a visible upturn, which historically means a good winning run is on the way soon.

For those with a keen eye you may notice the detailed results for each service looks sharper on site, while also now covering the entire date range for the graph showing the points on the left without cutting off the image.

For some of the services it was missing parts of the graph due to the bet volume and the way Nige had programmed the software not to cover the entire range, but this is now fixed giving a clear full overview of the published results, while the stats section is also easier to read.

I'll keep today's update brief as I've still got some more work to finish this evening before calling it a night, and I am planning the side by side comparison blog post I'd hoped to have online this week, but instead later this week showing the before and after update to the services included.

I wanted to hold off to give it a longer live betting run of at least two weeks to show you the improvement.