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Expo News 15th November

In today's news post:

  • Automated Betting Strategy weekly overview.

  • The In Play Bet Club news, results, and registration update.

Automated Betting Strategy Overview

The results are updated up to the 14th November on site for all services, and if you want to examine these simply select Betting Strategies from the main menu at Exponential Bet, then from the drop down select the service you wish to look at.

Last week the services had a decent week overall with most finishing in profit.

The strategies and options that made money were Bet Advantage and Sure Favs High which both did very well. Sure Favs Main and Racing Lays all options also had a positive week, along with Sure Favs Foundation Straight betting only if opting for BSP, while Sure Favs Foundation Target Profit, & Bet Focus with BSP & Target Profit made small gains. Place Back Multi Target Profit and Place Lay Single Liability both had just above evens profit returns.

Breaking even Sure Favs Foundation MTP and Place Lay Single Exchange Straight.

With Place Lay Multi both Liability and Exchange Straight finished down on the week, along with Place Back Multi Exchange Straight in a similar position over the seven days.

The good news from what I can see with the place betting strategies is they seem to be near the bottom of the recent dip over the past couple of months, which you can see in the graph showing some decent resistance to the drop in form and a visible upturn, which historically means a good winning run is on the way soon.

For those with a keen eye you may notice the detailed results for each service looks sharper on site, while also now covering the entire date range for the graph showing the points on the left without cutting off the image.

For some of the services it was missing parts of the graph due to the bet volume and the way Nige had programmed the software not to cover the entire range, but this is now fixed giving a clear full overview of the published results, while the stats section is also easier to read.

I'll keep today's update brief as I've still got some more work to finish this evening before calling it a night, and I am planning the side by side comparison blog post I'd hoped to have online this week, but instead later this week showing the before and after update to the services included.

I wanted to hold off to give it a longer live betting run of at least two weeks to show you the improvement.

Very interesting I have to say and we are running at a more consistent level now, but I will go over this and show you exactly what I mean from when the update was introduced compared to pre update.

I want to do a thorough assessment of the streamlined filters, but also the comparison of results showing how things would be going on the older version compared to how things are operating now since the switch.

Considering that Bet Advantage, Racing Lays, Sure Favs High, and Lay Dutching have all been updated two weeks ago they have had two winning weeks it's no coincidence. I'm happier with the run rate of bets and steadier bet flow.

Place Lay Multi since updating last week has seen the dip in form definitely slow down with some winning days in the week and a good pull back near the end of last week.

As stated previously we've never ran the place betting services over the past couple of months, and with the change in season it's been educational.

What I've learned is to make a minor adjustments to one filter at the start of September next year until the end of November, and this will accommodate the period where fitness becomes an issue for horses, plus other seasonal factors.

In Play Bet Club News & Registration

Firstly, I would like to apologise to everyone that's emailed me today asking if they have missed the registration availability for the in play club, but I've had so many emails I couldn't have done what I needed and get back to each one.

I'll tell you now that you have not missed the invitation if you're on the list, and they will be sent before midnight tonight (UK Time) to the first fifty registered.

This will give the opportunity to reserve their membership in advance of the service starting.

If you do not receive an invitation by email this evening you will know you're not in the first fifty, but this doesn't mean you won't get an invite tomorrow by midnight.

Should I not fill all fifty spaces over the coming 24 hours from when I hit send I'll then email the next fifty in the list and so on until all spaces are filled ready for launch day.

I have now updated the most recent results on the new In Play Bet Club page here:

Also added a full description of how the in play club works with the three tier option confirmed.

More on what's included, with details of what to expect, what's required from members, and some rules laid out to consider before deciding to join.

You can view the latest In Play Results for the 26th October to the 12th November below:

in play betting results

You will see I've added the finishing positions, number of runners, and BSP information to the result sheet. This is for my own working purposes and for future upgrades to the service for members, but it makes interesting reading I thought you would like to see.

I'll be adding race class to this with next weeks update including this weeks betting activity.

Now for some news I have to share regarding the start date for the In Play Bet Club that I'm both sad and happy to share for different reasons.

The start date will not be the 29th November the club will officially open during the first week of January 2022 instead.

The reason for this is that I have been called in to hospital on the 26th November for a second Ablation on my heart.

I had the first earlier this year on the 15th March and have been great with no issues until mid September, when unfortunately I went back in to permanent atrial fibrillation.

I'm not going to lie it's been a tough few months for me health wise, but luckily I respond well to the medication and it knocked me out of Afib after a couple of weeks.

I've been in and out of the irregular heart rhythm since mid September, and it's only when you lose something that you realise what you had sometimes. I really want to get back into a permanent heart rhythm again asap and off the meds, as I can't take these drugs forever as they are only meant for short term use.

The good news for me is that the second ablation has a 92% success rate compared to the first I had that is somewhere in the 70's.

This is the bitter sweetness about the situation here with the In Play Club as I'd announced the start date for the 29th November thinking I wouldn't have my surgery date until earliest March next year, then I'd just take a couple of weeks annual leave to recover, but I got a cancellation date offered and had to take it.

The sooner I get this done I will feel a lot better, get off the meds, and can focus uninterrupted on my work.

The club will require my time each week, and I think you can see from the results shown which are all when I have had my atrial fibrillation problem it does not interfere with my ability to place winning lay bets using my strategy, but it's just not healthy for my heart to be in this prolonged state and it need fixing as soon as possible.

Last time I had it done my recovery was quite slow, but I was back at the desk within a couple of weeks and still replying to emails after a week.

I have to factor in Christmas though due to the timing of this ablation, and by the time I've had two weeks recovery it's already mid December, so it makes sense to start the in play service at the start of a new year.

As Christmas has a shut down period for racing anyway, I'd rather just take the time to recover properly and start the service feeling strong.

Now then, what if I actually die in hospital having this surgery, and you've paid for your registration.

Well I wouldn't worry about that because the chances of death are slim, albeit something that could happen, but the likely hood is low.

However, if this happens I've instructed Nigel to give everyone a refund, including the memberships for the automated services with any reoccurring periods remaining.

The point of registering your place for the in play club is to make sure you're on of the 50 allowed to join, and whatever tier you decide to opt for this will return the required profit before you would need to join again.

Which means you're reserving your place for when this commences and not paying for time when betting should be placed like a subscription service.

I did want to cover every outcome though and the awkward conversion of what if death occurs has happened.

Anyone that can reserve a spot for the club will be guaranteed their membership from the start of January when I commence the betting.

Okay, that's all from me for this evening as I still need to set up the registration page and send the invites before the bell tolls midnight.

Thanks for reading.


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