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Expo News 14th March


It had to catch me at some point.

After doing a few lateral flow tests I've tested positive for Covid over the weekend and again today. I'm feeling okay, just flu like symptoms is the best way to explain it.

This is why I didn't post the videos on Saturday mentioned in my last update as my voice has gone. I'll get them posted online as soon as I'm feeling better and don't sound like the devil.

To be fair, and as weird as it may sound, but I couldn't have caught Covid at a better time as I'm not a fan of the Cheltenham week. For me it's just a lottery and affects the surrounding race meetings negatively from a liquidity and quality point of view. It's fun to watch, but more of an inconvenience business wise. Especially at the moment as I want to be in play betting.

I used to enjoy Cheltenham when I could place BSP Dutch bets, as these were well suited to this type of meeting given the high prices on some very well fancied horse and jockey combo's, but from a manual betting or trading point of view it's definitely not my favourite racing week of the year.

It's more for tipsters and punters to get excited about from a betting point of view, and for a real racing enthusiast it does have some very exciting races, but from a long term investment perspective it's like throwing darts at the race card. With it not being covered within BM there is no opportunity for me to attempt to profit using the software.

If I bet in play it will be using the live feed and downloaded betting and trading software. I'll record how I get on if I do. As this will be useful content for the upcoming in play guide.

On that note, I do have a lot of in play bets already recorded over the past few weeks to upload, and have been promising this for a week or so. With Cheltenham hogging the limelight this week that is one thing I can definitely get done while convalescing.

The Automated Betting Strategies all operate very differently to each other, so it will be very interesting to watch how they perform this week during the festival.

I think we will see some of them do very well over the week, and overall I can see points being banked given the way they are set up. They will of course be betting across all the meetings, and some of the strategies won't be involved with Cheltenham given the large fields.

As for In Play Betting using BM Cheltenham isn't covered within BM, so it will be a case of treading carefully tomorrow and testing the water with how much money is available in the remaining markets that are in operation with the software. As mentioned, using the live stream and judgement beyond the metrics.

It is possible to make a profit without BM betting in play, and I'll cover this in the guide as it will be useful for people who perhaps can't or don't want to use Betfair.

I can't see Covid stopping me much this week, but of course I'll have to play it day to day as it may knock me sideways at some point, we will see. Judging my current form I'll be at my desk working throughout the week as planned, and get going with the in play club next week as planned.

For In Play Bet Club members, as I explained in my update last week I'll let you know after tomorrow's racing what my assessment of the racing liquidity after checking the market volumes, and ladder interface with some bets in running. I'll email at the end of the day to inform you if there will be any betting this week.

The results have been updated for all the Automated Strategies including Ratchet numbers to include last weeks betting.

To examine the latest updated figures select the service you want to view from the main menu Automated Strategies option, then via the drop down choose the strategy you want to look at.

I mentioned last week there were some services that are showing some very positive form, and I will go over these one by one with a short video for each. As soon as I'm feeling more upbeat and throat isn't sore to talk.

Okay that's it from me today as the result update has taken a good few hours. I'm off to get some rest, Vit C, a hot toddy, and call it a night.

As soon as I'm feeling alright I'll have the videos online, ideally later this week.

In Play Bet Club members I'll be in touch after the racing tomorrow as promised.

Thank you


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