Expo News 13th December

In today's news post:

  • The weekly Automated Betting Strategy result overview.

  • Details of the upcoming guides to be available in 2022.

  • In Play Betting Club.

Just a short and sweet update this evening.

Automated Betting

Results are updated to include last weeks betting up to the 12th December for all the automated services, and can be viewed via the main menu by selecting Automated Strategies, then navigating to the strategy you wish to examine from the drop down menu.

We finished in profit again last week with Lay Dutching, Racing Lays, Bet Advantage, Sure Favs High, and Place Lay Single all options.

Finishing virtually even give or take a point either way with Bet Focus target profit, Place Back Multi target profit and straight options.

A couple of points were dropped for Place Lay Multi liability option, and a few more with the straight stake selected. Sure Favs Main and Foundation also dipped along with Bet Focus straight staking.

The Guides of Exponential Bet

I used to pride myself on providing a solid walk through guide as a stand alone option to any subscription service, but as time has passed it's something that hasn't been included with each service.

Partly due to the focus being on setting up the automation online and developing the strategies.

As times gone on though and the services are settled to the point they are being slimmed down for ease of use and improved consistent returns, I think it's a good time to schedule the manual options for the members who prefer to do it for themselves.

I'll be rectifying this in the first quarter of 2022 with the In Play Betting Guide that will have both bet options either with or without