Expo News 10th January

Included in today's news update:

  • Automated Betting Strategy detailed result update.

  • In Play Bet Club ETA.

  • Other news...

Automated Betting Strategy Results

It's great to be back and to start the year on such a positive note for the Automated Betting Strategies.

We've had some new record high profit points reached already this month, and a few strategies showing consistently high levels of form.

All the results are updated on site for each service now with the monthly and Ratchet figures included.

To examine the results to date visit Exponential Bet and from the main menu select Betting Strategies.

You will then have a drop down showing four services. Select the one you would like to look at and from there you will find everything you need from month by month, detailed overview, and Ratchet results.

I've listed below the weekly results from the 3rd to 9th January with the full stats and graphs included for each service.

These are top down in the order of most profitable to least, with the services options that only operate MTP put in the correct order.

Automated Strategy Results - 3rd to 9th January 2022

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