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Expo News 10th January

Included in today's news update:

  • Automated Betting Strategy detailed result update.

  • In Play Bet Club ETA.

  • Other news...

Automated Betting Strategy Results

It's great to be back and to start the year on such a positive note for the Automated Betting Strategies.

We've had some new record high profit points reached already this month, and a few strategies showing consistently high levels of form.

All the results are updated on site for each service now with the monthly and Ratchet figures included.

To examine the results to date visit Exponential Bet and from the main menu select Betting Strategies.

You will then have a drop down showing four services. Select the one you would like to look at and from there you will find everything you need from month by month, detailed overview, and Ratchet results.

I've listed below the weekly results from the 3rd to 9th January with the full stats and graphs included for each service.

These are top down in the order of most profitable to least, with the services options that only operate MTP put in the correct order.

Automated Strategy Results - 3rd to 9th January 2022

Place Lay Multi - Straight Staking

lay betting

An almost perfect weeks betting for Place Lay Multi with no drama and steady growth. Very satisfying to see PLM return to the sort of form we'd become accustomed.

Bet Focus - Straight Staking

big winners

This is a great example of how things can suddenly turn in our favour after a run of average results over the seven days with Bet Focus finishing the week on a high note.

Place Lay Single - Straight Staking

lay betting system

Place Lay Single will have some volatility over the betting weeks and months given the nature of the strategy.

We can see a good example of this with the dip in form midweek shown above. Overall the longer term form will make a very good profit and absorb these losing periods.

Place Lay Single - Liability Betting

lay betting

Liability betting using BSP means we all share the exact same returns at the same odds, and last week PLS dropped just 1 point to make us +6 at BSP.

Place Lay Multi - Liability Betting

betfair exchange laying system

With liability betting we will typically make less profit than straight staking in most instances, but this means we can enjoy guaranteed matched bets using BSP, which returned +4.89 points profit with less than a point drawdown over the seven days for PLM.

Racing Lays - Straight Staking

lay betting system

It's good to see a service have such a messy difficult week and return a profit over the final couple of days.

Sure Favs Main - Straight Staking

favourite backing system

Not a prolific profit over the week, but Sure Favs Main still made a new record high overall as a service banking these valuable points.

Sure Favs Foundation - Straight Staking

Sure Favs Foundation banked some points last week, but it could have been better had it not been for a few near misses.

This strategy option is due a breakaway run of winners, and according to the data this shouldn't be much longer.

Bet Focus - Target Profit

Points recorded for this slow growth bet option, nothing spectacular, but very welcome.

Racing Lays - Liability Betting

After the poor results affecting this bet option all week I was glad to see it hit a good run of form over a couple of days to finish about even.

Sure Favs Foundation - Target Profit

This bet option has a lot of potential, but both Foundation options have been stable for this period, not making the initial gains recorded.

They have shown what can be achieved with long win runs recorded, but for members following this strategy you haven't seen growth for a while just remaining stable.

I expect to see a change of form at some point in 2022 and a rush to a new high point with I predict a period of months where things fall in our favour.

This will likely be the annual profit and I can see it coming like buses.

Place Back Multi - Target Profit

From the three place betting service Place Back Multi is the one in need of a further data assessment and the trend analysis completing, as it's still in process.

The initial dip has without doubt been slowed and we're about near the bottom of the curve, but the potential of betting this way has not yet been realised like the services from mid to top of this list above.

Later in January we will see a shift for PBM and from then on have more winning months than losses, with a level of consistent growth.

It could take until later in the year to reach the point where the service really finds its true rhythm and we see a sharp upturn, but it is coming and without any doubt this bet type is something that we have only scratched the surface of what it has to offer.

Place Back Multi - Straight Staking

As explained above for PBM, same applies for both bet types.

Sure Favs High - Straight Staking

Sure Favs High had some near misses with the four bets placed last week coming close, which is how it can be sometimes when looking for the single winning horse in a race.

SF H is a settled service aiming for the higher odds favourites and it will have weeks and months like we can see in the graph above, but it will make a very good profit over the years.

Overall on the week with all services we made a lot more profit than the recorded losses over the seven days, and a very pleasing performance.

A few to mention are Place Lay Multi which you can see had an excellent week and showing an obvious return to form since the recent trend update.

The previous high point of +449 points with straight staking is now coming closer with us sat at +416 after recouping +17.96 points last week.

We should be on track to push on to a new profit high for PLM by the end of January.

You can see this better in the detailed overview results available on the service page here:

Place Lay Single last week took the balance to a new record high for the liability option since it began betting reaching +57.20 points.

The monthly numbers look good for PLM as well, but what I really liked is the fact the service really took a hit with some losses halfway through last week, but showed the resilience to recover and finish in profit overall for all bet options.

Sure Favs Main with the straight staking (MTP) reached +101 points by the end of play on the 9th January which is also a new profit high for this service option. The Ratchet number for this reflect the good form.

Racing Lays High straight staking option is now near enough back to its highest point reached back in October 2020, which is down to two very solid months returning +70 points profit.

All RL options now run the same selection method which I've previously reported, and I will be modding the bot early this year ahead of the June renewal of results date to simplify the staking options, but you can see the benefit of merging the options very clearly with the BSP and MTP results over the past couple of months.

The stats and graph speak for themselves which you are available to view on the Racing Lays page here:

Bet Focus also had an excellent week last week, and from the 9th Dec to 9th Jan has returned over +37 points profit for both BSP and MTP if straight staking.

For a service that aims at the higher end of the market in each race it will always show more volatility than other services, but +388.64 points at BSP and +469.22 at MTP since I began publishing results for the service proves the value of having a strategy like this in your portfolio if you can manage a balance to accommodate for this type of betting.

The four automated services that are available, Sure Favs, Racing Lays, Bet Focus, and the Place Bet options have all shown they can have incredibly profitable win runs, but also have some losing periods. What I like the most is that all of them have shown the robustness to bounce back and demonstrate exactly what it takes to be a solid long term investment.

Any investment will have its ups and downs, not one investment has ever been on a constant upward trajectory.

Each of the strategies all show a very respectable profit from start to end, and an honest representation of what its taken to reach the recorded profits.

All operating within recommended points staking if followed as advised, and the more data we have over time the better the results will be.

It's the people who stick with it during the losing runs that will reach the high points, this is obvious. Anybody that left when Place Lay Multi hit a tough run of bets and they possibly lost some money over this period, will now see the run of wins published.

It is clear had they stuck with the process the losses would be either recovered or coming close to heading back to a new high point. The moment you take yourself out the game and quit there is no chance of seeing out the process to recover and achieve the recorded profits.

Before starting any of these automated strategies it is vital to create a points balance that is as recommended or close, and stick to it over the dips to reach the high points I show for the services within the published results.

It's the results and recorded profits that attract attention, but very often people miss the published losing periods and all the data I post to show what it takes to reach the high points profits.

I do like to see these services develop and use the ongoing collation of data to our advantage, and this streamlining to four services is something that will yield everyone more profit.

I also like to see it when we have a dip in form and then the automation within the strategies return losses and push on to a new record high, which we've seen already in 2022.

You may noticed I have already started cleaning the site to migrate the Lay Dutch and Bet Advantage to Racing Lays and Sure Favs High respectively.

To stop any new members joining the two services that have now merged I have removed them from the subscribe options, and taken down their pages to avoid confusion.

Members running Bet Advantage or Lay Dutching these are still available for you under your services of course and nothing has changed. I have just removed them from the site to avoid confusion for any new visitors until I merge your membership fully over the coming couple of months.

Also given the results for MTP betting will soon be calculated with a member average odds achieved formula, it would not make sense to leave services due to be removed.

You will still see Lay Dutch and Bet Advantage under your services, and any betting you have set up with them is fully operational.

I will be in touch when I move you to the host merged services.

The fact remains if you have left them betting recently alongside the other services, over the past couple of months you will have made a decent profit.

Results for Bet Advantage are Sure Favs High, and Lay Dutching are Racing Lays options.

Racing Lays will merge to one stake option, ie box within the bot, when the software has been updated by Nigel.

I will also archive the Lay Dutch and Bet Advantage results in a new historical page I will have online later this week.

In Play Bet Club

The ETA for live betting to start for members is as promised January, I'm aiming to get started asap this month.

I've not had any time to place in play bets last week due to the laptop arriving late and needing a fair bity of set up, but from tomorrow onwards I'm 100% back to business as usual and will be getting back in the groove in play betting.

I'll need a week or so practice to shake off the Christmas and New Year rust, but will be applying the same selection method to the letter and share my progress in next weeks news update to show you how I got on this week.

All members who reserved their place will be notified when they can proceed to join at their desired tier level, with instructions on how to do so. We will also have the bot set up for everyone in preparation for betting to commence.

Rest assured you will be notified well in advance of betting starting to make sure all questions are answered. No stone will be left unturned, as they say.

Other News...

With the complications of purchasing a property in a chain things have taken a lot longer than expected for our house move. I'll spare you the monotonous details.

What this means is that I am still working remotely with no office, but this isn't as bad as it sounds as the new laptop is amazing, I've upgraded the internet so it's ridiculously fast where I am in prep for the required level of tech to provide the live in play service.

I have everything I need to start the in play club as soon as I'm ready and Nigel has finished final preps, then when the house move finally happens I will still have this base until I can do a quick swap.

Where I am now I am able to begin creating the do it yourself in play, lay betting, and Dutch guides previously mentioned, then I can then put the finishing touches once I am finally in my office.

There is also nothing stopping me from revisiting the trade guide and updating this while adding new content.

Additionally, I will resume adding regular content for Bet Mover to the Expo YouTube channel.

I'm expecting to have a final completion date soon on the house and office, then begin the consistent regular video content I have scheduled. This is something I am literally chomping at the bit to get started, as I've a long list of useful vids I want to add, and some regarding my opinion of the bet industry.

Okay that's it from me this evening, thanks for reading.

The amount of updating I've had to do today on the site with the monthly figures, ratchet numbers, and standard detailed overview results has been vast combined with the weekly figures shown above.

A rewarding task, as I like nothing more than a good drill down of performance. However, I am now brain fried and my pizza express for tea is calling with fizzy water (as I'm still off the beer).

I hope you found today's blog informative and useful. If you have any questions please let me know and I will always get back to you as soon as possible.


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