Betting to Create an Income

I've just posted an introduction video for the in play betting software which you can find within the toolbox here.

I've now added 10 videos so far demonstrating the software in use, and already upped my stakes per bet as my confidence increased with the current strategy in play.

You can watch my list of videos to date, my introduction and explanation of how I'll be utilising the software along with a brief getting started video, simply by clicking my beardy face below.

The crux of what I'm building up to demonstrate with the software is making enough money to either live on, create a second income, pay the bills, save a nest egg, whatever your personal goals to add an extra cashflow to your income stream I believe this software is a solution. However, it's not for everyone and I'll explain why. Firstly, it's not automated. My strategies at Exponential Bet run hands off via the cloud, you set your points balance, staking for the service you wish to follow, and then let them run. This approach suits most people as time is precious I understand. These for me work perfectly in the background, and with a new addition in the pipeline for the place market coming soon along with a new trend analysis update assessment, these services will over the years go from strength to strength bringing home impressive returns against investment. They are investments though, and the entrance and exit points with them over time is not weekly or monthly. They are in no way income based, not advertised to operate like this, and you would never join these services with the goal of making a set amount each week, month etc and withdrawing it. The goal is to put in the right balance and staking from the start, and let it deal with the highs and lows to reach target. This is perfect for me to have my automated bets running like this and I will keep developing and improving them. With the in play software you do need time to actually use it, as it's 100% hands on. It's not set and forget so you will need to be at the computer to follow the racing when using it. The software operates over UK and USA racing though, which means it's available virtually 24/7. If you do have the time, energy, and motivation to learn something that could potentially generate more profit than your main income stream, this could be exactly what you're looking for. If you're looking for a totally automated solution this is not for you. With the constantly updated new content from the myself, Nigel, and some of the other contributors involved you will never be short of ideas and confidence in using the platform. As you will have ongoing demonstrations of us all making money, and never be left alone to figure it all out. If I can make money with this you definitely can. At the moment I'm still finding my feet getting to understand the platform and various triggers I need to give attention, but from 10 races I've won in 7 and not lost a single bet. That's a pretty good strike for someone who is just learning, and that's no fluke! It will obviously happen where I lose some bets, and especially as I'm recording my activity to share exploring new ideas and ways to profit, but never before have I felt so confident when I place a bet in running that it will win using this software. My next videos will look at the split time data and incorporate this in my decision making, and also examine that mystery graph on the top right. I understand what it all means now, and from the explanation Nigel gave should aid the placement of bets earlier in races, which of course will equal increased overall profit if I maintain a high enough strike rate. Another reason it may not be for you other than some time required and needing to learn the ropes, is the price. It's a serious bit of kit, and the amount of work and ongoing maintenance to keep it all ticking over for me is incomprehensible. In order to maintain exclusivity for members and cover the investment gone in to producing this software, while also pricing it according to the unique value it provides for members, this always had to be a high ticket item. It gives every user a jump on the market ahead of what is being seen in the mainstream betting arena. This is not available anywhere else, and is bespoke to requirement. At no stage could you ever have the data to hand, find another platform that offers the same service, and have the tools to react at the speed you can with everything on one screen at a glance, it simply does not exist anywhere else. That alone makes it an investment into yourself and justifies the early adopter price tag. In my opinion it's correctly priced at this moment given it's still early days, but once established it will be more in demand and increase. Even at this stage using the software I have that positive feeling and some excitement about what lay ahead as I steadily increase my investment. I'm looking forward to start showing daily returns circa £50 a £100 and I expect even higher as my experience levels rise in line with staking. The fact its in play betting on the exchange has to be factored in, but at some point I'm aiming to be making a £100 per race. Probably not using the current method I operate, but I have plans afoot. Stick with me on this and follow my progress if you're interested in learning how I move towards these numbers over the months to come. You can follow progress via the toolbox link, or on my You Tube channel here. I expect to fail sometimes, learn from it, adapt, and come back stronger as I improve my knowledge and skills using the software, that's how it goes with anything we take time to master. The current approach I'm using is my go to method right now, and I want to push that further to start with as I know instinctively what every trigger is telling me. Right now I have a few triggers I monitor and I'm looking increase my reaction time and profit level using them. As I begin showing decent returns and get a gauge for what staking is required to hit the higher profit levels I'll share all of this in the toolbox. My brain is buzzing with alternate methods and ways to bet using the software though. I keep having eureka moments for how to deploy new strategies, and look forward to spending a few days a week or thereabouts doing exactly that. For now though, take a look at the toolbox with myself and other contribut