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Bet & Trade News 1st September

It's a new month (as you know), and a fresh start.

Some may have noticed no JV Dev bets today. This is because we're working to include these bets on the live service. It could mean the dev test is officially over, but I'll confirm that 100% tomorrow to all dev testers.

The data I've ascertained from bets placed or directly from testers giving feedback, has been invaluable. A big thank you to everyone involved whether we stop now or continue, you've been a huge help.

RDB Dutch bets have also slowed down a bit of late, but the updates I discuss below will resolve this quickly, and add a more robust P&L running total. More to come on this in the next news post.

We're also working on software containing preloaded automated bet and trade strategies, readying this for a release in the very near future. It's looking amazing.

These will be available to run online, but giving you the ability to program your own strategies fully automated.

Nothing like this exists that allows for such hands on easy customisation, combined with years of data to asses, and then directly automate your betting or trading.

When racing returns to normal we'll add a section within the software to allow for date range exclusion, so you can omit the break in racing until after the fall out when things are steady again.

As this will validate your data analysis using the software to remove the unexpected spike we're in at the moment. We're purposefully holding back releasing this platform until this point, as we want you to commence using the software then.

At the moment though my number on priority is working on upgrades for all three automated services.

Edits to the filters that add more profit growth, while reducing overall risk / bet exposure. I'm sure this is good news after the previous couple of months up and down ride.

The drawdown is a lot less for each strategy with the upgrade, and we remove the unnecessary situations which are obviously a regular cause of losing bets.

This gives a smoother line of profit growth, creating a happier life for us all with less grey hairs.

August has been especially challenging for automated betting, so these upgrades arrive at the right time for us to recoup the downturn and end the year strong.

How I implement these updates to services is a good question. I do not want to over complicate things, as I've been down that difficult road.

I'll make sure when added to the site and Cloud Bet Bot you are well informed of what they offer, and how they perform based on the live data we have showing exactly how they will improve the services. Additionally, I'll provide as much personal support as possible.

The strategies are coming up to six months live betting under my filters, which is not a long time. I'm looking at building investment after investment with these systems year on year, we're not just set up for a quick run and that's it.

I think Nigel and myself have demonstrated that we don't give up when we know the job is not finished, regardless of the challenges and obstacles we will not stop until we've achieved our goals, it's not in our nature.

For the remainder of my days these automated bets will get better and better over time for all of us to benefit, settling into a powerful profit generating rhythm across the portfolio of bets and trades. I don't just see them day by day or month by month, I have a broad view with my planning, and understand they require air time to reach full potential.

Six months actual live betting under the current filters is a tiny amount of race data, and without harping on about it, we're also on the tail end of an unheard of suspension due to a global pandemic, words I never imagined writing at the start of this year.

The strategies will keep getting better the more they run, with more racing under our belt combined with obvious IT upgrades, this will smooth out that P&L to be more consistent, and we will reap the reward.

The ability to run fully automated bet strategies has incredible potential for long term profits, and as stated it is only early days. The main attraction for most members is this is hands off, set up and leave.

Now we've a lot more live betting history, the obvious path is to learn from this. Secure our position, create more safety with the betting, while looking at how we can introduce more leverage for extended profit growth over the years ahead.

This is my number one priority and target for all the current and future automated services you will have available.

Leading me on to my final point, we will be adding more of the additional bets and potential trades to the site soon, which is what I promised earlier last month, but was not certain how they would be included.

These will be added as actual automated services for our currently active members to run, for subscribed members, and anyone on a payment break due to the race downtime.

For all of the above you will have a good test run with these bets, so you can decide if you wish to continue following them, or switch from your current service.

Also included within the One Subscription plans as part of the membership, and as additional subscription services for anyone wishing to access them as stand alone products.

They are running to a profit, and will be welcome additions. I'll show you before we go live what they are and how they operate, with some betting data to give a clear picture.

I've been running these additional bets with a different Betfair account while I finish the work on RDB and JV, and they add a totally different dimension to the betting you will hopefully enjoy.

They generate profit over a variety of options, and will come with a few versions to make sure they run according to your own betting comfort zone. Exactly like I'm adding with RDB and JV as options, allowing you to choose a more suitable betting path based on the data accumulated.

My immediate job though is to add the RDB and JV updates, and explain how these will significantly add value for members.

As stated I'll keep it simple and strip away all the unnecessary content on site and in the PDF, focusing primarily on the result data. In my opinion that gives us all the best chance of long term betting success.

The services may also be renamed to be more Google friendly, yes its looking like goodbye to JV and RDB for two reasons, I'm sick of explaining what they mean, and secondly each should have a name that reflects the bet type.

This will not affect anything other than the aesthetics for existing members, and just make the names more logical to what they actually do, which at the moment is not the case. Plus as mentioned, Google can find them a lot easier.

We're aiming to have this online for you this Thursday, but failing that which due to me being a bit under the weather, it may be early next due to a hospital appointment I have on Friday.

As I am not adding anything new while I'm offline for a few days,m especially while I recover from a serious procedure. The joys of being human getting in the way of work, what a pain in the arse, but unavoidable unfortunately.

One final bit before I sign off this rambling news update, I did update the results up to 30th August on Sunday. The news Excel sheets and data available add a lot more information for each service running under the current filters, but will gradually be tidying up the entire page to adopt the new upgrades as explained above.

Thanks for reading.

Best Regards


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