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Bet Investing & Other News 2nd May

I've uploaded a video news update today to demonstrate how the services have significantly improved due to the trend analysis date applied last year.

With examples shown for Racing Lays and Sure Favs. Also, a couple of stand out performances and interesting results to look at weekly, monthly, and Ratchet betting.

At the end of the video I cover the new One Subscription membership options that are now available here.

The two new options provide access to all the Automated Betting Strategies with a low cost £9.99 version that has a max stake level of £2.

Additionally, a new 5 year plan that offers value for money compared to the other monthly, quarterly, six monthly, and yearly options available when running the services over this period of time.

Basically, if you're planning ahead with the strategies to run them over the years and not months the 5 year plan is a good one for you.

The video is useful to see how the different entry points affect the experience you have, while demonstrating how they run as bet investments successfully with a long term plan allowing for long periods of drawdown.

They are continually maintained and adapt with the times, which means they are not vulnerable to change like virtually every other "betting system" out there.

These are instead algorithm based automated strategies, and the software that drives them provides the ability to streamline and increase profitability the longer they operate.

This is something I've said from the start, and now with nearly two years live betting data under our belts we have plenty of evidence to back this up.

If you can get past my monotone voice I think you will find it a useful watch.

The results are updated for all the Automated Betting Strategies up to the end of play yesterday, covering the Detailed Overview, Weekly, Monthly, and Ratchet figures.

Simply select the service you wish to examine from the main menu under Betting Strategies, and you will find the updated results there to view.

I've already emailed In Play Bet Club members today with a video update, so that's me done for the bank holiday signing off to make tea for the missus.

Thank you


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