Bet Focus Monthly Breakdown

It's interesting to look at the strategies from different view points, as each member will join at different periods so the overall stats themselves will not be an exact replica of what I will achieve running the same service, and someone else's results will differ to any other member as we all start on different dates.

I record the results over an ever growing time frame starting from the 1st June 2020, which paints a very good picture of what to expect giving the high and low points overall.

In today's blog I'll breakdown the monthly wins, losses, winning and losing runs, with the highest and lowest recorded months and amounts.

This gives another view of the Bet Focus strategy as the highest drawdown or profit reached or most concurrent points gained can then be expanded on as a monthly assessment.

A monthly assessment reveals more than the entire spread of results themselves, but as much as it's useful a monthly analysis is not the best yardstick to make your betting decisions.

Using a broader spread of data is always going to be the best, but that said a month by month look at performance can reveal what to expect in the immediate future if operating these strategies.

As an example of this below the Bet Focus Straight Staking longest winning points run sits at +77.84, but the most points made in a month is +230.

In contrast the longest losing point run is -64, but the highest loss over a month is -66.

Also, if you're Ratcheting the definition of this bet type is:

Ratchet Staking is when you set a start balance and a percentage within the bot, then whenever the balance increases to a new profit high, the following day the bot will adjust the stake to match that higher amount. It does not reduce if the balance goes down.

Which means the month by month numbers with a Ratchet included is only showing the percentage growth over that period, and not over the long term. As a Ratchet builds over time.

It won't give the same entire view of running a Ratchet stake plan as the published results on the betting strategy pages, but it does show you how a month can go for you when just starting out for example.

This of course means some winning & losing periods will be a lot higher or lower the longer a member has been running a service with a Ratchet setting.