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Back in The Saddle


I made important first steps back to normality today.

I bet in three races out of six tracked using Bet Mover, and won each bet.

To be fair there where six good opportunities but my reactions are still a lot slower after my recent op.

I just took it easy, made sure it was nice and quiet in the house so I could use all my braincells, and to be fair each bet came in for a win very easily.

There was one that had a little bit of excitement, but I was never really worried it would lose.

I made approx 27% return on my total investment with a 100% strike rate, which I'll take for a first day back in the saddle.

I'll continue tomorrow and possibly Sunday recording more content this week, then pass the videos to Nigel to add to the Toolbox and upload to You Tube.

The software gives anybody the ability to get ahead of what the majority are watching on TV or live stream, and building these small daily wins using Bet Mover at the moment then up to a decent second income is an exciting prospect.

If you're also interested in this I'll take you along for the journey as I progress, capturing my video recordings to include on the contributor page.

The software without doubt gives you the edge to bet in play, and I've literally just scratched the surface of what's possible.

Should you wish to sign up and get started now, you can do so here via the Bet Mover Real Time Subscription Page.

Next week I'll cover more days and racing building up to covering an entire UK race day at some point this month, and then a full evening USA racing. Which I've been informed is a lot easier than the UK racing.

More to come, watch this space as they say.



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