915% Profit Target Reached

Updated: Jul 2, 2019


Firstly let me explain the subject line as it's not click bait.

It took me 151 days starting with a £100.00 investment to turn it into £1014.16, you can see a full daily breakdown of this here.

This was achieved by trading the Betfair exchange pre race, which if you don't know is locking in a profit before a race begins, and I obviously won more times than I lost over this trading period.

The target was a simple enough £100 to £1000 challenge, and I didn't realize I'd actually hit target until tallying up my results to publish last night, so hurrah!

exponential bet

It took a lot longer than I anticipated due to other work getting in the way, and definitely not down to lack of trading opportunities each day following the trading method. If I'd traded most days I'd have nailed it a lot sooner.

Things could have been more straight forward if I'd stuck to the primary trading strategy within the Trade Guide V4, but I went off piste experimenting with an automated method I ended up ditching, and tinkered with a few other ideas.

Also a few other things I could have done differently, which would have brought me to target much faster. I'll include these in my upcoming Version 5 Trade update. What worked better was the original method I started with, but using it with automation withing Fairbot.

Still though, forty one percent of twelve month trading cycle to hit a 915% balance growth is still pretty good.

The challenge now for my trading is to focus purely on creating a detailed web course for Trade Guide V5, with easy to learn trades that can be applied daily, but delivered in a structured module based system.

The option to automate the trades and set them up in the morning or night before is very important to a lot of members, and I'll be making sure this is improved with all the tools you need to do the job in one bespoke trading platform.

What this means is Hedger Pro (HP) with the vast wealth of data it contains, and Focus Ratings (FR) which is the best horse racing daily benchmark available, all in one product. You did read that correctly, both services available in one place, but with the ability to place the trades either manually or using automation built in to HP.