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Doughnuts and Holes

"As you ramble through life, brother,

whatever be your goal.

Keep your eye upon the doughnut,

and not upon the hole."

This cheerful message, created more than 100 years ago, was first published in the New York Sun newspaper in 1904.

In 1929, a restaurant in Charleston, West Virginia, revitalized The Optimist's Creed's wording and message. The Optimist's Creed was displayed in the restaurant's window and written in more contemporary language for the patrons. The targeted audience was customers who drank coffee and ate "sinkers," another word for donuts.

keep your eye on the donut not the hole

In 1931 this verse was adopted by Adolph Levitt, an immigrant from Russia who invented the first automatic donut making machine, for his Mayflower Donuts chain of shops.

He had the adage printed on every donuts box, showing two men dressed as old-fashioned jesters, facing away from each other. One was smiling at a fat doughnut with a small hole and the other was frowning at a thin doughnut with a large hole.

This philosophical gem became so popular that both Franklin D Roosevelt and Herbert Hoover, campaigning in 1932 during The Depression, worked The Optimist’s Creed into their campaign speeches.

The Mayflower Donuts chain closed in the 1970s but the verse lives on.

Why am I sharing this information with you today you may be asking... Well it's such a simple but strong message, and something we can apply to our daily lives to improve productivity.

The author of the line was talking about focusing on what you have, not what you don't have.

To increase output for Exponential Bet and make the most of my own personally invested time each day, this is solid mantra. I want to focus purely on what we have the provides the highest possible return on investment to yield the most profit.

Which brings me to Place Betting and In Play Trading, as these are currently listed as services included with One Subscription, but both paused.

I'll always be completely open and honest as I can't be any other way, so let me explain why these are paused.

When I tested these place bets and trades they worked like a charm, gradually building the balance as you want from any strategy.

Then when I shared this information with my good friend Keith at Focus Ratings, he did what he naturally does and went about trying to fine tune the selection process to improve strike rate, which I admire.

However, during this process of data analysis from Keith he basically gave it the kiss of death.

What originated as a straight forward mathematical filtering criteria, became something else, and the results went wayward.

Focus Ratings is something I use the R5, R4, and Expert Ratings for my Trading, Dutch Betting, and most recently Lay Betting (which I'll be adding soon to the site).

The service Keith provides is excellent, and really gives me a daily racing yardstick across the entire card that I could not do without. If you're looking for a ratings service that is not based on opinions but just data, then I'd strongly suggest Focus Ratings.

This is isn't me being nice as I've just written Keith managed to single handed destroy the place betting and in play trade services (joking, couldn't help myself)...

Seriously though, FR is a top service and I use it every day. I've just banked a 33% Dutch bet in the first race at Lingfield today using this data. This was placed a minute before the off, and will be part of my Remote Dutch Betting introduced to Dutch and One Subscription members in June.

Getting back to place betting and in play trading though, and the intro to this post.

As a result of these two bet and trade systems needing to go back to basics at some point, evaluated, and then put through a different data set, they are both remaining in pause mode, as quite simply put, I can make a lot more money putting my time in to other sports investments.

Plus when re introduced they will not be emailed as they were originally, but placed remotely using the cloud based set up remote Dutching will operate upon.

This means if you're a One Subscription member they will be brought back once the cloud set up is online, you will be sent a login for this, and I will place the bets and trades for you remotely each day when qualifying bets and trades apply.

You won't need to react to an email, download software, set up strategy files within the software, and run this on your home set up, it will all happen remotely. Also, no VPS required, and Mac and PC compatible.

The ETA for Place Betting and In Play Trading will be circa August.

However, in the meantime One Subscription members will instead have access to Remote Dutch Betting, and Remote Lay Betting.

Remote Dutch Betting as stated is coming in June, so I'm looking at adding Lay Betting in July at the same time as the next Trade Guide update.

One Subscription going forward for new memberships and renewals will include a list of extras when the membership options is added.

This I've been working on recently, and is nearly finished. Hence why no site updates such as results have been able to be published, as I've a lot of half created pages behind the scenes, and these would then be revealed showing a right mess. Once I've finished creating all these new pages I can publish the site, and get back to keeping results updated again.

Active Dutch Betting members will have One Dutch and Remote Dutch Betting included in your plans as standard.

For me focusing on the doughnut and not the hole is the only way forward, as I do feel with some of these strategies I've been trying to juggle my time with, I've been wasting energy on what I don't have.

Making the absolute most of what I have working successfully right now, advancing these things, and squeezing out as much profit as possible is just good common sense. It's creating the shortest route to success.

Instead of looking at what I don't have working successfully at this moment, ie Place Betting, In Play Trading, and In Play Beta (which you can read my recent blog post here), that have existed up to this point as time consuming distractions, that do not help me or members at this point.

All three of these paused systems I've blogged about recently will all return, and do so running like well oiled machines, actually delivering on initial reported potential.

Right now though my time and energy is better utilized to work on the immediately profitable pursuits such as Dutch Betting, Trading, Automated Dutch Betting using Expo Bot, and Remote Access Bet & Trade to optimize my own and member profits.

So far that's three systems I've reported as paused, as I ready the slimmer leaner stronger Exponential Bet. Let me add another one right now, but only until the start of the main leagues resuming in August.

Automated Football Betting is being included with Expo Bot to run fully automated, with no need for any selection process, and any third party betting software, it's all in one with Expo Suite. This service is now paused however until then.

The leagues are now in break which this strategy utilizes, so during this period developments can be made to include it for Expo Bot members ready for the start of the new season.

I'll have more info on this asap, but once I publish my site update you'll notice this is also removed from the site with the above three listed services.

The next service news blog post will be about Football Trading, which will become an integral part of the site, and my posts for this will gather momentum to a few a week.

I'll also be posting about Hedger Pro asap next week, as this has swapped server and has new features and historical data being included.

It's also going to be an important part of the new Trade Guide V5 upgrade, so I'll expand on this.

The next two days is about Epsom Downs, The Champions League final which my beloved Liverpool I'm hoping to bring home the win, and working on the website upgrade so I can start next week from Tuesday with this published.

Any questions as always let me know, and I'll get back to you asap.



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