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Betting Software Expo Bot V1

Today's blog is about Expo Bot V1 with words from Guy Thomas the developer further down the post.

This is a long one so strap yourself in...

The next post will be about The Trade Guide and its upcoming upgrade turned this service on its head to face the right way.

Software is being adapted to have the original content available from the Android and Apple app used as the foundation to select the trades. Members of the trade guide will understand exactly what I mean here.

It's been a long time coming finding a suitable replacement, but this will be done in one application, and become part of the new guide.

Using the Focus Ratings data with the additional bolt on method will be updated at the same time with the version 5 guide.

I know a lot of people are keen to get started with this, and will do my best to deliver a final version next month.

Before I begin today covering Expo Bot, let me first explain why I cannot update strategy results on the site at this moment.

The reason is behind the currently published version it's a building site. I have unfinished pages with things not linked up yet, and if I publish the updated results this post these pages on the net, hence why I can't update anything at this time until I'm done with the site update.

It's a pain, as today's One Dutch won again and returned a 24% profit, which puts us on 13 consecutive wins, and I'd obviously like to update this on site.

Also Auto Dutch Beta has been on a good run, and my trading has now hit a new high so this also needs adding. I'm aiming for the end of May to have it all finished, and gradually chipping getting it complete.

Anyway, back to the blog thread which is about Expo Bot V1, which is downloadable software running In Play and Auto Dutch Beta.

A key motivator for myself when thinking of creating this software, was to have an API set up and left to place bets unattended, which is exactly what we have today.

In Play Beta at the point myself and Guy the developer decided to go ahead with the build was doing very well. I was working on Auto Dutch Beta at the same time, and it made sense to release this with both these early access modules, then adding to Expo Suite with strategies using full automation as it developed over time.

Auto Dutch Beta has definitely helped pave the way for how fully automated formula based strategies should work. It's far from perfect and will undergo fine tuning, but due to the way it's set up it can be assessed very easily to progress it and increase effectiveness.

As explained earlier this week with regard to In Play Beta, the numerous filters applied actually hindered the progress of that strategy.

It has a lot more potential than it's been allowed to produce, and for that reason it's now paused.

Meaning Expo Bot is a one system API when I update the site running Auto Dutch Beta. If you've purchased In Play Beta you can obviously still use it, but this will return soon with a formula based set up that can grow and be developed. For now as instructed you will hopefully be paused until then.

Luckily in the meantime Auto Dutch Beta is a decent system, and one built on simplicity that can be progressed without being shackled by over complicated rules. I'll post again about Auto Dutch on its own, as I'm currently stress testing data to increase output, and will by the end of June have my results on this to report.

Auto Dutch Beta and In Play Beta will move to official versions I predict by the end of 2019, and as we head in to 2020 both I expect to be churning out positive consistent annual returns. Obviously we will have manageable draw down periods, but fast recovery, and better capitalization on the growth spells.

The way Expo Bot and these modules operate under subscription will change with the new all inclusive payment option being introduced. I'll explain all about this in another post when I'm able to publish the subscriptions on site.

Anyone presently subscribed as an active member, the membership you're on will remain the same price, but you'll find more has been included with your plan.

Anyway enough from me, as for the remainder of today's blog I'm going to hand over to Guy Thomas who created Expo Suite V1 running Expo Bot.

betting software

Ryan and I first had discussions back in August of 2018, when the idea of automating individual strategies for Exponential Bet was conceived.

Principally, this would be one product under which a handful of modules would run independently of one another, each designed with simplicity in mind to harness the specific requirements of each strategy thus ensuring that the end user didn't have to bog themselves down in too much technical detail in order to get the software working.

Some of you may or may not be aware, there is always a degree of trepidation with going live for the first time on any project.

Back in March of this year when we decided to release ExpoBot after some months of testing, I was convinced I had done all that was necessary for a trouble-free release.

Yet I still had that nagging doubt, that serves to unsettle your nerve when you hit the release button.

Although as far an initial release goes, it all went very well with a comparatively small number of users having problems which for the most part didn't take me too long to resolve,

thanks in part to Teamviewer sessions (that make diagnosing and remedying faults so much simpler than email exchanges alone)!

Visually, the early design concepts have changed very little to the present day version.

However, the back-end code that manages the inner workings of each strategy has seen reasonable change over the last couple of months with different user configurations, monitor resolutions & operating system setups highlighting shortfalls in some of my original design considerations. Despite this, the project has gone well and I am happy with its progress to date.

I have not counted how many hours this piece of software has taken for me to hone to the current level but I am confident it is well over 1,000 hours at this juncture.

Some may find this hard to believe given the simple interface, but don't let that fool you to what is going on behind-the-scenes.

Currently the project comprises more than 14,500 lines of hand-written code (ie. not auto-generated)

Over the course of the last few months, I have been busying myself with streamlining certain aspects of the data handling and management routines whilst ever mindful of the processing limitations on individuals machines.

Some with older and slower processors will benefit from keeping their multi-tasking activities to an absolute minimum. Google Chrome is notorious for hogging memory (open Task Manager and find out for yourself, if your default web browser is Chrome), keeping the number of pieces of actively running software programs to a minimum during the day, will ensure Inplay can run without lag and with less potential for InPlay Beta from laying the 'wrong' selection.

The biggest headache that I have had thus far would have been relating to the 'rollover' feature.

International time zones are one thing to consider with software working across borders, but when you have to also consider the relevance of local times zones relative to the start of UK racing, things can start to mess with your mind very quickly!

The problem I had for some subscribers on the continent was that when I was testing rollover, I effectively had to wait for the days racing to complete, the next day to follow for the the new days race card information to load.

If there was still an issue with the rollover feature, I would have to repeat the process again, meaning that the time it took to get this specific feature to work exactly as I wanted it to for all users, took far longer than I had hoped and expected!

Overall though, I am very happy with the progress and direction the software is making.

AutoDutch has been working very well indeed since release with comparatively few issues.

The Inplay Beta module has had its share of issues as we have progressed, I have done my best to remedy these as quickly as practically possible given that I am also holding down a 9-5 day job Monday to Friday, (I am a Mechanical Engineer during the week).

It is of course regrettable that InPlay Beta hasn't followed last years record with a similar progressive/upward profit curve.

The form factor has changed significantly so far this year and we simply haven't been able to replicate the results using Inplay Beta.

However, I remain confident that this can be turned around in the longer term.

I understand that Ryan has been actively studying these results to find anomalies worth exploiting that may return us to more profitable times using the Inplay module.

Once these opportunities have been identified I will integrate these features into the software as soon as practically possible.

At the present time, I am working on a fully automated football feature for EXPO BOT. This new module is making good progress also.

This is the Automated Football Betting product available on the Exponential Bet website (which currently uses Betsender to action the method).

I still have a little more work to do on this and a comprehensive testing program to undertake, but rest assured this new module will be a fantastic new addition to the software suite that is EXPO BOT, and this will be ready for the start of the new football season a little later this year.

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