Betting Software Expo Bot V1

Today's blog is about Expo Bot V1 with words from Guy Thomas the developer further down the post.

This is a long one so strap yourself in...

The next post will be about The Trade Guide and its upcoming upgrade turned this service on its head to face the right way.

Software is being adapted to have the original content available from the Android and Apple app used as the foundation to select the trades. Members of the trade guide will understand exactly what I mean here.

It's been a long time coming finding a suitable replacement, but this will be done in one application, and become part of the new guide.

Using the Focus Ratings data with the additional bolt on method will be updated at the same time with the version 5 guide.

I know a lot of people are keen to get started with this, and will do my best to deliver a final version next month.

Before I begin today covering Expo Bot, let me first explain why I cannot update strategy results on the site at this moment.

The reason is behind the currently published version it's a building site. I have unfinished pages with things not linked up yet, and if I publish the updated results this post these pages on the net, hence why I can't update anything at this time until I'm done with the site update.

It's a pain, as today's One Dutch won again and returned a 24% profit, which puts us on 13 consecutive wins, and I'd obviously like to update this on site.

Also Auto Dutch Beta has been on a good run, and my trading has now hit a new high so this also needs adding. I'm aiming for the end of May to have it all finished, and gradually chipping getting it complete.

Anyway, back to the blog thread which is about Expo Bot V1, which is downloadable software running In Play and Auto Dutch Beta.

A key motivator for myself when thinking of creating this software, was to have an API set up and left to place bets unattended, which is exactly what we have today.

In Play Beta at the point myself and Guy the developer decided to go ahead with the build was doing very well. I was working on Auto Dutch Beta at the same time, and it made sense to release this with both these early access modules, then adding to Expo Suite w