In Play Betting Beta & Expo News Update

It's a decisive couple of weeks of positive updates at Exponential Bet.

Today's post will cover In Play Beta and what I am working on with this system, but firstly let me lead in and explain why I'm running this blog series.

These posts are not marketing promotions, I'm detailing the decisions made for the site and services designed to make the absolute most of my time, which in turn will benefit every member.

From the 4th June I want foundations in place and everyone fully up to speed, with a clear understanding how to get the very best out their Exponential Bet membership.

I'm stripping down unnecessary and over complicated aspects of the site and services, to be more effective and productive.

All I am interested in over the next two years is making as much money as possible, and then retiring from the daily routine.

Not vanishing off the face of the earth or stopping running services for members, but at that stage I want to take a few steps back and enjoy a different pace.

Having unexpected time off recently helped me drill through what needs to be done in order to really push on and achieve more. I've a second wind as a result, and catching up rapidly on lost time.

My target will only be achieved if I place full attention on generating the right profit margins, using the right tools, and running correctly tuned bet or trade systems.

In the coming series of blogs I'll cover each service at Exponential Bet currently active and in the pipeline. While also resuming my reports for Hedger Pro, Trade On Sports, Focus Ratings, Expo Bot V1, Remote Bet & Trade, and one more service I am presently working with to complete the set I utilize.

I'm not scheduled to review and implement anymore services for Exponential Bet members, these are the only tools I want to use, and as stated in my previous post the idea with these is to give you as much info as possible to find the right fit.

You don't want to be subscribed to everything I use myself and recommend, and in most cases you won't need to be, which you'll understand what I mean as I slim down what I'm working on, and show you step by step how I'm dramatically increasing my profit margins as a result of this hyper focused approach.

With a lot to cover in these upcoming blogs I'll do my best to stay on topic in each, but wanted today to lead in to where I'm heading as you'll begin seeing the site catching up with a fresh layout. For future posts on each subject I'll be diving straight in.

TBH it's just nice to be able to see again properly and get my enthusiasm back, as it's been a tough month and difficult working on even the most basic jobs, but I can see clearly now the pain has gone (sorry I couldn't help myself)....