The Expo News 19th May

Over the next couple of weeks I'll go deeper in to my plans for Exponential Bet.

Starting with the essential updates for In Play Beta, as I've important news for this service.

With Auto Dutch Beta being covered as I've new data filtering to be added, and news on how I'll be operating the strategy for the remainder of the year.

The introduction of Remote Dutch Betting coming for Dutch and One Subscription members needs to outlined.

Along with what will go into the next Trade Guide V5 and Dutch Guide upgrades. Both of which very easy to follow tick box course styled products, and setting a new standard for future releases.

My next Hedger Pro and Trade On Sports updates will be included later next week, and how both these platforms will integrate into Exponential Bet.

Hedger Pro specifically is being developed to run trading using full automation, with new additional features presently being programmed.

I've another service being investigated for inclusion which I'm just putting through its paces, with a view to build this into Auto Dutch Beta. It's a solid data driven process that fits this system perfectly, and the goal is to significantly increase strike rate.

I also want to explain why I'm working with outside forces to integrate into current Exponential Bet services. I'll go over what you need to know if