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The Expo News 19th May

Over the next couple of weeks I'll go deeper in to my plans for Exponential Bet.

Starting with the essential updates for In Play Beta, as I've important news for this service.

With Auto Dutch Beta being covered as I've new data filtering to be added, and news on how I'll be operating the strategy for the remainder of the year.

The introduction of Remote Dutch Betting coming for Dutch and One Subscription members needs to outlined.

Along with what will go into the next Trade Guide V5 and Dutch Guide upgrades. Both of which very easy to follow tick box course styled products, and setting a new standard for future releases.

My next Hedger Pro and Trade On Sports updates will be included later next week, and how both these platforms will integrate into Exponential Bet.

Hedger Pro specifically is being developed to run trading using full automation, with new additional features presently being programmed.

I've another service being investigated for inclusion which I'm just putting through its paces, with a view to build this into Auto Dutch Beta. It's a solid data driven process that fits this system perfectly, and the goal is to significantly increase strike rate.

I also want to explain why I'm working with outside forces to integrate into current Exponential Bet services. I'll go over what you need to know if you're using my systems, as I'm well aware you don't want to be running multiple platforms, and not have too many unnecessary active subscriptions.

I've news on the next Trade Guide Bolt On upgrade available soon, also Automated Football which will be running using Expo Bot V2. With a full update on the progress of Expo Bot development, as its changed a lot since initial release and come a long way. Also what's happening with In Play Trading and Place Betting, which I'll explain fully.

Focus Ratings needs a mention since my initial assessment, and I'll explain how this has improved my Dutching, lay betting, and trading. What I have in the pipeline for this ratings service, and how it can integrate within the current recommended web based and downloadable API's without needing multiple subscriptions.

More focus on each job at hand, hyper focus in fact, with simplification of everything at Exponential Bet, as this approach will return us all a much higher profit. Just a few obvious changes to make a huge difference, and why I'm making it easier to understand what's included with subscriptions for new and existing members.

I'll deliver this information over a series of blog posts coming up over the next two weeks, and whereas I would normally be able to cover this in one post, I'm limited on the amount of what I can put in at this moment.

For the past month I've been carrying a slight detached retina (if you're already aware of this I'm sorry and promise I'm not trying to milk it for sympathy, just making sure it's understood for everyone following my site, and to explain where I'm up to as it affects my overall performance).

This inconvenience has meant over the past weeks I've had lightning bolt type flashes in my right eye, floaters obscuring my vision like dark clouds, and occasional scatterings of weird light shows across my entire field of view.

Fun times I think you'll agree, I mean what am I complaining about as it's a permanent disco in my head.

What it's meant is that my work speed has been impacted, as everything has literally taken ten times longer.

On days when I post bets to members I've been up much earlier at my desk preparing, and treble checking everything in case my vision caused me to miss anything important.

When covering new software such as Hedger Pro and Trade On Sports, I've had to take baby steps with it all until I get this sorted, and really just do my best to get through what I've posted so far, which is nowhere near what I'm capable of.

Anyone who's followed my posts and work during busy periods will know I have a prodigious output, if I say so myself.

However, it's become apparent during this period with my eye issue, and coinciding with the release of Expo Bot V1 I have entered a productivity black hole.

I have to give my attention to work that has the highest productivity and returns the most profit, this has to be a priority and my entire focus. When the smart phones on the desk, emails are coming in left and right, couriers are arriving, the phone's going, and I'm juggling too many different tasks, I can safely say these things detract from achieving optimal results, so things are about to change in this department.

exponential bet

Expo Bot V1 has also taken a lot of work and time to reach the point it's at right now, and combined with health issues, family, and not sticking to a firm daily structure it has a knock on effect. Prior to Expo Bot arriving I had an air tight routine, but now its running like a well oiled machine I can direct my full attention to services that will return the most money for members.

I like this image I found on Instagram which summarizes nicely the process we have to go through in order to get to our goals.

These things all play a part along the way, and it's only the people who keep their eyes on the prize that get to reach it.

Anyway back to me (joking), but I had my laser eye surgery earlier this week, so I should be on the mend and full steam ahead again within I expect a week (ish).

Presently sat here typing with my eye patch on taking forever to finish this in a few attempts, correcting typo's along the way, excuse any grammar in this blog please, I am literally doing my best but my one good eye isn't 20/20.

I do need to post these news updates in bite size chunks for this reason, as I still can't sit and type for anything more than 30 mins at a time, so please bear with me as I get up to speed.

My next post should be on Tuesday / Wednesday covering In Play Beta news, and anything else from the introduction above I can include, but I'll keep posting all week to get through the list.

I've a lot coming up, but in fact it's all a process of simplifying what I do, which I'm actually pretty excited about as it gives me the space to do what I enjoy the most, betting, trading and writing.

First things first though, I need to get the important news posted asap for members using systems and services waiting for specific updates, so I'll get to these in the immediate scheduled news posts.



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