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Trading Football

In today's post I'll be covering a new Football Trading application I've been using and assessing for over twelve months. 

I'll be posting regularly about my progress with this app, and at the base of this post you can find discounted sign up links available just for Exponential Bet followers.  There are a few options, which I cover with each available subscription plan. 

Before I get stuck in to what this is, and how it can help you make a lot of money trading football pre match or in play, let me explain why I'm using it.  

I was asked recently by a member why am I promoting third party products and services, which to be fair is a good question.

This was more in relation to Hedger Pro, which I can clarify I'm in partnership with the developer on this web based betting and trading platform.  Which means this is actually not a third party platform, it's now part of Exponential Bet. 

For other bet and trade tools or services I use and cover on my site, these are because I personally use them, and I'm not just shilling to get sales.  If they offer value then I want to share this with my members. 

I'll either produce strategies around them, or run them for a period and report my progress, as I'm doing with Hedger Pro (next update that one in the next couple of days).  

This is different than having multiple pop up ads and just promoting services for the sake of it, without putting them through the paces first, or looking at ways they can add help you with your sports betting or trading. 

I’m a big fan of creating partnerships with decent people in the industry, as we can all help each other reach the right people, and ideally push the none reputable businesses further down the search engine. 

What makes a great business is talented people working together, and instead of trying to compete with other sites providing amazing services, I feel it’s much more productive to integrate our skills. 

Wouldn’t it just be better for the general public if Apple and Android integrated for example, instead of forming the divide and making us decide which team to join.  With each offering different benefits.

Anyway, I’ll get off my soap box..

As much as I work with other websites and business in the sports betting industry, I'm also working to include members of Exponential Bet with new business projects I have in the pipeline, to create something very special for us all to benefit from.  

After all it's not about winning it's about making money, and I know a lot of you who read my blog posts or follow my services are serious about your investing, or have other business interests. Which I feel if matched to the right concepts outside of betting, we will create something unique, but incredibly profitable for us all.  

I'll post a call to arms blog asap about this.

As for today's blog title Football Trading, some of you that have been around on site since last year will remember me mentioning at the world cup I'd be reviewing a football trading application, and looking to integrate it in to Exponential Bet.

It's been a long time coming, but I'm finally ready to start working on this amazing trading platform, which in fact isn't just limited to football covering Tennis, Cricket, and more to be included.

My plan with this application is to practice with football trading pre match and in play during the off season using small stakes, as in not £1000's per trade, just between £10 to £100 across the MLS, Brazilian leagues etc, which will give me confidence. 

Then as we ramp up for the start of the main European leagues in August I'll be ready to start investing and returning larger sums of money, as these are the leagues with the higher market liquidity of course, plus by then I'll be an expert at utilizing the platform.

If you care to join me on this journey and learn how to trade on sports like a pro, then I've some unique discounts available just for Exponential Bet. 

I'll post these links with the promotional offers at the base of this post, but for now let me start today by giving you a look at the pre match trading facilities, and a snippet of how you can identify price movements and lock in a profit before a ball is even kicked.

Yesterday I had a long chat with Pete who's been helping me get started with the app, giving me a good understanding of where to start, and showing me how he makes money on a daily basis using this data.

What becomes apparent when starting out is there is a definite learning curve, so you're going to need a couple of weeks of baby steps.  You'll see from the screenshot below, it looks complicated at first, but done worry my videos will go over each section step by step helping you understand what's what.  Also, they offer exceptional support, so if you're prepared to put in the time you will be learning something you can use for many years to come to profit from sports. 

You get access to Telegram and Facebook groups to interact with other members and site moderators, which if you're not used to this, once you get started you'll find it very useful.  

They're also preparing to include a lot more for members to help then utilize the software, with daily round ups broadcast live each morning, and basically making everything as easy as possible.

They will be adding seminar dates for you to attend and meet the team, ask any questions, and get face to face support.

This tells me they are a cut above the rest and have big plans for this.  I'm looking to do this myself later this year, so we may join forces and cover as much as possible over a day or two.  It would be great to meet anyone looking to attend. 

Anyway, let me give you a glimpse of the pre match trading screen for today, as I'm sat biting my nails in between typing, before today's two big games kick off.  Those who know me understand I'm a huge Liverpool fan, so today is nerve wracking.

I was planning another post today but I'll roll this over to tomorrow now, as I'll either be sat with my head in my hands, or downing a few pints in celebration in a few hours from now.

Below you can see the games sorted in order of Market Volume, ie where the money is.  Don't worry about the vast amount of data on this screenshot, I'll break it down in a future video, and it's not complicated. 

exponential bet

The software flags up opportunities to back or lay to trade, and gives the expected price it will end up reaching, so you know when you're looking to hedge for a locked in profit, or leave a profit on one outcome if you decide.

I'll cover in a video what all this means and the additional data you can access from here, for example the history screen below.

exponential bet

Again a lot of info to take in, but I'll go over everything in great detail over the coming weeks, showing you how you can act upon this data at the right moment, and start locking in profits each day.  When you sign up you'll be able to follow me step by step.  

You can see in the top image the Pinnacle price highlighted, which gives us a solid indication the Betfair price is heading towards this, which is our starting point. 

When I've clicked in to the history for this game, Palace v Bournemouth, you can see from 6.30am to 1.30pm the price has come in from 1.92 to 1.88, and is predicted to move in closer to 1.83.

This is just a sample of how you can use this tool.  Yesterday we were looking at Monchengladbach away to Nurnberg using this method, which at the time where at 1.99, with Pinnacle showing 1.94.  This was at 11.44am, and by 2.21pm they reached 1.84, so that was a nice 15 tick movement.

Within the this league you could successfully match about £500 on the trade, locking in about £40 green across all outcomes.   Which is a nice return from just one trade, and at such short odds the risk is minimized, plus you can add in a stop loss for safety.

There are a long list of reasons this tool gives you the edge, which I'll go in to a lot more detail as I delve deeper.

We've in play trading options, and these are covered on the Facebook group ran by Jonny, or posted with Telegram, so if you're looking for more hand holding during your learning curve, it's all there for you.

This pre match trading tool available with the Gold membership is a powerful tool, and for me personally really appeals to use it for locking in profits each day within the leagues offering enough liquidity. 

I've loads to cover with this application, and Hedger Pro which will be integrating in to my sites Trading Service.  

For One Subscription members I'll share my trades as I progress with this software, and work out a way to get you this information in a timely manner, but for now I'm enjoying learning and practicing finding profitable trades.

As promised I've been given promotional discounts to offer my blog followers and members to access this platform.

I like the way they have split the various access levels in to three sections, and I'll be taking a leaf out of their book with my sites membership.  

In order to use the pre match trading shown briefly in this example today you'll need a Gold membership.

You can find out more about what's included in each membership by  visiting Trade On Sports here , but remember to come back and use the links below to apply the discount on your first month.

Here are discounted links:

This month in the Tennis we have the Rome Masters, The French Open and the start of the Grass Court Season.

I'll be adding sign up info to the site, but for now this is only place on the internet these offers are available. 

Right, I'm off to enjoy the pre match build up and will be back tomorrow with an Expo News update covering my services, and Hedger Pro.

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