Trading Football

In today's post I'll be covering a new Football Trading application I've been using and assessing for over twelve months. 

I'll be posting regularly about my progress with this app, and at the base of this post you can find discounted sign up links available just for Exponential Bet followers.  There are a few options, which I cover with each available subscription plan. 

Before I get stuck in to what this is, and how it can help you make a lot of money trading football pre match or in play, let me explain why I'm using it.  

I was asked recently by a member why am I promoting third party products and services, which to be fair is a good question.

This was more in relation to Hedger Pro, which I can clarify I'm in partnership with the developer on this web based betting and trading platform.  Which means this is actually not a third party platform, it's now part of Exponential Bet. 

For other bet and trade tools or services I use and cover on my site, these are because I personally use them, and I'm not just shilling to get sales.  If they offer value then I want to share this with my members. 

I'll either produce strategies around them, or run them for a period and report my progress, as I'm doing with Hedger Pro (next update that one in the next couple of days).  

This is different than having multiple pop up ads and just promoting services for the sake of it, without putting them through the paces first, or looking at ways they can add help you with your sports betting or trading. 

I’m a big fan of creating partnerships with decent people in the industry, as we can all help each other reach the right people, and ideally push the none reputable businesses further down the search engine. 

What makes a great business is talented people working together, and instead of trying to compete with other sites providing amazing services, I feel it’s much more productive to integrate our skills. 

Wouldn’t it just be better for the general public if Apple and Android integrated for example, instead of forming the divide and making us decide which team to join.  With each offering different benefits.

Anyway, I’ll get off my soap box..

As much as I work with other websites and business in the sports betting industry, I'm also working to include members of Exponential Bet with new business projects I have in the pipeline, to create something very special for us all to benefit from.  

After all it's not about winning it's about making money, and I know a lot of you who read my blog posts or follow my services are serious about your investing, or have other business interests. Which I feel if matched to the right concepts outside of betting, we will create something unique, but incredibly profitable for us all.  

I'll post a call to arms blog asap about this.