Remote Dutch Betting System

I sent a mailer last week regarding remote Dutch Betting which you can read here. This will be included for Dutch Subscription and One Subscription members

The email update was one of the most well received posts I've ever sent, with my inbox flooded with interest.

I guess the reason for this is the automated aspect, but also the fact you're leaving it in my control to place and run the strategy on your behalf.

Before I go in to more detail about what Remote Dutch Betting will include for members of Exponential Bet.

Firstly for those completely new to my site or Dutch Betting, a quick Google search produces this result:

Primarily used for football and horse racing, dutching is a betting strategy that involves the backing of multiple selections in the same event. The bettor's stake is split and placed in such a way so that whichever selection wins, an equal profit is made. If none of the selections win, all stakes are lost.

This is a fair overall explanation of what Dutch Betting means.

I show in this You Tube video how to place a Dutch direct to Betfair exchange:

In this video I use Fairbot API to place the Dutch with its built in calculator.

Remote Dutching involves Dutch bets placed to your Betfair account over a cloud based set up. The platform has been created by Nigel Dove from Level Software, and will integrate this profitable Dutch System. Nigel is the creator of Hedger Pro, Bet Mover, plus many more betting industry automated platforms, and you may know him from Dobbing Day.

In this instance using the cloud set up the Dutch bets are my own selections, which I will remotely put in to the market just