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Remote Dutch Betting System

I sent a mailer last week regarding remote Dutch Betting which you can read here. This will be included for Dutch Subscription and One Subscription members

The email update was one of the most well received posts I've ever sent, with my inbox flooded with interest.

I guess the reason for this is the automated aspect, but also the fact you're leaving it in my control to place and run the strategy on your behalf.

Before I go in to more detail about what Remote Dutch Betting will include for members of Exponential Bet.

Firstly for those completely new to my site or Dutch Betting, a quick Google search produces this result:

Primarily used for football and horse racing, dutching is a betting strategy that involves the backing of multiple selections in the same event. The bettor's stake is split and placed in such a way so that whichever selection wins, an equal profit is made. If none of the selections win, all stakes are lost.

This is a fair overall explanation of what Dutch Betting means.

I show in this You Tube video how to place a Dutch direct to Betfair exchange:

In this video I use Fairbot API to place the Dutch with its built in calculator.

Remote Dutching involves Dutch bets placed to your Betfair account over a cloud based set up. The platform has been created by Nigel Dove from Level Software, and will integrate this profitable Dutch System. Nigel is the creator of Hedger Pro, Bet Mover, plus many more betting industry automated platforms, and you may know him from Dobbing Day.

In this instance using the cloud set up the Dutch bets are my own selections, which I will remotely put in to the market just before the race starts.

As I put the bet in to the market for myself the bets will be placed within your Betfair account according to your staking set up. All done over the cloud.

This allows me to utilize track side information, along side the usual data sources I rely on such as Focus Ratings, Hedger Pro, ATR, Time Form and a few other sources I monitor live.

As stated no actual access to your actual Betfair account is required by myself, as you're given a website login where you can set your stakes / target percentage amount against investment.

Which means your stakes increase along with your balance if you decide this is the best option, or you can select flat staking.

I'll covering what I consider sensible staking with this system in more detail for members of the service, and within the blog, but just to put it out there now.

The pro's with this strategy are the bets are placed pre race not in running, and also in the most liquid moments within the market during the final minutes pre race. Which means virtually the max pre match money is available.

The con's are it's direct to the exchange itself, and reliant on money actually being available for each selection in order to place every bet to create the Dutch.

However, the bets are primarily focused on the horses most likely to win in the races I get involved in, which means this is where the focus of bets and money are directed.

Taking a sensible approach, and looking at this as an investment to add to the portfolio that yields a consistent return over time is the right way to go about it, as opposed to thinking you can compound to infinity which will not be possible given its exchange based.

I write this before being asked about how much to invest or what the maximum possible to compound to, as common sense does need to be applied.

BSP Multiple Dutch betting is more geared towards that approach, as you can return a maximum of one million pounds per day (yes I wrote a million) and never be banned, as it's exchange based, but your bets are always placed to SP per Dutch line within the multiple, or even single.

You can find out more about BSP Multiple betting from a previous blog post of mine and how Betfair operate these here:

I posted a You Tube video a while back showing how to place Dutch Multiples here:

The Remote Dutch Betting I'll be using as mentioned runs over a web based platform within the cloud, and is also fully Betfair licensed for your security.

Anyone asking to place bets to your Betfair account and requiring your personal login info should in my honest opinion be given a wide birth.

I'll have some screenshots of the online set up available later this month, but it's simple to use, web based, you login set your stakes done and dusted.

You don't need a VPS to use Remote Dutching, and it will also run for Mac and PC users. Additionally, it's mobile friendly so you can login and make any changes from your smart phone or tablet. Just as I can place the Dutch bets remotely using my mobile device if I'm away from my desk, and have done during testing.

If you're working during the day and unable to receive my midday BSP Multiple email for One Dutch, then this will be a positive option to profit from these Remote Dutch bets, as you set it and forget it, leaving me to place them.

If you're in another country and timezone it may be the early hours or too late to follow UK Horse Racing, this will mean your bets are placed race to race until I hit my daily target while you sleep.

A big plus point for this is as stated taking advantage of track side information combined with the stats I use to drill through each race, which helps me draw a line of distinction through the field of runners and decipher main dangers from the donkeys.

I don't always get it right, as it's little men on horses racing around a track not science, but I win more than I lose as you can see in my One Dutch results here:

This type of Dutching is something I've been doing for a long time close to race time, and I actually took a poll some months back with my Dutch subscription members to see if posting the bets close to race time would be an option, but as detailed above due to work commitments, or other country timezone issues it wasn't possible for all members to benefit so I left it.

Now with the advent of this new cloud based set up I'm able to begin offering an entirely new aspect to my services, starting with Remote Dutch Betting.

The results shown were over a five day working week, and applying a stop at a first profit, but not continuing across the day until a profit was reached.

Let me explain, if the right races present themselves while I'm Dutching on these days I'll get involved, but I never force a bet, and this is not a blanket approach to Dutch Betting, so all boxes need to be ticked before I jump in.

This means most days I've made the right decision and got the first race winner, some days I've Dutched to a new profit high or managed to recover / minimize and lost profit, or ended the day with a loss if no other betting options presented themselves.

I'll explain all of this to members in a lot more detail, and outline it on the Dutch landing page once I gear up to include this Dutching option.

I've recorded my results below for my recent Remote Dutch Betting:

19th March to 11th May 2019

73 Dutch Bets

85% Strike Rate

Average Odds 1.25

2% Accumulated Balance as Stake

£103.83 Banked

dutch betting system

dutch betting system

As the staking follows the accumulated balance growth for this strategy, my predicted annual yield should be somewhere there or thereabout 100% on initial investment.

I'll add more details on Remote Dutching asap to the site and blog, and post some examples of how the interface will look for members.

This service is available at no extra cost for active One Subscription and Dutching members with an All Dutch Bets package. If you're a member of these services you'll receive your invite to login soon, along with a quick online tour of what's what.

If you're not a member and have any questions about joining, what the best plan or option is, then just drop me an email to

I am simplifying all of my membership options over the coming weeks, and making joining Exponential Bet a ton easier to understand as I've far too many categories and services split up, when I could just offer a straight forward payment tier breakdown.

Anyway, that and many other things are for future posts.

If you join now as a One Subscription or Dutching member, whatever amount you're paying will be reflected in my streamlined planning, so you will still end up receiving more anyway along with the existing members.

That's me done for today as I know the developer of Hedger Pro has been running updates which is why I've left that alone all day, but I'll post again with more info on this. Plus I'm also testing a new data source for Auto Dutch tomorrow, but will update all site results ahead of my laser eye surgery on Thursday, given I may be offline for a day or two.



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