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Hedger Pro Strategy Builder

Hedger Pro is being developed to run Exponential Bet trading strategies in one, and will be fully automated when all new features are included.

The Trade Guide and In Play Trades available to One Subscription members are being set up to go through this web based platform. All in one, no need for any importing of files to third party apps, Hedger Pro will have everything ready made to do the job.

For actual trading actions Hedger Pro is quite literally built for purpose, and with a few minor adjustments not only can it perform the trades successfully, but it can use the built in data to locate successful trades over an entire day, and place them on your behalf according to your staking / tick list set up.

These features are scheduled to be included within Hedger Pro (HP) and will be fully tested prior to release.

I mentioned in a post earlier this week about remote betting and trading using a web platform, which is being created by HP development, but is a totally different set up.

I'll post again after the bank holiday weekend with more info about my upcoming remote betting and trading, also with some other news, and a proposition for all readers of this blog to get involved in.

The remote set up will run along side HP, as a lot of members prefer to set things up themselves with their own settings, or create and run strategies using these tools, which HP at the moment provides a great foundation for this.

As this platform develops I'll integrate HP into Exponential Bet trading strategies, and include training material for members within the login sections.

What's in the pipeline for HP:

  • A stop loss feature.

  • Set and forget trading.

  • Stop at a profit.

  • Fully automated bets and trades placed according to shortlist criteria set up.

  • Trade from SP in running to target.

  • Lay to back trading.

In the video below, I walk through some of the settings and features currently available you may not be aware of, which can help you customize your set up, add filter specifics for each race or the entire day at a glance, helping you drill through criteria quickly.

For system building this is fantastic, or for going race to race looking for the right opportunities, it gives you a real edge with the quickness and ease you can access the information you're interested in.

The purpose of today's video is to show you some additional set up and system building features currently available with HP, with an insight of what's coming up using full automation, along with new features allowing us to utilize the data contained in this web platform across the criteria we set in place.

The ETA for the back to lay trading features is sometime next week, so in my next video I'll have pre race trade examples included all from within HP.

Then I know Nigel is working to add the automated aspect, so I can write this in to the Trade Guide update for members of this service.

We're also looking to integrate Focus Ratings data within HP, which will then open up new opportunities to profit. More info to follow on this.

If you've any questions let me know, and I'll get back to you asap.

I hope you have a great bank holiday weekend.

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