The Expo News 21st April

It's Easter weekend, the weather is gorgeous, and I'm indoors writing a news blog. I really know how to embrace the summer time obviously, so let's crack on with today's update.

I've a lot going on to cover for each service, so today's post will be an as it comes walk through.

What's in today's news... Trading and the high impact changes I've made to the bolt soon to be introduced, plus a major guide overhaul scheduled.

Auto Dutch Beta is now over three months since launch, and using Expo Bot V1 makes this a fully automated Dutch betting strategy showing a decent ROI at 41.8% profit.

I'll wrap up today with In Play Beta in light of the upcoming version 2 release, and my thoughts on this strategy.

Lets begin where I left off in my previous post using Hedger Pro, which I utilize to find in play trading opportunities, and to be fair it's a canny piece of kit.

My results to date after commission deductions:

Date No. Trades P&L

16/4/19 1 £63.33

19/4/19 4 £58.95

20/4/19 1 £24.51



I'm risking a £100 per trade with this, and as you can see below I lost the first race on the 19th April being partially matched in play, but ending the day with a win thankfully.