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Expo News 17th April

As promised I'm revealing new software used to improve my services. This is designed to give you a significant edge when trading or betting on horse racing.

I'd strongly advise you take a look as it's an impressive piece of kit.

Hedger Pro is an advanced web application for finding horses to 'back to lay' or 'hedge bet', and it's also a company I've teamed up with to develop my strategies within this software.

It's horses for courses as they say, and each application I utilize has a purpose. When it comes to development of current and new systems Hedger Pro is astonishingly effective.

I've was chatting to the developer for a couple of hours today going over the various features of this software, what it's capable of right now, and how it can be developed to incorporate more useful applications and data processing.

The screenshot below shows a trade I put in yesterday using the PAE (pace actual / expected) information within Hedger Pro, placing the trade using Fairbot API.

exponential bet

You can see from the screenshot I backed Kilinakin in this race at odds of 14, this was for a £100, and then layed the horse in running at odds of 8.2 for £166.66, which then locked in a profit, with £66.66 on the winner.

I did this manually using the built in tools within Fairbot, and given the strength of the selection had time to achieve more profit if I'd set the margins wider.

Fairbot is a tool I use for the actual trading, although Hedger Pro has facilities to back to lay, the in play trading features are part of the software still in development.

This is absolutely fine me as a Fairbot user for trading, as it's such a hands on easy to use API, and combined with the speed of data available within Hedger Pro it was virtually seamless switching between the two, and definitely gives me a unique edge.

This can be applied to all my bet and trade horse racing systems. Primarily at this moment the focus with this tool is to significantly improve my in play trading.

Within Hedger Pro the horse shown in this example was identified just using one aspect of racing data available, the PAE horse info.

I'll go in to detail over the coming weeks covering all sections of this software I utilize, and how each can be implemented. The process of learning I'll record, demonstrating how I'm making money with the different features of the software.

Let me give you an example of how I began using Hedger Pro and the PAE data to profit from this trade.

hedger pro

You can see above the Hedger Pro race screen is packed full of information, you may be scratching your head in fact, but if you focus on the top horse Kilinaken you can see to the right the PAE number in green, and it's the highest in the field of runners.

The information within the software at first made me gasp and think OMG this is too much, but in fact like anything, when you get used to focusing on the areas you're using it's a cakewalk.

I've rolled the mouse over PAE for the horse I traded within the example above, which you can see is at 7.8 in green, and it's one of the horses at this point who are situated near the top of the market according to odds.

This attracted my attention to the race and the selection, so I waited until race time and looked to back the horse slightly higher than start price using Fairbot, then lay in running for upwards of 50% ROI against stake, which you can see I achieved, but in fact could have returned more profit.

The horse drifted in price slightly pre race, but it didn't put me off given I had this data, as I was just looking for the right odds movement to complete the trade.

As I get used to the software and the way it identifies these horses, this type of immediate data to hand will mean I hit the higher profit thresholds more frequently.

The high PAE numbers I've found when focused on the top of the market reveal horses that finish strong. When focusing on the lower numbers at the base of the market, they make decent lay to back trades.

Remember we're not looking for winning horses when trading either in play or pre race, just the point in the race we can extract profits from the correct odds movement, and using this one aspect of HP does highlight consistently profitable selections.

hedger pro

You can see in the example above the horse I've added a star next to Steel Native has the highest PAE, and if you look to the right of the selection returned a 56% profit in running.

Which is a very quick and in fact basic way of identifying horses that traded well in play, but as stated this is just scratching the surface of what's possible using this software.

After the call to the developer today my mind was officially blown, as the level of detail is almost unbelievable. Not in an over complicated way, which looking at the screenshots you may be thinking. As this can quickly be transferred to vital daily betting and trading data, giving you all the information you need at a glance.

Let me show you one more example of what I mean, as I'll go over this in a lot more detail in the next Hedger Pro post, including video demonstrations.

hedger pro

Above you can see a race from today and I've starred two horses, one at the bottom of the betting, and one near the top, the horse names Moyassar you can see I've opened up a graph underneath it.

When you click in the horse data you see these two graphs if the hedge tab is selected, and when I move the mouse across to 100% target profit on the left graph, the graph on the right shows me the filtered profit achieved at this percentage target over time.

You can see in today's race that the achievable profit of 100% was reached and passed, as the horse hit 246% profit, going from odds of 7 BSP to 2.02 in running.

Hands up if your now thinking this is powerful and essential information for trading!? I'm literally blown away by it to be fair, and as stated it's just the start. At least once a week I'll publish these posts updating you on my progress, and for members of each service I'm working with this software to improve, you'll be receiving direct information within the advised bets or trades.

You can also drill through the data the traditional way using the numbers, which a lot of people prefer, and this goes above and beyond with its easy to read win percentages not available elsewhere, or even more detailed graphical breakdowns shown below.

hedger pro

hedger pro

It's knowing how to use all this that is the key to consistent profit growth, it's very much like learning to drive. When you know what you're doing it becomes second nature.

For current members you will benefit from this software indirectly with my own usage as stated above, which I'll incorporate in to the strategies you've either purchased or subscribed.

I'll be adding more automated methods using this data across existing and new options, but also working with Hedger Pro to create bet and trade investments based upon the platforms data and application capabilities.

It's really taken things to a new level with the content available, and when combined with existing reliable sources it will increase strike rates, uncover other areas to exploit bet and trade processes, but more importantly dramatically boost the profits.

Automation for all this will follow after applying it manually has been mastered.

Having everything you need at a glance on one screen is so useful, showing the sort of essential data required to make trading decisions both in play and pre race.

For betting purposes I've not even began pushing this, which will open up all kinds of possibilities.

I'm excited to introduce this software to you, to be part of the development direct with the team at HP, and of course use it myself daily for my own profit building.

I want to work through each option initially to find the best data to improve what I already produce, then I'll work to push the boundaries of what's possible utilizing this software. While publishing my progress every step of the way within the blog.

I'll record videos over the coming weeks showing start to end sourcing and application of trades. The API has a whole host of data and features I'll be fine tuning to improve all my horse racing services, but one step at a time using it for in running trading.

You can visit the site for more info and sign up here:

The team at Hedger Pro have set up a special introduction price of just £9.99 for the first month.

I'd advise signing up, following my progress using the software within the blog, and we can all learn how to get the most out of Hedger Pro while profiting together.

My next Hedger Pro post will be next week if not before.

If you've any questions let me know, and I'll get back to you asap.

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