Expo News 17th April

As promised I'm revealing new software used to improve my services. This is designed to give you a significant edge when trading or betting on horse racing.

I'd strongly advise you take a look as it's an impressive piece of kit.

Hedger Pro is an advanced web application for finding horses to 'back to lay' or 'hedge bet', and it's also a company I've teamed up with to develop my strategies within this software.

It's horses for courses as they say, and each application I utilize has a purpose. When it comes to development of current and new systems Hedger Pro is astonishingly effective.

I've was chatting to the developer for a couple of hours today going over the various features of this software, what it's capable of right now, and how it can be developed to incorporate more useful applications and data processing.

The screenshot below shows a trade I put in yesterday using the PAE (pace actual / expected) information within Hedger Pro, placing the trade using Fairbot API.

exponential bet

You can see from the screenshot I backed Kilinakin in this race at odds of 14, this was for a £100, and then layed the horse in running at odds of 8.2 for £166.66, which then locked in a profit, with £66.66 on the winner.

I did this manually using the built in tools within