The Expo News 15th April

It's just over a month since Expo Bot V1 launched and it feels like it's been out for ages.

The interest in the bot even though it's running two Beta services has been phenomenal, and really opened my eyes to how popular automated betting has become.

The amount of people who want software to manage a betting portfolio is growing every day, and apart from Joe Punter who wants to throw his money away, for the more refined serious sports investor, this approach has fast become the go to method to run the daily bets and trades.

Which brings me on to today's post, which is in fact just a short update about what's coming up for Trade Guide V4 members.

The first thing I want to cover is Focus Ratings data being used for automated trading, which for those who don't know, FR is a company who provide exceptional ratings data.

This can be used to really decipher a each race, and find horses that trade well pre race, or even run well and often go on to win. The end goal as always is to give us an edge, which is what I use it for Dutching, betting, and trading at present.

The first test using this worked well enough to add a bolt on to the service, free for members, but a subscription to FR was required, and still is, but now I'm further down the line using this data with the trading it's making a lot more sense, and I've been doing much better on a consistent basis.

I still need to update results for this, as I've been experimenting so much I haven't been running exactly to system, hence why the results are a bit behind, but once I decide on the best way to introduce this to the service I'll then begin publishing updated results showing returns etc.

I need to experiment to push the services forward, I need to try and fail a few times, before I hit the spot and succeed consistently.

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