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The Expo News 21st March

In today's news update I cover Place Betting, In Play Trading, In Play Beta, and Auto Dutch Beta.

Without delay let's get started, Place Betting and In Play Trading available for One Subscription members I'm confident will now begin seeing decent profit growth.

The recent upward trend with results is not down to luck. I'm applying new data to the selection process. We won't win all the time, but 5 out of 6 in play trades, and 6 straight winning place bets gives some indication this is no fluke. A tiny fragment of data it's true, but the immediate impact of a eureka moment nonetheless.

When I introduced the strategy quite literally on the same day I was handed a data update, which in theory should have improved strike rate, but the theory and reality don't always marry up, and it confused the process I'd began using. My apologies we can't always get it right.

The way they are selected now is still using Focus Ratings, but back to the original criteria using more appropriate for purpose spreadsheet data.

I'm now feeling the 50% annual profit growth prediction is possible again. Both Place Betting and In Play Trading sit at present just over 6% profit each, but the recent health check should see this hit double figures and keep building over the coming months.

In Play Beta runs with Expo Bot V1 fully automated, and also with The Bet Engine.

For those new to the site or if you missed a recent member update, this service is about to enter Beta Version 2 phase from the 30th April 2019. Which will tune the selection process across a long list of applied filters.

For a first year return on investment during early access, 92% profit growth just fell just short of target.

The entire process running this strategy became quite frustrating. This is my betting system which I use myself and make available to members, something I created to run on auto pilot and return a decent annual ROI. When I write this I'm not being negative about the system, as it banked me over 92% profit, but I can see obvious areas of improvement I can make positive changes.

What I've learned over the past year using the system, and gathering valuable live data, can now be filtered in to the selection process. Some fine tuning will be applied to basically perform better over days and races it automatically selects the in running bets.

I've given myself enough time with this deadline to spend a few hours each day running through this data, alongside running the site and my other betting and trading. I'm not asking for credit or saying poor me with this last statement by the way, when I write along side running the site, it's just I don't stop six to seven days a week, and sometimes I feel this is not always realized.

It's my job and I literally love it, it's a passion of mine, and often Exponential Bet I refer to as my baby. However, it consumes a lot of my time as I've very high standards, hate excuses, and want whatever I deliver to always be the best it can be. I've no interest in any competition, as what you find here is different to any other site, I only want to bring exceptional customer service and products to my members. That's quite literally the top and tail of it.

exponential bet

I'm using the services myself and reporting my own profits, so anyone that decides to join that likes what they see will have the same journey. Which is also part of the motivation being producing our own betting and trading suite, to bring it all in one, but take away the humanized element that can create different result outcomes.

Essentially this software will run your entire Exponential Bet portfolio at some point in the near future. I'm presently looking up at this target, and working my ass off to get there. With the help of the developer for Expo Bot V1.

Which gets me back to my point, I'm never credit hunting for the work I put in to the site, but rest assured I'm always working, and whatever strategy you have of mine, service you're subscribed to receiving daily emails, or if you're running the software, a newer more improved version is always being worked on, or I'm looking at options to deliver the service in a better way. Like my Dutch bets which at the moment are at the mercy of Betfair's BSP Multiples that keeps falling on its face, that's another story though for a different blog post.

What I'm saying is, if you're here now just joined, this time next month, or next year, and in a few years, what you're using via the site will always be improving. If you've been here since the start, just look at how much we've grown over the past few years.

Which is down to the fact I will never accept defeat. I accept daily losses or the inevitable ups and downs of betting or trading, this is par for the course, and if you can't deal with these things you need to be doing something else.

The longer term goals and plans for the site however, what's promised to myself and members, and how this will come about, this is always on my mind, and the reason from the moment my PC fires up in the morning I never stop, and I'm always constantly pushing through my to do list...

I digressed slightly, but wanted to reiterate my commitment as these things need emphasizing sometimes.

Back to In Play Beta, the new target for year two instead of 100% balance growth, is upwards of 150%, but with less ups and downs.

It's important when new members join this system if they begin on a losing spell, it's running at a more robust level to recover any losses quicker, and bring the balance back up to a profit in a safe but positive way.

We can't judge a book if we begin reading halfway through for example, but I understand with betting or trading systems this is obviously the case, and regardless of previous results, if you join and hit a bad week you're going to see red, whereas for myself or other members it's no biggie as it's a dent in our gained profits to date.

Also with In Play Beta I personally don't want to feel like I'm pushing the rock up a hill, and watching it roll down again, then back up a bit higher, and down again all year round, regardless of the end result showing a profit this can be exhausting. If you join when the rocks rolling down so to speak, it could take you all year to see a profit, which for a lot of people is too much to ask and I understand this.

Which means the strategy needs to perform better over periods when it doesn't get the early win on the day to stop at a profit, and this will minimize the inevitable losing runs, which will have an obvious positive impact overall.

A lot of words here to explain what I'm doing, but the good news is I've got a solid supply of actual live betting data, not back tested data, but live data from running this as an early access product over the past year.

Enough data to run through this system and iron out the creases. In fact enough of my own data, and members who are as passionate as I am about this sending their data assessments, to really weed out the banana skins.

Moving on to Auto Dutch Beta which is another service that runs with Expo Bot V1.

Another early release product that is a work in progress, but to be fair the growth rate in comparison to In Play Beta is showing a lot more potential. I'm not here to fluff things for people, and this is the simple truth. However, In Play runs completely different in another market, ie in running, and after the tuning being done this may all change come end of April.

For now though Auto Dutch sits at 41.7% total profit growth after 71 applicable betting days. This is running it out the box with the software stopping at a profit. I'm also looking at a variety of filters for this system to apply, not tinkering, but the system is completely in development in the public eye, and as such will be subject to change.

The more actual live data I have to work with just like In Play Beta the better job I can do of making this a robust and reliably profitable strategy, year in year out. A real plus point for Auto Dutch is the fact bets are placed pre race, also with Expo Bot running this you've got a great chance of everyone A) being matched, and B) achieving the same results given the clever selection process the software performs, which juggles bet placement in the run up to the race jumping.

Also, the fact it's basically an evens return on the wins for the Dutch bets, in fact in most cases higher, means over a full year of betting this has the potential to hit a very impressive target projected profit of 200% upwards.

It still needs some TLC and already I've identified filters I'll be applying to the software from next week, as it has good and bad days like any betting system, but in its rough form right now I think we can all agree 41.7% for a flat staking Dutching system running on auto pilot is encouraging growth.

I'll post another news update over the weekend, as I want to cover a lot more for my other systems, and I believe from the developer we've a new software update I'll give more information when I know more.

As always any questions let me know, and I'll get back to you asap.

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