The Expo News 17th March

I can safely say it's been the busiest seven days of my life.

When my head has finally hit the pillow each night this week, I've quite literally gone out like a light bulb.

It's uncharted territory releasing betting software for members of Exponential Bet, and with Expo Bot V1 launching on the 10th March it's been none stop. The work has just begun in reality.

Exciting times, and truly loving every second regardless of the long hours, genuinely feeling lucky to be here in this moment.

With just a two man team at Exponential Bet and clients needing customer support from all corners of the globe, we've done well if I say so myself to man the pumps.

exponential bet

Still a lot to finish and add to the bot in future upgrades, as with any software product these days it will require constant maintenance, in line with Windows and Betfair ongoing updates.

When we stretch ourselves more the comfort zone expands. We all need to keep stepping outside of our safe zones to keep moving forward in business and in life. True success comes when we set a new challenge after meeting the old one.

This will definitely be the case with Expo Bot. We've a lot scheduled after this initial version 1 release, so if you joined this week you've a lot to look forward to over the coming months, this is just the start.

Expo Bot V1 is available running Auto Dutch Beta and