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The Expo News 17th March

I can safely say it's been the busiest seven days of my life.

When my head has finally hit the pillow each night this week, I've quite literally gone out like a light bulb.

It's uncharted territory releasing betting software for members of Exponential Bet, and with Expo Bot V1 launching on the 10th March it's been none stop. The work has just begun in reality.

Exciting times, and truly loving every second regardless of the long hours, genuinely feeling lucky to be here in this moment.

With just a two man team at Exponential Bet and clients needing customer support from all corners of the globe, we've done well if I say so myself to man the pumps.

exponential bet

Still a lot to finish and add to the bot in future upgrades, as with any software product these days it will require constant maintenance, in line with Windows and Betfair ongoing updates.

When we stretch ourselves more the comfort zone expands. We all need to keep stepping outside of our safe zones to keep moving forward in business and in life. True success comes when we set a new challenge after meeting the old one.

This will definitely be the case with Expo Bot. We've a lot scheduled after this initial version 1 release, so if you joined this week you've a lot to look forward to over the coming months, this is just the start.

Expo Bot V1 is available running Auto Dutch Beta and In Play Beta at this time, but will be available asap running the football Bet Bot System, and offering automated trading currently using Fairbot API for the Trade Guide V4.

Members who subscribe to Expo Bot now and up until this new release, will have receive substantial discounts to add these two modules to the bot once available.

You can find out more about Expo Bot V1 details and subscription options here:

I'll keep this news update brief and post another midweek, as I need to cover the Trade Guide V4 in more detail. I've a lot scheduled for both the automation side of this service, also the new bolt on that works with Focus Ratings.

The growth rate for the trading system is looking good right now, at 123 trading days showing 774% total profit.

Still plenty of room for improvement with this, and I'm allocating more time developing pre race trading at Exponential Bet.

Actually quite a lot in the pipeline for trading members, as I want to throw myself in and push the boundaries of what's achievable using automation, watch this space.

A couple of frequently asked questions I get from people looking at the results for trading are, is it just 123 trades for this period, and why are there gaps in the trade schedule?

Simple answer, these are the days I've been able to trade when not using automation but typically trade opportunities exist every day. When I haven't needed the exchange for other projects I'd fit in time to trade, and these are the results recorded, also as I've developed the strategy. To give you a good idea of the trade volumes per day have look at the trade blog posts, which show screen shots in some blogs with the number of trades covered each day.

I just record the P&L within the current spreadsheet not the number of trades per day. Here's a link to my published trade blogs:

The football Bet Bot System needs covering in its own post next week. Reaching 1% growth in the first new betting month this year, which I can imagine you saying to yourself woo hoo amazing Ryan 1%, how impressive!

However, with a £10k investment, and exponential growth plan for this system over twelve months, the growth rate will equate to roughly £2k profit pa. Which is not too shabby to have this in the portfolio running on auto pilot.

Additionally, In Play Beta is heading in to phase two Beta testing from the end of April, reaching a full year of betting at just over 90% profit banked, but with more info to come on this next month, and how it will be developed. It can do much better, and I'll show you exactly how this is possible.

With Auto Dutch Beta also having a good data crunch to squeeze out more profit this week, and potential tuning added to Expo Bot before next Friday's floodlit meeting at Newcastle. Stop at a profit showing the most potential with this strategy as predicted, and presently recorded 41.7% profit growth over 71 betting days.

I've a lot of new info to publish about these services, and will stagger a few Expo News posts up to Saturday next week.

Before I wrap up tonight let me share an insight in to my sometimes crazy life, you may find it amusing, and I don't mind giving you a laugh at my expense.

Monday the 11th March was a busy work day for me after the bot launch. Usually I take this day off, but I had no option and had to work. I know, get out the violins.

The emails never stopped coming in, and combined with trying to manage my own bet and trade portfolio I was knackered, had a headache, and needed a rest so called it a day on my own trading mid afternoon. I thought I'd just handle enquiries and orders, and slow down the pace. I even messaged my trade members to let them know I was signing off for the day...

Virtually the second after I sent this email the missus pops up and reminds me out the blue, "hey you haven't forgot we're going to see Drake at the MEN arena have you", we were staying up North for family reasons, but it just had fallen out my head with everything going on.

You know when you suddenly remember something you agreed to a long time ago but totally forgot about, you know you can't get out of it, but would do anything not to go, well that was my face.

A promise is a promise so come 7pm we headed to the arena, and heading in I quickly felt out of place.

Teenage girls taking up 80% of the turnout, and a right mixed bag of people from all walks of life, but mainly not my age group and let's just say a different style. I knew it was going to be a tough night when I was charged £30 for two diet cokes and a few bags of sweets...

We get inside and we're up in the heavens looking down on an a stage in the distance, which I can only see partially as I've a group of howling young girls in front of me, who are quite literally losing their shit for the support act.

Someone kicked their drink over my feet, and I'm stood in a puddle of booze thinking my Timberlands are now wrecked, why me...

Meanwhile as Expo Bot has only been released the day before we're having to send the Betfair licence keys to new members manually, the process of receiving a new order and sending login info etc has to be done as they come in, hence why I wrote at the start of this post I've never been so busy. My fault for not fully automating it, but time was against me in the run up and thankfully it's easier now.

Cut a long story short, I've got my head down between my knees sending new orders to members on my mobile and answering emails, with a cacophony of Mancunian screams as Drake hits the stage. Teenage girls going nuts, even fainting on me with excitement, me in a puddle of booze with my ears getting blasted by the deep bass, and a headache from hell, as I copy and paste welcome pack info for Expo Bot new sign ups. Welcome to my world on Monday the 11th March.

exponential bet

All this followed by a two hour drive back to the hotel in horrendous after show traffic, with more emails to reply before I finally called it a night around 3am. Surely that's worth some dedication to the cause credits right there.

Moral of the story, set up your automated new member system properly before going to see the worlds number one teen rap and r&b star in a huge stadium. Also, listen to your missus when she asks months prior if you'd like to go see Drake with her while in Manchester, instead of pretending to listen and nodding while sat at your desk working..

I'll be back midweek with more site news and updates, and no mention of Drake.

My Sunday Slant blog posts will resume next weekend, as I need to dedicate this week ahead to immediate jobs requiring my attention, but I'll be over the hump then and ready for a good ole slant-a-thon.

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