The Expo News 10th March

I'm delighted to announce Expo Bot Version 1 is available for members of Auto Dutch Beta and In Play Beta.

betting software

Bespoke software created to run Exponential Bet strategies with end to end automation. All done in a nice clean colour coded easy to use modular interface.

This comes with a video instruction tutorial, and detailed PDF to get you started quickly. It's as out the box as it comes though, and once installed very intuitive.

We'll be adding the other services like automated pre race trading, football betting, place bets, and in play trading over the coming months, but for now the two included come pre loaded with version 1.

In Play Beta which currently runs end to end automated using The Bet Engine works in exactly the same way with Expo Bot, but with the difference of built in easy to customize settings within the module interface.

Auto Dutch Beta is now fully automated with Expo Bot V1, and can just be set up and left to run unattended, which is big step forward for this early access strategy. I'll cover all the strategies performance and plans below, but this one in particular being able to run with complete automation, means members of the service can all match the same selections for each race, and hit the same strike rate. Which is very important.

The staking options, ability to run continuously or stop at a profit, along with many other filters can be set to taste, or this can be installed and ran straight using default set up. Which is the one I report in the results.

You can find out more about Expo Bot Version 1 here and sign up for a monthly, six monthly, or yearly subscription option: