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The Expo News 10th March

I'm delighted to announce Expo Bot Version 1 is available for members of Auto Dutch Beta and In Play Beta.

betting software

Bespoke software created to run Exponential Bet strategies with end to end automation. All done in a nice clean colour coded easy to use modular interface.

This comes with a video instruction tutorial, and detailed PDF to get you started quickly. It's as out the box as it comes though, and once installed very intuitive.

We'll be adding the other services like automated pre race trading, football betting, place bets, and in play trading over the coming months, but for now the two included come pre loaded with version 1.

In Play Beta which currently runs end to end automated using The Bet Engine works in exactly the same way with Expo Bot, but with the difference of built in easy to customize settings within the module interface.

Auto Dutch Beta is now fully automated with Expo Bot V1, and can just be set up and left to run unattended, which is big step forward for this early access strategy. I'll cover all the strategies performance and plans below, but this one in particular being able to run with complete automation, means members of the service can all match the same selections for each race, and hit the same strike rate. Which is very important.

The staking options, ability to run continuously or stop at a profit, along with many other filters can be set to taste, or this can be installed and ran straight using default set up. Which is the one I report in the results.

You can find out more about Expo Bot Version 1 here and sign up for a monthly, six monthly, or yearly subscription option:

It's been a lot of blood sweat and tears as they say, and the work has only just begun as we've a lot in the pipeline for this automated betting software.

Now to a quick progress report for all services, and this will be a whistle stop tour as I'm quite literally knackered in need of my bed.

It's been a huge push to get over the line today with Expo Bot, along with my other daily work, and trying my best to answer all email enquiries, my missus doesn't even recognize me anymore I'm a stranger, haha..

Let's jump straight in...

My original prediction that stop at a profit would be the way to go, published in the very first blog posts about this strategy before early access, are looking spot on.

Stop at a profit requiring just 30% of the bet volume in comparison to running the entire evening race card, this has returned 87% of the comparable profit. A third of the effort to achieve near enough the same result, to me makes sense to stop at a profit.

Expo Bot which runs this system unattended by default, and is set to stop at a profit for this reason. You can override this of course, and it's still early days so the overall winner over a year may be running the eve, but I'm sticking to my prediction.

automated betting

I'll continue to record both for the twelve months, and then make a final decision on one or the other, or in fact both with two bet banks.

Find out more about Auto Dutch Beta and view a full result breakdown for both methods here:

The fact this system is now included with Expo Bot is great news, as I'll be reporting results 100% from one bot now for the year ahead. The past twelve months has been a combination a many bots as the systems been developed.

In play has shown a lot of potential after a year Beta testing, and is due to reach official version status in April with the next update.

The progress of this system can however be a test sometimes, and this is coming from the man who created it.

This is because the wins runs can be long and the balance will swell and push on, which is obviously fantastic, but a couple of bad days and this can be undone. I've written about it before in previous blog posts, patience is required with this one.

I was informed this sounded dramatic or unnecessarily worrying by a member when I posted it in a recent update, but I prefer to paint an honest picture.

Let's look at the positive with the system, it's created over 100% total profit on investment over twelve months, but the reality is the growth periods have been over a handful of those months, with the remainder being an up and down process.

in play betting system

I'll personally take this all day and year long if it means I can bank a good profit, as I'm in it for the long term growth anyway, but it does take this mindset to stick at the strategy and reap the rewards.

The good news is A) I'm working to increase the strike rate now I've a year of data, and I've quite a bit to crunch through, and make sure we're getting involved with the races producing the right result more often, and B) a staking system that actually doubles the ROI has been handed to me to incorporate in to Expo Bot. Which means we'll work with this third party to create a bolt on option to optimize the win runs, and protect the losing spells more.

You can find out more about In Play Beta and view a full result breakdown here:

Working with Focus Ratings is really starting pay off, as I new it would when I blogged about them back in November 2018:

Incorporating the ratings in to the automated trading process added a few vital things.

  • It takes just a few minutes each day to place all the pre race trades, which can then be left 100% unattended to run using automation with Fairbot or Bet Angel.

  • The volume of the trades has shot up.

  • Profit growth has become more rapid.

Three very important factors I think you'll agree.

I released this option as a bolt on for members of the guide, as a subscription to Focus Ratings is required of course given the horses are selected from the morning R5 ratings.

swing trader

I've created a secure login area for members showing how to quickly at a glance establish the most likely winning trades, which in a matter of minutes are added to the bot, and you're done for the day.

You do need the time around 9.30am for this to work for you, but if you've got the time it's a very smart way of selecting horses with a strong chance of becoming a successful pre race trade.

I'm still adding new automated processes to the guide, and I've a couple of strategies that will run along side the current set up.

Additionally, we'll be working to include these pre race trade strategies within Expo Bot asap. Which will mean the 9.30am email requirement may become a thing of the past if we can work with focus on a solution, which we've already discussed.

Find out more about the Trade Guide V4 and view the latest results via this link:

I always think of this strategy as an unsung hero, as it just chugs away over a year working in highly liquid betting markets, and returns on prediction.

I've restarted the twelve month betting process, and later next week will revamp the main page for this system showing more results data.

The staking works like a charm, and the actual betting system itself is simplicity. I always state to members who enquire about it that it's a doddle, no grey area, just follow the advised bets each day putting them in to the current advised software Betsender, and you're done in minutes.

Apart from the fact it takes just minutes now to set up, the amount of money capable of being moved through these markets is huge in comparison to horse racing. Which makes this a nice one to add to the betting portfolio.

21.5% balance growth over 2018 to 2019, which isn't Earth shattering, but done with no drama.

I'll be updating the landing page with more detailed information next week, but you can find out more here:

Snow and wind, Equine Flu, and Betfair breaking too often after their recent update have meant the advised Dutch bets sent by email have been slow gathering momentum thus far in 2019.

However, from Tuesday next week we'll begin seeing a good flow of One Dutch bets, which will take the balance to the predicted 100% growth over twelve months between now and the end of the year.

dutch betting

All seven One Dutch bets recorded to far in 2019 have all been winners at a good price, which is at least a positive start. I am also looking to add an option away from the BSP Multiple section that's poorly maintained by Betfair, more info to follow on this soon.

The Top Dutch bets haven't done great so far, but plenty in the locker to turn these around with the scheduled quality racing ahead of us.

The year starts now for Dutch Betting:

This is proving to the a great option for members who look for everything in one, as it removes the requirement for multiple subscriptions for the longer memberships, and for the monthly members offers significant benefits on all one off purchases, with every subscription included as standard, ie Place Betting, In Play Trades, exclusive to One Sub members, and also Dutch Betting.

Coming soon to this membership option included as standard is Football Trading, which I've been working with a partner company for some time, and really looking to introduce this at the right period with so much other stuff going on.

This is major news though, as the strike rate for these football trades is phenomenal, which is not a word I use often.

ETA for this to be part of One Subscription I anticipate being out of the main season, which will give us a chance to ease in with some practice trades. Then when the main leagues return we'll be primed and ready to make some serious money.

This is the service I'm looking to launch a You Tube stream for, along with my pre race trading, and a few other more ideas I have for both live streams and regular video content.

That aside, I can't emphasize enough that this has been a long time coming for One Subscription members, but very much worth the wait as an established solid trade strategy. Watch this space as they say.

You can find out more about One Subscription membership options here:

Right I'm calling it a night after posting this blog, and sending a mail shot to members to inform everyone Expo Bot is here at last.

Any questions let me know via the contact form, and I'll get back to you asap.

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