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The Problem With Set & Forget Betting

Most betting strategies available that operate using automation can be volatile to say the least, with some serious grey hair moments and unnecessary risks taken.

My Bet Bot System is the only automated strategy at Exponential Bet using a loss recovery method, but it's set up in such a way that it's quite literally the safest loss recovery method you'll ever see.

I've dabbled in the more aggressive methods of loss recovery myself, so I'm writing from experience.

Thinking I'd discovered the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, leave a betting system running while I crack on with my day thinking I'd nailed the secret of the big percentage daily wins, only to come back to my desk finding a huge dent in my betting balance.

Like one of those Bugs Bunny cartoons with the eyes popping out in shock.

set and forget betting

The problem being you're putting your faith and hard earned cash in the hands of software to place bets for you, and in most cases with the out the box systems the staking isn't explained, and it usually involves quite an aggressive loss recovery process.

A lot of these being sold are from single sales page type websites, where you can't get hold of support, and they are selling a dream, that can quickly become a nightmare. Naming no names.

You're also at the mercy of the internet, which you don't need me to tell you the perils of losing connection, usually at the precise moment you need to place that winning bet to end the losing run, or counter trade to hedge for a daily profit, when boom the connection drops as your stress levels shoot through the roof.

Then you've got Betfair which is a browser based exchange, and I'm thankful they exist or I'd be doing something else with my life, but let's face it they can be buggy sometimes.

Yesterday was a prime example, as I had a football trades running for the evening where they got the timing wrong (PSV), a race suspended weirdly causing a trading glitch (1pm Ascot), and a few times the markets had a wobble.

automated betting

Mostly they get it right though, but not always is the point I'm making.

Nowadays I don't believe the pot of gold exists, I think good things happen with hard work and effort.

If we keep pushing on making constant small improvements with everything we do, then we simply achieve our goals. This is definitely the ethos at Exponential Bet.

Which is why we've taken our time to develop systems that provide steady consistent growth over time. Not promising instant riches, and giving realistic reports on what's possible using the strategies.

With the systems now in place built to protect your bank, which have been ran manually and with services to support them, the next step is to add our own full end to end automation straight out the box.

Third party betting and trading software currently used for the automated systems work great, and we're lucky enough to have partnered with top software developers.

The problem is that one software package that works for Strategy A will not do everything we need for Strategy B, or C, and so on.

Which means if you're running multiple betting and trading systems, then you're most likely subscribed to more than one betting bot, and this can be both resource hungry on your set up, and costly with the added subscriptions involved.

You may have a VPS set up to run the software so you don't need the PC or Mac left on all day, but they aren't free, and it's another expense. Albeit, I do use a VPS myself with my set up as it makes sense for me given the volume of strategies I run.

For most users though, one computer and an all in one software solution would make life simpler.

If you wanted a VPS to run it, even just having one software package to run the lot will make it all easier to get up and running, while keeping the subscription costs down.

Expo Bot is coming soon to Exponential Bet, and it's basically a suite set up by the developer of the software to run all in house strategies.

You can see published results for all of our strategies, the good and the bad at Exponential Bet. The ups and downs all recorded, and I'm proud to say none of the systems available have bottomed out giving anyone a heart attack moment when returning to the PC.

They've all got some record of progress and history of being placed manually, before being adapted to run using automation. Which is possibly the most important aspect of why these strategies can be ran with confidence using automation with Expo Bot.

We're starting with In Play Beta and Auto Dutch Beta with the version 1 of the betting bot, both of which you can check a full result breakdown for each on site via the menu.

Which is the big difference with most other betting bot systems available out there on the vast internet. We actually run the systems sold at Exponential Bet daily using automation, publishing the results.

These are also reviewed externally, and have more scheduled reviews set up to run once Expo Bot is live.

Being fully transparent with what's available, showing the performance of the systems, and the cost of getting involved is important to us.

Expo Bot will be competitive to make it available to all members who want to simplify running the strategies available.

I'll have more details over the coming week in the count down to releasing Expo Bot later this month.

Including the cost of the subscription plans, and how it all works if you're currently a member of multiple systems.

Also a spec list for how the bot works running the strategies, what scope you have customize this, and what we've got planned for future updates of the bot. As the initial release as mention just covers two services, but we will have all included asap.

All will be revealed for what's going to be available with this version 1 release over the coming week.

I'll post again mid week and ideally have the landing page ready and available for the bot before Friday.

If you've any questions drop me an email, and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

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